XIVth International Meeting
Nice 2022

XIVth International Meeting
Nice, 2022

Once upon a time, Auguste Escoffier...

In 2022, for their International Meetings, Disciples Escoffier and Gastronomes from all around the world gathered from October 7 to 9 to live a unique moment together under the values of Auguste Escoffier: sharing, transmission and friendship.

A meeting point between professionals and enthusiasts, the International Meetings have been held every year since 2003, alternating one year in France and one year abroad.

An opportunity to meet and debate on various subjects related to gastronomy, but especially to transmit to the young generation the professional and humanist heritage of Auguste Escoffier with the Young Talents Escoffier Competition, open to young cooks and waiters under 25.

Always eagerly awaited by all, especially this year after two years of postponement due to COVID restrictions, the International Meetings remain an unmissable event among the events organized by Disciples Escoffier International.

This year, an unforgettable program was offered on the French Riviera, in tribute to the Master of French Gastronomy.

A tribute also to French Gastronomy and the wish of Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, to make 2022, the Year of Gastronomy.

Thus, the International Meeting has been labeled as the Year of Gastronomy for the promotion in France and abroad that they have been able to bring to the actors of the territory, the terroir and the products.

The Disciples Escoffier Riviera Côte d'Azur, Corsica, Monaco delegation, chaired by Jean Claude Brugel, MOF 1996, worked for several months to welcome the representatives of the 47 world delegations.


Friday, October 7th 2022

An international final, a partner village and a sumptuous gala dinner


The International Final of the Escoffier Young Talent Competition marked the beginning of this Meeting... 

After a visit of the premises and a welcome dinner the day before, 7 kitchen candidates and 7 service candidates from France, Japan, Switzerland, Reunion Island, Cambodia or the Benelux met at 9 am the next day, Friday, October 7 in the newly renovated and inaugurated premises of the prestigious Lycée Hôtelier Paul Augier in Nice for an intense day full of emotions where an exceptional jury was also present.

They all aspired to the same goal: to win this final!

These young talents are apprentices, students or young professionals, all winners of their national selection.
The youngest of this edition was 17!

A unique experience of encounters and exchanges around the same passion.

When the kitchen candidates had to shine on the “From sea to land” theme and sublimate the Mediterranean seabass, the service candidates excelled in combining aesthetics and French know-how under the theme "an Indian summer on the Riviera".

Creativity, responsiveness, precision and excellence were the key words during these four hours.

These young talents have been judged under the expert eye of professionals recognized in their field as Meilleurs Ouvriers de France chefs, starred chefs, and directors of prestigious establishments.

At their head was Mr Jacques Maximin, emblematic chef who no longer needs any presentations, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 1979 and Mr Denis Ferault, principal of the hosting establishment, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2007.

A pool of international talent that was therefore set to meet on October 7 at the Lycée Paul Augier in Nice, a unique experience for these young candidates, brought tomorrow to work for the most prestigious tables. 

The results of this intense competition will be announced the following day in Monaco on the occasion of the Rendez Vous des Chefs at the Méridien Beach Plaza.

Epreuve cuisine

Epreuves service

Jury Cuisine

Jury service

While the Young Talent Escoffier competition was in full swing at the Lycée Paul Augier in Nice, the «Partner Village» was just a few steps away, at the Novotel Arenas Aeroport.

A large space open to all, with live broadcasting of the 2 events on large screens, the presentation of our partners' products, but above all a privileged place where everyone took the time to meet and discuss with the greatest professionals who have come for the occasion.

At 10am, Michel Escoffier, Nicolas Sale and Jean Claude Brugel officially opened these 14th International Meetings under the flashes of the photographers, then they visited each stand to meet everyone.

A village masterfully orchestrated by Chef Xavier Laquièze,  treasurer of the Riviera Côte d'Azur Corsica and Monaco delegation that hosted this congress.

Many thanks to the many partners present on this day, more than 25 had took a step forward to valorize the regional terroir to the more than 200 people present.

It was after an intense first day, full of meetings and exchanges that the Gala Dinner took place in the majestic Royal Salon of the Negresco Hotel during the evening of October 7. 

This dinner, on the theme of the Ligue des Gourmands in reference to the society created by Auguste Escoffier in 1912 in the beginning of the Epicure’s Dinners welcomed the 270 lucky guests for a memorable evening both for the taste buds and for the eyes.
Thus, it is in this mythical place, a Belle Époque atmosphere and fairy decor that Virginie Basselot, MOF, hosted an extraordinary gala dinner.

Once the guests sat down and were received under the sumptuous glass roof by an immersive dance in the Belle Epoque of the Villeneuve Dance Association, They were finally able to discover the master menu prepared by 10 Meilleurs Ouvriers de France and directed by Jean Claude Brugel, MOF and president of the RCA delegation in close collaboration with the Chef:

Cocktail pieces Lenôtre, by Eric Finon, Chef MOF 2011 served with Champagne Comte de Cheurlin, Cuvée Auguste Escoffier.

Natural Duck Foie Gras, Sweet and Sour Corn and Beet, Mignonette Bread by Philippe Joannes, Chef MOF 2000 and Luc Gamel, MOF 2000 served with a Gewurztraminer, Domaine du Blavet IGP Var, Cuvée Céleste.

The Mediterranean Wild Seabass and Normandy oyster in tartare, lemon cream and caviar Ultréïa Schrenki Gold by Virginie Basselot, MOF 2015, Chef Hôtel Le Negresco served with a Chateau de Tracy, Pouilly fumé 2020.

Sole fillet, creamy pumpkin with capers of Pantelleria and its roasted bone juice by Julien Roucheteau,
MOF 2018, Executive Chef Hotel La Réserve in Beaulieu sur mer served with a
Pernand Vergelesses Blanc 1er Cru En Caradeux 2020, Louis Latour.

Roasted veal loin, Mathurini sauce according to Roger Vergé, MOF 1972 by Jean-Claude Brugel, Chef MOF 1996 and Jacques Rolancy MOF 1996, La Table du Moulin à Lorgues Served with a Col di Lamo, Rosso di Montalcino, 2015. 

The southern cheese plate Passion froid l'Affineur du Chef by Xavier Thuret, Fromager MOF 2007 served with a red Château Rouillac, Pessac Léognan 2016.

The local Lemon Surprise by Julien Dugourd, pastry chef in Nice served with a Villa Sandi, Prosecco rosé. 

All accompanied by the breads of Thomas Subrin, MOF 2019 and the tables decorated by the florist Herve Frezal, MOF 2011.

A highlight of the dinner, a moving and vibrant tribute paid by the assembly to Bernard Louis Jaunet for his devotion for more than 20 years as Secretary General.

The guests were carried away and were unanimously delighted by this timeless Gala Dinner before meeting the next morning for more adventures.

Saturday October 8, 2022
Awards ceremony of the Escoffier Young Talent Contest, Rendez-Vous des Chefs pilgrimage to Villeneuve Loubet and Provençal dinner in Biot

 It was at 10:30 the next day that everyone met at the Méridien Beach Plaza in Monaco for the results of the competition.

Greeted under the Azure sun by the establishment’s teams with a detox cocktail by the sumptuous pool, guests instinctively gathered around the podium, eager to know the results of the precedent day. 

Angélique Alasta, the Master of Ceremonies, accompanied by Nicolas Sale, Denis Férault MOF and members of the International Competition Committee Pierre Alain Favre, Patrick Guat, Serge Robin and Loïc Glevarec MOF announced the long-awaited results:

Kitchen Category

1st Prize - Anaïs Esteve, France, Lyon
2nd Prize - Evelien Fiers Snoeck, Belgium
3rd Prize - Matéo Grignard France, La Rochelle
4th ex aequo Fatiha Ikhench, Morocco, Ryo Ikeda, Japan, Markus Schmid, Switzerland, Roman Dubourg, Reunion Island

Service Category

1st Prize - Léa Bard, France, La Rochelle
2nd Prize - Ivan Uzel, France, Lyon
3rd Prize - Raphaël Bossert, Switzerland

4th ex aequo Abdelaziz Elmartoub, Morocco , Bo Narinny, Cambodia, Jennifer Bielmann, Switzerland, Lorenza Payet, Reunion Island.

 So it’s a French female duo that won everything this year!!

Congratulations to all the candidates and their coaches who have prepared future professionals of great quality with a very high-end know-how and a flawless investment!

It is in a typical French Riviera atmosphere that the young candidates were then able to celebrate their participation in an event that brought them into the history of gastronomy.


The Rendez-Vous of Chefs, masterfully orchestrated by Chef Joël Garault in collaboration with the Chef of the host institution, Laurent Colin, brought together no less than 25 renowned chefs from the French Riviera.

With the sole objective, share with the participants the most beautiful flavors and products that the Riviera has to offer us by highlighting the dishes, cities and know-how of the region.

A visit to Monaco also meant a princely surprise.

Indeed, SAS Prince Albert II of Monaco, inducted Disciple Escoffier last year on the occasion of the Monegasque Epicure Dinner, wished to come and congratulate the chefs present for their action for the promotion of the principality and the Azure gastronomy. This is how he gratified each participant and relished the refined and tasty dishes prepared that day. Two hours beyond time for the participants, and to end this beautiful morning, a beachfront group photo was taken under the crackling flashes of photographers and the admiration of observers at the Méridien Beach Plaza.

And when one is Disciple Escoffier, he/she cannot help but think of others, especially in these moments.

The Executive Board wanted to introduce to the members present a little girl of the region, Déline, suffering from a serious pathology and whose dream is to become a Chef.
They were then able to sensitize the assembly to childhood diseases and make this young lady live a beautiful moment of sharing, love and gratitude for her strength and courage, surrounded by chefs from around the world.
Then, 170 participants went to Villeneuve Loubet with International President Nicolas Sale to discover and reflect where the «Chef of the Kings and King of the Cooks» was born and grew up.

Thanks to the great teams of the Tourism Office, the Town Hall and the Municipal Police of Villeneuve Loubet, several Disciples were able to share experiences and emotions by walking through the streets of the village that famous cooks Auguste Escoffier and Joseph Donon (the founder of the «Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art») surely lived.

The Disciples, led by their President Nicolas Sale, then went to the Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art to discover the world of gastronomy in this former residence recently labeled "House of Illustres" which bears witness to the life and work of this great master of cooking, thus contributing to the radiance of his memory.

A syrup bar, courtesy of the iconic Confiserie Florian, was available to visitors. A well-timed break after having walked the historic streets of this village typical of the Azure region.

This was followed by a procession that went to the village cemetery to lay a commemorative wreath.

Then at 6:30 pm, On October 8, 2022, it was the Mayor of the hometown of Auguste Escoffier, Lionnel Luca, who was inducted Disciple Escoffier and received the 1st official Honoris Causa Sash, not only in his capacity as elected representative, but in his capacity as a man who values this beautiful city, the immaterial heritage of Auguste Escoffier and more generally the sharing and valorization of the territory.

A great honor and pride for these Disciples Escoffier and their presidents coming from all 5 continents to attend this ceremony that took place at the Escoffier Garden next to the Villeneuve Loubet Town Hall, the place that is at the origin of all the history of the Master of French Gastronomy.

To close the ceremony, a gift of remembrance was given to the participants by the Tourism Office of Villeneuve-Loubet, then the association Villeneuve se Danse offered a beautiful dance, definitely plunging the participants in the footsteps of Auguste Escoffier.

It was after this long day of discovery that the Mouratouglou resort in Biot, an international tennis temple, hosted nearly 200 Disciples for a Gaudineto, a typical Provençal dinner with the flavours of this region that saw the birth of Auguste Escoffier.

An aperitif generously offered by the Town Hall of Biot which delighted the spirits somewhat tired by the day.

Then on the menu, by Gabriel Deguenne, the chef and the entire Riviera Côte d'Azur team:

As an appetizer, a burrata and sundried tomatoes, a small revisited ratatouille, followed by a Provençal stew and its gnocchi gratin.

Finally, the Disciples enjoyed a surprising mix of mucilage and creamy Chocolat ZK created by Fabrice Simon Chef consultant of the Maison Duplanteur and Catherine Brothier, also in charge of organizing this dinner.

An emotional moment with the enthronement of the Chef Deguenne by his peers before the eyes of Disciples around the world.

A very convivial and festive moment thanks to the gypsy troupe who animated the dinner from table to table all throughout the night!

Sunday October 9

A round table and a magical brunch to end this congress

 The Round Table of the Disciples Escoffier took place on the morning of October 9 at the Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen, a unique institution considered as one of the most beautiful amphitheaters in France, this morning was organized by David Terbeche, Past-President of the RCA delegation.

During this workshop focused on the evolution of the association, many themes such as transmission and the young generation were discussed, but also difficult topics for an association such as the issue of contributions...

A constructive meeting, where the word was given to all Disciples, to discuss good practices as well as the values and different actions of the delegations.

It was after this studious morning that Virginie Basselot, once again welcomed the Disciples at Le Negresco, again in the fabulous Salon Royal, around a magnificent brunch «Baieta» full of flavors that delighted everyone’s taste buds.

A happy and joyful moment where the delegates were able to fully enjoy these last moments of reunion, sharing, friendship and transmission that are the very values of our association…

Thus, it was in this joyful conviviality that the time of departure came, and while some were carrying their suitcases, others took advantage of this beautiful opportunity of the International Meeting to continue to discover the wonders of the French Riviera.

To conclude this great moment after all the hugs and kisses, the Disciples said goodbye eager to meet again at the next International Meeting that will take place, we can already announce, in Sicily around April 2023.

Photo credits © Patrick Gauthey, Eric Celerse et Robert Viani

We would like to warmly thank our partners without whom these international meetings would not have had the same prestige!

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