January 2023

January 2023

The new year got off to a good start for the Disciples Escoffier delegations. Between the traditional Galette du Cœur, a decisive General Assembly for the France Zone, a historic edition of Sirha, the tone is set for a year 2023 rich in news.

Discover the latest news for the month of January.

Galettes des Rois, Galettes des Chefs, Galettes du Coeur...

The traditional sale of Galettes des Rois of the Disciples Escoffier took place in early January all over France.

In Paris, the cradle of this now tradition, took place on January 7 on the Place de St Germain des Pré. More than 500 galettes were on sale, all made by big names in Paris and professional schools, which again this year were a great success!

Maxime Frédéric, Christian Le Squer, Maison Vérot, Babka Zana, Christophe Felder, Benoît Castel and even Pierre Hermé were present.

The profits will again this year be donated to the POIC Association.

In Normandy, several points of sale have been set up.

In Deauville, Pont L'Eveque, Dives Sur Mer, Lisieux And Luc Sur Mer.

In Bois L'Évêque for example, thanks to Stéphane Cavelan, cooking teacher and Disciple Escoffier, the operation was for the benefit of the Restos du Cœur. These were made by the students of the Lycée Hôtelier Georges Baptiste de Canteleu and their pastry teachers Yvon Lormier and Dominique Désert Disciples Escoffier.

In Savoie, in Annecy, the members of the Délégation Grandes Alpes have put on sale cakes prepared by the students of the Afpa de Poisy for the benefit of the Association Nos p’tites Etoiles.

In the Gard, it is in Villeneuve Lez Avignon that the Provence Languedoc Delegation met for a sale whose profits will be donated to the Resto du Cœur.

On the Côte d'Azur, it was in Mouans Sartoux not far from Cannes that the Disciples Escoffier of the Riviera Côte d'Azur Corsica and Monaco delegation met for a chapter of inductions and for the sale of Galette for the benefit of the 'UNAFAM 06.

Let’s take the plane and head to Reunion Island!

On the occasion of the Reunion Culinary Festival at Miel Vert. Professionals from the region gathered for a culinary festival Under the expert eye of members of the Réunion Indian Ocean delegation, the world record for the longest galette des rois has been broken!! 60m long!!!!

A beautiful record but not the only one of this edition. Indeed, the Disciples have surpassed themselves this year with the world record for the longest Rice Pudding (chef Patrick Firoaguer) and the highest fruit tower (mono fruit) with pineapples (Eric Fabre, MOF Primeur)!!

 See you next year for a new edition of these heart cakes!!!

Hoping that this large-scale charity operation will be implemented by many other delegations around the world!!


On January 30, the General Assembly of the France Zone took place. An important point on the agenda, the election of the new President, the mandate of Patrick Guat coming to an end without the possibility of running again.

It was therefore in Paris that the presidents of the French delegations were given an appointment.

The new elected President is Jean Michel Mougard, president of the Alsace Grand Est delegation.

Its board is composed of:
Thierry Cubaynes; Bruno Gourdet and Philippe Lor as Vice Presidents
Alain Laporte General Secretary
Franck Jacquier Treasurer

Congratulations to the new office which has the heavy task of uniting and coordinating the 16 French delegations!!

A big thank you to Patrick Guat for his work during all these years to promote the Association in France but especially his work in the development of the Young Talents Escoffier Competition on the territory. Task that he does not completely abandon because he will now focus on the new face of the competition at an international level, commissioned by the Magistral Council.

A very big thank you also to a very great gentleman, Michel Receveur who gives up his place as treasurer. Michel has worked for decades in the France Zone Office, we wish him a pleasant '2nd' retirement!!

An affectionate thought also to Patrick Daguet who provided the secretariat of the zone for several years.


The Sirha took place from January 19 to 23.

An unmissable event for professionals in the sector, but also a perfect opportunity for Disciples from all over the world to meet up for a moment, discuss, get to know each other and share a good time.

Along the aisles and gigantic halls we had the opportunity to meet members of the delegations from Alsace, Belgium, Burgundy, Canada, the South West, the Alps, Japan, Morocco, Mayenne, North, Normandy, Occitanie, Paris, Portugal, Provence, Languedoc, Reunion, Côte d'Azur, Romania, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, Vietnam …. !!!!!

And of course from Lyon because the delegation organized a corner which was the gathering point for all the Disciples

We meet in two years for the next edition!!



Much sadder news, the loss of Christian Frechede, President of the Tahiti French Polynesia delegation…

He leaves us the memory of a jovial man, with an infectious smile, fully open to others and involved without limit in the transmission... Our thoughts go out to his wife Isabelle, his children, his family and his loved ones...

We will forever keep this memory of a man with a radiant smile, loved by all and with an iron will.

Since the announcement of his sudden death on Sunday January 29, testimonies of affection and support for his family have rained down on social networks.

Thank you Christian for what you were, a friend, a teacher, a president... a good man, quite simply... We wish you a sweet rest.

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