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Gala Dinner at Macau Fisherman's Wharf Rio Waterfront to celebrate Escoffier's birthday.

Organised by vice president Wilson Chu and his team.


Epicurian dinners across the country. 7 Cities for 7 restaurants to celebrate the birthday of Master Auguste Escoffier across the country.

Organized by President Nobuhiko Fukuda and his team.

Zone Japon


National Final for Swiss of the Young Talents Escoffier Contest.
At Hotel & Gastro Formation, Gastro Aargau in Lenzburg.

Organized by Pierre Alain Favre the president and his team.


Autumn Chapter and prices rewards of the Swiss Young Talents Escoffier contest.
At Hotel Krone in Lenzburg.

Organized by Pierre Alain Favre the president and his team.


Chapter of the delegation Normandie Grand Ouest at the Restaurant "La Renaissance" in Argentan owned by the Disciple Arnaud Viel. 

Organised par Christian Girault President and his team.

Normandie Grand Ouest
Zone France


Epicurean dinner for the Grand Lyon Ain Loire delegation at the Lycée professionnel de Verrière en Forez in the Loire.

Organized by Bernard Corbignot MOF, President and his team.

Grand Lyon Ain Loire 
Zone France


14th International Congress in Nice from March 12th to March 14th.
General Assembly the 14 March.

Organised by president Riviera Côte d'Azur Monaco et Corse Jean Claude Brugel and his team.


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