Young Talents Escoffier
Nice 2022

The Paul Augier Hotel and tourism school: more than 100 years of history!

In 1914 a «practical school of commerce and hotel industry» was created, the second of France after Thonon-les-bains. The school is located at the Villa Guiglia, the current site of the Mediterranean University Centre, on the Promenade des Anglais.

1936: to meet the needs, installation of the new school at 144 rue de France.

1993: Located in the heart of the Arenas business district, opposite Nice-Cote d'Azur airport, the new Lycee regional d'hotellerie et de tourisme de Nice is one of the most beautiful hotel training facilities in France and Europe.

Some of the names of former students who are the pride of this institution: Michel Rostang, Thierry Thiercelin, Jean Denis Rieubland MOF, Mickael and Gael Tourteaux, Alain Llorca, Christian Plumail, Philippe Faure-Brac MOF…

It is within this framework that the 16th International Final of the Young Talents Escoffier competition will take place.
Up to 8 candidates in Cuisine and 8 in Service will meet that day for a final judged by renowned professionals, recognized by their peers. Principal Denis Ferault, MOF Maître d'Hôtel, of service and arts de la table 2007 and his teams are delighted to welcome the 2022 International Final ofthe Young Talents Escoffier Contest.

President of the Cuisine Jury

Jacques Maximin 

MOF 1979

President of the Service Jury

Denis Ferault
MOF 2007

Kitchen Subjects

Kitchen Theme

« French Riviera from sea to land »

The challenge will take place in two distinct phases :

- A first phase of 3 hours and 30 minutes “Classic Cuisine”:
« Mediterranean seabass stuffed in a puffed pastry crust »

You will accompany your «Mediterranean seabass stuffed in a puff pastry crust» with:

- a cabbage stuffed with root vegetables, “CAPOUN végétal” style (specialty of Niçoise cuisine)
- a green cannelloni of your choice
- a fennel-based garnish of your choice
- Hollandaise sauce – Guide Culinaire Escoffier page 33

A second phase of one hour “Contemporary Cuisine”, that will take place after sending the dish, to propose a small starter standing on the plate.

Service Subjects

Service Theme

« Indian summer on the Riviera »

Workshop 1: La Table de Prestige
30 minutes
Workshop 2: Creation of the "Table Centre"
Workshop 3: Compulsory work make 5 Smoothies
Workshop 4: Auguste Escoffier – Questionnaire in English
Workshop 5: Verification of the setting and explanation of the chosen theme
Workshop 6: Service Test in Restaurant

You must, throughout the challenge, avoid food waste by

Mastering your gestures,
managing waste,
controlling water use,
and controlling energy use.

The interpretation of these two recipes must allow the candidate to give free rein to his imagination and creativity.

Roman Dubourg

Meet Roman...

After a BTH at the Lycée Hôtelier «la Renaissance» de la Réunion, Roman began his career at the «Carré des Feuillant» with Chef Alain Dutournier, as a commis, then at the «Monnaies de Paris» with Chef Guy Savoy and Nicolas Nguenn Van Hai.
Back in Réunion, he held various positions as Chef de Partie Tournant at the Restaurant Diana dea Lodge, then Chef de Partie at the Hôtel Restaurant le Saint Michel and finally Second de Cuisine in two other establishments.

Today, he is Sous-Chef Cuisine at l'Archipel, Residence Hôtelière, and participates in the JTE competition for his personal enrichment, but especially to represent his region, the Indian Ocean, his Reunion Island in a beautiful international competition, a competition that he said would allow him to finalize a project to open a gastronomic restaurant with flavours of his beloved Reunion Island. 

Roman says he wants to distinguish himself by his culinary knowledge and apply his knowledge and skills acquired throughout the various establishments where he had the honour of working.
He has loved cooking since his youth, from his grandmother with whom he made Creole dishes, and from the Chefs who trusted him.

Léa Bard

Meet Léa...

Léa began her classroom training at the Lycée Hotelier de la Rochelle by completing her first internship with her current employer, Franck Putelet MOF 2018 and 2* Michelin.
After a stint with Arnaud Girem on the Ile d'Oléron (bib gourmand) and Benjamin Tourssel at Moirax 1*, she obtained her BTS MMR and decided to improve herself and specialize in sommellerie.

Still in La Rochelle, she worked with Christopher Coutanceau 3*, and after graduating she joined the teams of Franck Putelot in Carcassone, her hometown.
Committed to being in a constant effort of excellence in the gestures and knowledge of the industry, and to highlight this special link between cuisine and service, Léa decided to participate in the Young Talents Escoffier competition with the passion and rigour she's had since her young age.

Anaïs Estève

Meet Anais...

Anaïs never doubted the fact that she wanted to make her life a passion, and that this passion was to cook.
From a young age, it was always obvious to her that her place was behind the stoves.
Born with the joy of living, this feeling has always been able to accompany her investments, whether personal, academic or professional.
For the third consecutive year, the excellence of the teaching of the Paul Bocuse Institute’s Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship is a testament to her boundless determination.
Attentive, persevering and rigorous, she admits that she really does not like defeat, but accepts it because it's what helps her grow!

After having participated in the regional and national selections, she now represents the colors of her country's flag in Nice, on an International level.
Indeed, she is very proud to be able to participate and it is with great motivation that she commits herself to this adventure which will be marked by many highlights, wonderful experiences and human encounters.

“Participating in this contest, as engaging as it is, is a great professional adventure that increases my passion for this profession and, as Souleymane Boel says, “There is a way to learn to fight and surpass in every adversity of life.”
My uniqueness, the desire to succeed and the will to win will be the driver of my performance.”
She wishes to carry out this contest with calm, concentration and great attention because she knows that the smallest detail will have its greatest importance!
So of course, she will aim for the first place, but above all she wants to take pleasure and enjoy every moment throughout this competition.

Jennifer Bielmann Desirée

Meet Jennifer...

Meet our youngest candidate this year, Jennifer, who is participating in her very first competition! 
Since 2020, she has been working at the Einstein Hotel in St Gallen as part of her apprenticeship as a restaurant specialist.
Now in her 3rd year, she tells us that her participation in the competition is an excellent way to prepare for her final exams!

During this experience, Jennifer would like to have the opportunity to implement what she learned at school career.
The time she invested in preparing this contest has made her stronger and has proven that she can believe in herself!

Evelien Fiers

Meet Evelien...

A graduate of the Bruges Hotel School «Ter Groenepoorte» (Belgium) in 2018, Evelien considers herself a true lover of refined cuisine.

During her school years, she already began working on weekends at various establishments, including the 'Restaurant Danny Horseele* in Ghent (Belgium) and the Restaurant Fleur de Lin* in Zele (Belgium), where she still works today.

Evelien wants to take part in the contest because she thinks she has the ability to make a difference in the world of hospitality.
She would also like to discover a new contemporary cuisine or an authentic classic cuisine through this experience while doing «what everyone loves the most: Cooking, eating, drinking and especially enjoying»
For her, as the saying goes, “The most important thing is not to win but to participate.”

Bo Narinny

Meet Bo...

Former student of an NGO in Cambodia, «Pour un Sourire d'enfant» who provided her with food training and health care, Bo was able to graduate in catering and was lucky enough to work in one of the best French restaurants in Cambodia according to her, named Topaz.

Bo is passionate about her job and believes that one day the HoReCa industry in Cambodia will be known all over the world. 
She sees this competition as an opportunity for her to evolve and thinks it is also an excellent opportunity for her to represent her country and showcase it so that the world can recognize that they indeed have the skills to do beautiful things.
She also wants to learn from this contest so that she can bring these experiences back to her country to share and develop with her colleagues.

Bo always believes in doing her best, that’s how she was trained and taught to work: with passion. For her, winning or losing is not really what matters because her only wish is to learn and grow in the same way as some of her older mentors, so that she can make a real contribution to help her country and the hotel she now works in continue to grow.

Mateo Grignard

Meet Mateo...

Having started his career with a Baccalauréat Professionnel Cuisine obtained with honors, Mateo was able to compete in the Meilleurs Apprentis de France Cuisine Chaude (Michel Roth edition) during this training. It is then that he won the Second Best Apprentice of France cuisine chaude place with a distinction for the first place for dessert!

Following this contest, he was able to participate in the show Objectif Top Chef.
He is very fortunate to have worked in different types of establishments (collectivités, breweries, bistronomic, gastronomic, starred...).
He was able to work with Johan Leclerc (MOF), Jean Coussau (Relais de la poste, Magescq**), and at the Château des Tourelles in Pornichet. He obtained his BTS Management in Hotel Catering option cuisine this year and is now interested in ice cream and is working with maître artisan glacier Frédéric Guenand (Tonton Maboule)

Participating in this competition would be an excellent way for him to develop his skills, abilities and knowledge. He wants to exceed his limits! After months of hard work and effort, he hopes to live this magical experience to the fullest in order to have new opportunities and make way for new and even greater goals. Participating in this contest is also a way to show the world the importance of the connection between service and cooking. This contest reflects and highlights culinary art.
For Mateo, it is his work force and psychological strength that will be essential to obtain the first place.

"Professionalism, excellence, creativity, passion are the four success factors in the cooking profession.”

Raphael Bossert

Meet Raphael...

Having just finished his apprenticeship in service, Raphael first worked at the Blaiche Resort near Zurich for 3 years, then joined the teams of the Walsmansburg restaurant as a chef de rang.

Today, he says he wants to focus on the Young Talents Escoffier and Swiss Skills competitions.

He would like to participate because he has always enjoyed serving his guests and making them happy with good food and drinks. To see them appreciate and enjoy what he has served them is one of the best feelings for him.

He would like to show his know-how to more people around the world and a competition is the best way to do so.
His strength during the contest will be his desire to offer the best to his guests, and his natural and calm way of doing things.

Ryo Ikeda

Meet Ryo...

Holder of a cooking diploma, Ryo is since 2017 chef at the Nikko hotel in Fukuoka, he specializes in French cuisine.

He decided to make his passion his profession, always with a desire to transmit and the pleasure to share.

After winning the Escoffier Young Talent selection in 2019, he has been waiting since 2020 for this great day when he will be able to show his talents in France to an international jury. For him, participating in this competition will be a great international experience and will bring him a broader vision of gastronomy.

His strength to stand out in this international final? He uses Japanese cooking techniques and flavors. The marriage of Japanese umami and Japanese and French cooking techniques will undoubtedly seduce the jury.

Abdelaziz Elmartoub

Meet Abdelaziz...

After a baccalaureat littéraire, Abdelaziz turned to the hotel and catering industry.

A few years later he obtained his diploma as a technician in catering at I.S.T.A.H.T (Institut Spécialisé de Technologie Appliquée Hotelière et Touristique d'Agadir, Morocco).

Today he works as a waiter at the Hyatt Regency Taghazout in Morocco.

With 4 years of experience in service, room service and bar in various restaurants and 5-star hotels, Abdelaziz wants to consolidate his knowledge and put himself to the test.

And what’s better than a competition to challenge yourself when you love exceeding your own expectations?
His motivation, determination, and organization will be his strengths to stand out and aim for first place.

Fatiha Ikhench

Meet Fatiha...

Fatiha, young cook at the Hyatt Regency Taghazout loves challenge and competition!

Extremely excited by the national selection which represented an excellent opportunity for her, she won the Morocco final and now wants to broaden the challenge by participating in the International Final.
Cooking is not just a job for her but a true field of pleasure which greatly increases when it comes to competition!

She would like her participation to be the ideal opportunity to put her skills forward and reveal her know-how.

Her watchwords to stand out and aim for the first place: concentration and organization.

Lorenza Payet

Meet Lorenza....

After a CAP Hotelier at the Lycée Hôtelier La Renaissance in Plateau Caillou (St-Paul Île de la Réunion) in 2017, Lorenza continued her studies with a Baccalauréat Commercialisation en Restauration.

In 2019, she won the final of the YTE competition organized in Mauritius and started the following year a BTS Management apprenticeship that she has just completed in a facility in the south of Reunion Island in St-Pierre.
During this apprenticeship, she held several senior positions as Chef de Rang, Maître d'Hôtel and Executive Assistant in the field of Catering where she was able to express herself professionally and lead a team.
She says she is passionate about Hotel and Catering jobs and would like to participate in the contest to represent her Zone, the Indian Ocean. She is proud to be able to show her acquired skills while taking on challenges.
Her strength during the event to stand out and aim for first place?

Her ambition, creativity, her strong personality, her perseverance, her thirst for discovery and her love for challenges and competition!

Markus Schmid

Meet Markus...

After a cooking course from 2019 to 2022, Markus embarked on a butcher training that will end in 2024.

In his spare time, he says he enjoys sports and perpetuating the traditions of his region.

Today, he wants to participate in the contest to honor Auguste Escoffier who committed his life to the development of cooking and gastronomy. When he prepares for a competition, he notices that his professional knowledge is not completely sufficient, and that is why he would like to continuously improve his skills.
That is what he takes pleasure in: to be able to practice his profession while having the chance to exchange with other participants and cooks from around the world who motivate him to do his best during this event.

Honored to be able to represent Switzerland, his strength will be his quick and professional work and the presentation of his dishes that he will make with great passion.

Ivan Uzel

Meet Ivan....

Currently in his 3rd year of a "Bachelor International de Management de la Restauration" at the Paul Bocuse Institute in Écully (Lyon), innovation and creativity are the main features of Ivan’s personality.

He chose to specialize in the field of catering in order to be able to undertake in this field which he is passionate about and in which he intends to accomplish great things. For him, participating in this competition is a real challenge both personally and professionally. 
The YTE competition is for him an intense and professional human experience combining altruism, courage and creativity, fundamental values of the Paul Bocuse Institute that he is proud to represent.

This competition also gave him the opportunity to strengthen many skills and work on his areas of improvement. Cooperation, communication, product knowledge and organisation are examples that have strengthened his expertise. 

His main strength during the event to stand out and aim for first place will be his creativity. Passionate about the world of catering within an establishment like the Paul Bocuse Institute, he was able to discover the rules of the service professions and their evolutions in time but also the new emerging trends in this sector. And it is this what constantly pushes him to seek new inspirations in order to delight his guests both in taste and visually.

Le règlement intérieur du Concours:

NB: Cette édition qui était prévue à Shanghai en Avril 2020 a été annulée face à la pandémie Covid19.

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