February 2023

February 2023

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The 9th edition of the "Les Neiges Etoilées" gastronomy festival took place from Wednesday February 1 to Friday February 3 in Châtel, in the Abondance valley, in the Portes du Soleil, and in Savoie Mont Blanc where gastronomy is a mountain of Excellency. For the first time, the festival took place in the middle of the ski resort area, in Plaine Dranse, and on the theme of winter vegetables, mushrooms and roots.

For this recovery, the station had the pleasure of welcoming Régis Marcon, president of the event (and our past international president), and Michel Roth MOF and winner of the Bocuse d'Or, guest of honor, as well as Jean- Luc and Catherine Botti MOF “Primeurs”, publishing sponsors.

Among the various meetings of this festival, on Friday, the Disciples Escoffier had made an appointment with the hotel and table arts schools of the region. From mid-morning until mid-afternoon, the candidates competed in the Wok and Plancha competition, with a revisited edition this year: teams of 2 cooks and 1 waiter, surprise baskets, association food and wine….. A prestigious jury had answered the call.

The winning team is that of the Lesdiguières hotel school in Grenoble.

A few days after the General Assembly of the delegation took place on February 20 at the AFPA in Poisy under the chairmanship of Alain Patrick Fauconnet. At the end of the meeting, the members presented a check for €1,500, the result of the sale of Galettes du Cœur of January, to the association “Nos Petites Etoiles” represented by the founder Arnold Bruguière.

To end this moment, a little good-natured raclette to end the evening! Discover the association:

The classic Wok and Plancha Contest returns in its traditional version in the middle of Spring.

Wok and Plancha contest during “Les Neiges Etoilées” in video:


Birth on February 17 of the Agenaise Brigade of the delegation Grand Sud Ouest of the Disciples Escoffier.
In the presence of Patrick Guat, president of this large delegation, the 1st chapter allowed the enthronement of 3 new members, all chefs. The delegation is therefore growing with a new Brigade established in Lot et Garonne, it will be led by Benoît Escoffier (the aptly named, although he has no relationship with the illustrious Auguste!).


Epicure's lunch and chapter this Wednesday, February 1st at the hotel school in Marquenterre in Rue in the Picardy region, organized by Didier Guilbert, cooking teacher.

Very great moment of conviviality, sharing and transmission for the students.

It was also an opportunity for President Philippe Lor and his team to induct 3 new members: Christian Blondin, restaurateur in Boismont, Thibaut Porion, pastry chef in Crotoy and Audrey Damez, service teacher in Marquenterre.

The office thanks Mr Oblin, principal, Mr Busson DDFPT and Mrs Vasseur Anne inspector of the Amiens academy for welcoming them to their establishment, without forgetting the Disciples Escoffier Normandie Grand Ouest who came for the occasion!

At the end of the chapter a check for 195€ was given for the Telethon.

Do not miss the opportunity to come and meet the members of these 2 active delegations at the International Agricultural Show, from February 25 to March 5, 2023 where they are present every year!


The 27th chapter of the RCA Corsica and Monaco delegation was held on Saturday February 25, 2023 at La Table d'Elise in Monaco, Alberte and Jean-Pierre Escande's restaurant.

This charity meeting of the Disciples d'Escoffier was organized for the benefit of the Flavien Foundation, the first association to fight against pediatric cancers and rare diseases.

After the ritual inductions, the chapter continued with a superb lunch concocted by chef David Castoldi, which enabled a large donation, given to Denis Maccario, Founding President of the Flavien Foundation.

The President of the delegation, Jean Claude Brugel, would particularly like to thank Gisèle Negro for her investment in the success of this superb lunch.



2 Epicure's Diners took place on the same day, February 25th.

When one took place in Shanghai at the “Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai” with a special menu prepared by Executive Chef Andrea Magnano,

the other took place 1500km away, in Shenzhen (at the gates of Hong Kong) at the Park Hyatt Shenzhen and a dedicated menu signed by Executive Chef Nikolas Lekkas and his Executive Sous Chef Ken Zhou.

Epicure's next dinner is scheduled for Beijing on March 11. Disciples and guests will be received at the "Maison Flo" (Flo group) by the head of the place, Chef Victor Yu.

Congratulation to the President Peter Zhou and his board for organising such event around this huge territory.



It is with honor and pride that the Disciples Escoffier Reunion Indian Ocean's association has received from Mrs. Marie Françoise Nas de Tourris the ancestral and emblematic recipe for PÂTÉ CRÉOLE from Mrs. Aline de Tourris in order to preserve and pass it on. 

The trainees of the Kitchen section of the Afpar de St-André supervised by their trainer David Glamport had the great honor of bringing this recipe back to life this Friday, February 17th.

A good smell of "Marmites Lontan" floated in the kitchens of the Afpar and the Disciples present were able to follow the recipe and discover a multitude of "small saffron pies filled with meat"... a real treat!

The President of the delegation, Yves Bouvier would like to thank Alexandre Begue for his role as mediator who thus allows the Disciples Escoffier to honor this recipe of Mrs. Aline de Tourris, nicknamed "the Empress of Pâté Créole" and to pass it on to generations. future.


On February 24, the annual General Assembly of the delegation chaired by Lahcen Hafid took place. It is in the marvelous setting of the Villate Limoune located between Agadir and Taroudant that the members of the delegation met for a studious day.

The opportunity was there to go, the day before, together, to Taroudant with the association Maison Bonheur whose president was happy to welcome the Disciples Escoffier Morocco and the international general secretary Christian Heuline for a moment of transmission and sharing.
The Disciples Escoffier members come regularly to give cooking lessons in this association, which the delegation has been following and helping since its creation in 2020.
The apprentices of the association were delighted and honored to exchange with Chef Lahcen Hafid, President of Disciples Escoffier Morocco as well as Chef Aïcha Lahlou.

The Maison Bonheur association is very proud to belong to this great family of Disciples Escoffier and this moment will remain etched in the hearts of the participants.


It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of Michel Bourdin on February 2, 2023.

A great chef, he began his career in Paris, where he is from. In the 1960s, he worked for nearly 10 years at the famous Maxim's restaurant under the direction of Chef Alex Humbert. Then, he flew to England and became the Chef of the prestigious Connaught Hotel in London for more than a quarter of a century (from 1974 to 2001).

Driven by the passion for his profession, he will continue to multiply initiatives to promote gastronomy. He was one of the main founding members of the Great Britain delegation of the Disciples Escoffier, but also of the Great Britain subsidiary of the Académie Culinaire de France, which a few years later became the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, placed under the high patronage of the Prince of Wales. He is also behind the creation of the competition for the best craftsman in Great Britain known as the "Master of Culinary Arts".

Member of the Maîtres Cuisiniers de France as well as the Club des Cent, he is much loved and recognized by his contemporaries.

For his commitment to promoting the excellence of French gastronomy abroad, he will be awarded the Mérite Agricole and the Mérite National. He will then be made Knight of the Legion of Honor which will be given to him within the walls of the Escoffier Museum by Chef Pierre Troisgros. He would express his gratitude as follows:

"I am very honored to have been decorated with this distinction which means a lot to me, but above all for my profession as a cook, my family, and the future of the Culinary Art Museum, a symbol of the continuity of the work of many chefs who have contributed to the culinary reputation of France. »

Our loving thoughts go out to his wife, family and loved ones, to whom we extend our sincere condolences."

An official tribute will be paid to him in the presence of his wife, Mireille, and his sons, Olivier and Charles. The ceremony will take place on March 6, 2023 at 11 a.m. at the Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art (3, rue Auguste Escoffier in Villeneuve-Loubet).



This year, the Escoffier Museum will share with you one quote from Auguste Escoffier per month.

Essential chef of French gastronomy, his writings and recipes continue to mark the cooks of today and tomorrow.

Let's continue our journey with this resolutely avant-garde quote:

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