The Disciples Escoffier

The Disciples Escoffier principle

The Disciple Escoffier principle

The equality between Disciples, without distinction of rank, the transmission of knowledge, respect for culture and the perpetual evolution of cuisine, the organization of Epicure's dinners and Induction Chapters, research and carrying out actions for a charitable cause, as many values ​​as the President recalls at the opening of each induction ceremony for new Disciples.

This is the meaning of the oath that each takes during his enthronement:

"I take the oath to transmit, serve, and honor the Cuisine, its culture and its continuous evolution."

The title of "Disciple" requires proof of solid professional experience. A scarf and a diploma are thus given to the new Disciple:

  • Red for professionals in the Food Industry,
  • Purple for all he fields of service, Sommellerie and Oenology professions,
  • Green for Talented Producers and Quality Viticulturalists,
  • Blue for VIPs, Gastronomes and Epicureans,
  • Orange for Young Hopes.

Organisation of the Disciples Escoffier

Today, Disciples Escoffier International is organized into 46 delegations spread over five continents.

  • The France zone with 15 regional delegations covering the entire national territory
  • The Europe zone with 9 countries: Benelux, Italy, Hungary, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Romania, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Russia.
  • The Asia Pacific zone with 11 delegations: Australia, China, South Korea, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Macao, New Caledonia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.
  • The Americas zone with 5 delegations: Mexico, Canada, West Indies, Saint Pierre and Miquelon and especially the USA who still have immense admiration for Auguste Escoffier
  • The Africa Indian Ocean zone with 5 delegations: Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, South Africa, Indian Ocean (Reunion, Mauritius, Mayotte, Madagascar).
  • The Japan zone with 5 regions covering the whole country.

Imagine that there are more than 30,000 Disciples in the world, who have been inducted since the creation of the Association and who are the ambassadors of the culinary heritage of Auguste Escoffier.

The Disciples Escoffier International presidency

The International President of Disciples Escoffier is Nicolas Sale, Executive Chef of the Ritz Paris since 2018 and 10th chef of this establishment since Auguste Escoffier who was the creator with César Ritz.

Before him have preceded him at the International Presidency since 2000, Thierry Marx, Régis Marcon, Jean Pierre Biffi and Jean Claude Guillon.

Michel Escoffier, Great-grandson of Auguste Escoffier and President of the Foundation that bears his name, is also Hereditary Honorary President of the Disciples Escoffier International Association.

Main actions of the Disciples Escoffier

Young Talents Escoffier competition

Once a year since 2003, the Disciples Escoffier International Association has organized an international team cooking and service competition. An opportunity made of meetings but especially of transmission to the young generation. The “Young Talents Escoffier” competition, open to young cooks and waiters under the age of 25, celebrated its 15th edition in 2019.

Eight teams from all over the world come together for a day of competition. Since 2008, the competition takes place one year in France, one year abroad, always in a city with a strong gastronomic heritage.

Charitable actions

To follow in the footsteps of their Master, each year more than a hundred charitable operations are carried out by Disciples Escoffier around the world.

They thus make it possible to collect tens of thousands of Euros which are donated to other associations, to people in need or in hospitals such as the Handicap or the fight against cancer.

Monetary donations but not only: hundreds of Disciples Escoffier act daily by giving their time and their know-how for a good cause (meal preparation, awareness of healthier eating…).

The Induction Chapters

Each Region of France and each Country of the world organize once or twice a year a Chapter in which the new Disciples are enthroned, according to the established ceremonial.

They receive their scarf: red for professionals in the catering trade, blue for gastronomes, green for producers, wine-colored for the service trades and orange for the Young Hopes.

And they take the oath "to transmit, to serve and to honor the Cuisine, its culture and its permanent evolution".

This Chapter is followed by a dinner, the profits of which are donated to an association.

Epicure's dinners

In order to "demonstrate the supremacy of French cuisine" and to promote it throughout the world, Auguste Escoffier had created the Epicure's Dinner in 1911.

It was the same menu served the same day "wherever men of taste can meet around a good table". However, he had allowed adjustments in this menu depending on the circumstances.

Disciples Escoffier International resurrected the Epicure's Dinner. Dozens of them take place every year around the world in October, the anniversary of the birth of Auguste Escoffier.

Each Chef can draw up his menu based on the vintage menu and must set a reasonable price for it.

Cooking will evolve as society itself evolves, without ceasing to be an art, will become scientific and will have to submit its empirical formulas too often still to a method and a precision which will leave nothing to chance. We must seek in ourselves new ways in order to leave working methods adapted to the mores and customs of our time”.

Auguste Escoffier

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