70th anniversary

Communication of Nicolas Sale
International President

70 years ago this year, on April 21, 1954 exactly, the Disciples Escoffier International association was born.

Under the impetus of Jean Ducroux, President of the Fraternelle des Cuisiniers, Pierre Sauvan, chef, formalized the creation of our association in the prefecture of Nice.

From January 1, 2024, the festivities to celebrate 70 years of promoting gastronomy and the work of Master Auguste Escoffier must be in full swing!

Such a beautiful age must of course be celebrated as it should be!

I hope that all the delegations will be united to celebrate OUR anniversary together, and to demonstrate what we represent 70 years later and that we will still be there in the next 70 years.

I suggest you to organize our anniversary around 5 highlights:

1st highlight
Winter 2024
Production of local specialties and charity sales

 Following the example of Galettes des Chefs Galettes du Cœur set up by Paris more than a decade ago, the concept is to produce and resell to the public with a purely charitable objective. The proceeds must be donated to a good cause, an association of your choice.

This model is becoming more and more important every year.

We have to organize these mainstream sales at the beginning of the year, with a charitable objective.

2nd highlight

2nd / 3rd quarter 2024

The White Party by Disciples Escoffier

A festive party, all white dressed, where music, friendship and sharing will be the key words.

This evening is intended to be a moment of relaxation and a meeting point, without the usual protocol of gala dinners or induction chapters.

You will all know how to gather your disciples around a picnic, buffet, atmospheres or exceptional places.

3rd highlight

October 2024

Epicure's dinner

To celebrate the master's birthday and that of the association which has been paying tribute to him for 70 years!

We will also organize our international congress in Paris in November and we will be able to celebrate our anniversary together in a prestigious site.

4th highlight(s) 

It's you who'll invent it!!

Chapter to induct new disciples, exceptional events, promotion of our producers and partners...

You have proven for 70 years that your imagination has no limit!

 5th highlight

In search of our history

I will ask you to send us all the oldest or most prestigious elements in the history of your delegations.

I am sure that you have unsuspected treasures (which will not necessarily be for your descendants) which could supply the future Disciples Escoffier room which will take place in the new scenography of the Auguste Escoffier museum.

The museum is also looking for all objects, writings or menus related to Auguste Escoffier.

We must mark history, mark memories and continue, TOGETHER, to work on the influence of our association and make it continue for decades to come!
I'm not asking you for major events around the world.
At 10, 100 or 1000 people, it's the action that counts!

With the members of the Magistral Council, I am counting on you.


Nicolas Sale

International President

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