Jeunes Talents Escoffier
Règlement et Thèmes

The Rules and Regulations of the competition:

NB: This edition, which was scheduled for Shanghai in April 2020, was canceled in the face of the Covid19 pandemic.

The theme of the competition

Each year a theme for both Kitchen and Service is chosen by the organizing committee.

This theme is generally in line with the theme of the year of the Escoffier Disciples or at least serves as a common thread for the unfolding of the competition.

Kitchen side

1 main course accompanied by 2 or 3 garnishes

(including one from the Culinary Guide by Auguste Escoffier)

to prepare in 3 hours, alone, without coach, commis or assistance.

While taking into account during the test the principles dear to the Disciples Escoffier:

  • Avoiding food waste through “Gesture Control” and “Waste Management”;
  • Fight for sustainable development through "Water management" and "Energy consumption control".
  • Respect "Seasonality" and "Local production"

Service side

One to several tests depending on the year and the committee's choices, over 4 hours.

Bar and Cocktail Workshop, Food and wine pairing, selection of local products, enhancement of the table and the much-awaited service in restaurant (preceded by the installation), in real condition.

Each candidate is in charge of a table of 4 guests and thus responds to their requests and expectations.

In French but also in English, while respecting the Charter of French service.


« Young Talents Escoffier »

One of the most important and prestigious international competition for young cooks and young waiters under 25 years of age.

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