April 2022

April 2022

This month, our much awaited International Meetings were to take place from April 1st to 3rd.

Despite our decision to postpone it in view of the sanitary situation, which was a very difficult decision to take, our Disciples did not let themselves be brought down!

The Disciples Escoffier from all over the world have made up for it by redoubling their activities in their delegations while waiting to meet again from October 7 to 9.

Check out their news:


Zone France


Recap of the Epicure’s Dinner of Auguste Escoffier’s 175th Anniversary of the Normandie Grand Ouest delegation in favor of the Red Cross Côte Fleurie association, which took place on March 19, 2022.

A wonderful dinner in an enchanting setting, the Franciscans of Deauville, with more than 280 people present!

The Disciples Escoffier of the Normandie Grand Ouest delegation would like to thank the Vice-President of the Normandy region, the mayors, elected officials, volunteers of the Red Cross Côte Fleurie, Christian Girault President of the delegation, their many partners who responded spontaneously and very generously to their request and finally all the guests for having made possible this exceptional event.

Proceeds from the auction will be used to finance aid to refugees from Ukraine who arrive continuously on the Côte Fleurie.

Congratulations to all!

Var Alpes du Sud

March 13, 2022 in the presence of the Sanary Children’s Assistant, Fanny Mazella, the Disciples Escoffier of the Var Alpes du Sud delegation under the presidency of Raymond Macario presented a cheque of 2500 € to Dr Moreno for the Blue House to the benefit of little Antoine Avati so that he can leave for 15 days in rehabilitation in Spain, rehabilitation that will allow him to walk independently. This donation was made possible thanks to the Epicure Dinner last November, and to the loyalty of all participants and volunteers!

A check of €500 was also presented by Eric Migliaccio of the Praline bakery following the sale of galette des rois on which he had collected €1 each.

Congratulations to the delegation for this beautiful gesture of solidarity!


Grand Sud-Ouest

The Disciples Escoffier of the Grand Sud-Ouest delegation, chaired by Patrick Guat, opened the Gala Dinner of the Smarht Salon by inducting several new Disciples, in the presence of Guillaume Gomez and Maguelone Pontier, the director of the Toulouse MINs.

The inductions continued on March 27 during their Chapter at the Vieux Logis Trémolat.

Welcome to the new Disciples who join them with respect for the Escoffier spirit!

The delegation would like to thank the Vieux Logis teams for their hospitality.

Then on April 8, more big smiles all around to summarize the day at the Ecole des Métiers du Lot for the Grand Sud-Ouest regional selection of the Escoffier Young Talent Competition.

Biarritz, Angoulême or Périgueux, the young people gave themselves for the first place. Pithiviers for the kitchen candidates, edible vegetable table centerpiece for the service.

 The winners:

1st prize in team cooking and service: Hugo Hervé and Maud Croizard

2nd prize in team cooking and service: Fabio Oliveira and Gaspar Castro

3rd prize in team cooking and service: Le Mouel Valentin and Meryll Ech-Chalkha

Provence Méditerranée

The Ninth Chapter of the Provence Méditerranée Delegation, chaired by Alain Laporte, gathered more than 120 people in the magical setting of the Abbey of Sainte Croix in Salon de Provence.

At the opening of this evening, 10 new Disciples joined this dynamic delegation followed by a superb meal prepared by a magnificent team composed of Jean Christophe Ugo, Déborah Cuffaro, Véronique Filippi, René Berges, Michel Basaldella, Sylvain Floutier, Gilles Cafiero, Sébastien Rumont, Jean Marie Merly, Jean Paul Bosca, served by Nathalie Ugo, Eddy Bonjean and the Events One teams.

Grandes Alpes

The 15th chapter of the Disciples Escoffier of the Grandes Alpes delegation took place on Monday 28 March at the brasserie Aquarium in Aix les Bains.

The menu that was concocted by the chef, Julien Diffe and his team delighted all the guests, with a radiant sun.

Congratulations to the nine new Disciples!

Note also that Alain Patrick, new President of the Delegation a few days later also won in the «Pizza a due» category of the Pizza World Cup championship in Parma with his partner Caroline Maya!

Congratulations to the whole team!


Provence Languedoc

A glimpse of the gala dinner of the Provence Languedoc delegation’s 27th chapter.

For his first chapter of newly elected President of the delegation, Bruno Gourdet welcomed the members of his delegation to the Ecole Hôtelière d'Avignon.
Nine new Disciples have joined this great and historic delegation.


Hauts de France

The Hauts de France regional selection of the Escoffier Young Talent competition took place on April 6, 2022 at the Lycée Léonard de Vinci in Trith St Léger.

A beautiful work around pithiviers of all the candidates in the kitchen and the edible centerpiece for the service.

The 1st prize in pairs, who will represent the region in the national final: Noé Lootvoet, teacher Laurent Ducrocq of the Lycée du Touquet (cuisine) and Sarah Delécaut, teacher Laurent Josse of the Lycée du Touquet (service).

2nd prize in Binôme: Pierre Salvadori, tutor Arnaud Hianne restaurateur of le gré des sens in Rosult (kitchen) and Flora Leuwers, Professor Mrs Coralie Curaso, Professor de Beuvry (service).

3rd prize in Binôme: Sargsyan Arshak, professor David Longuenesse of the Lycée Ile Jeanty (cooking) and Manon Maes, teacher Euloge Dermeinghem of the Lycée Ile Jeanty (service).

3rd prize in pairs ex æquo: Pauline Debailleul, professor Arnaud Duterte of the lycée le Lhil (cuisine) and Clara Deleboé, teacher Arnaud Duterte of the lycée le Lhil (service).

5th prize in pairs: Sael Assaleh lenglet, Professor Arnaud Duterte of the Lycée le Lhil (cuisine) and Abigail Cattenne, Professor Arnaud Duterte of the Lycée le Lhil (service).

The President of the delegation Philippe Lor and his team would like to thank Mr Bertrand Deshays, Principal of the Lycée Léonard de Vinci in Trith St Léger and all his team, Mr Félix Jean Michel, Inspector of the Rectorate of the Academy of Lille for his presence, without forgetting Bonduelle, Gaétan Cesteleyn cutlery, Olivier Laurent for wine, Bridor, Lafont for the aprons, the Normandy delegation to have honoured them with their presence. And a big thanks also to the Disciples Escoffier of the Hauts de France for their investment.

Asia Pacific Zone


On Wednesday March 9, the Australian delegation celebrated their Epicure’s Dinner and induction ceremony at the Embassy of France in Australia, in Canberra, under the presidency of Christophe Grégoire. After dinner and in keeping with the tradition of the association around the world, a donation was made to Beyond Blue (a non-profit organization in Australia that aims to raise awareness and improve treatment of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders and other mental disorders..)

50 people were present for this Epicure’s dinner, the realization of this event took place with great success.

The evening was made possible by the incredible generosity of companies, the delegation is very grateful for the support of the Ambassador of France for having hosted this long-awaited event at his residence. The delegation would also like to thank the chef of the embassy, Thomas, for his assistance.


On Wednesday March 30th, the Vietnam delegation organized a beautiful evening at the restaurant of the Delegation’s President Sakal Phoeung, the P'ti Saigon in Ho Chi Minh.

The objective of this evening was to bring together the members of the association as well as friends under the Escoffier Spirit, after two long years of waiting.

Zone Europe


On March 25, 2022, in presence of Pierre Alain Favre Vice-President of the Europe Zone, Guillaume Gomez presented the Agricultural Merit Medal to Gregor Zimmerman, Member of the Switzerland Delegation Board and Executive Chef of the Bellevue Palace Kitchens in Bern to thank him for his hard work and good collaboration with all the chefs.

It is a great honor for the Switzerland delegation to have a chef who has received this distinction.




Naples Region

After 2 years of pandemic and the success of the delegation, the Italy Campania region delegation organized its first chapter of the year 2022 with a record number of 68 new inductees. With exceptional conditions due to so much waiting, an exceptional situation! This delegation, always proud to demonstrate the Escoffier Spirit in its region, is about to become a leader in Italy.

It was in the wonderful setting of the Villa Lucrezio in Posillipo near Naples that Delegate Nicola di Filipo, assisted by his energetic Secretary General, Tina Bianco, gave an appointment to the members and future inductees.

To note the presence of the President of the delegation Country Italy, Francesco Ammirati, its secretary Antonio Torcasso, the President of the delegation Burgundy Franche Comté Mario Vino came as a friend to his native land and the International Vice President for the Europe Zone, Pierre Alain Favre, who tirelessly helps the regions of Italy to bring a new life to the delegation after 2 years of pandemic.



Zone Afrique Océan Indien


On 25 March, the Moroccan Delegation had the honor of being invited to the 2022 Journée de la Francophonie in Rabat to the French-speaking Ambassadors and Representatives, where President Lahcen Hafid had the opportunity to make a presentation on “the place of youth training in the field of international cuisine and gastronomy” in order to promote the association.

We recall that the Morocco delegation regularly works for the association Maison Bonheur by initiating training for isolated and precarious women, allowing them to find potential prospects for the future. The Disciples Escoffier chefs continue to give these courses during their days off. 

Reunion Indian Ocean

The delegation continues to carry out actions in the Reunion Region, led by their President Yves Bouvier.

When it is not for office meetings, it is on after-work that the Escoffier Disciples of the delegation are on the ground. These meetings are organized with their partner, the RSMA-R of St Denis.

Members are also close to local initiatives such as the «Recettes Lontan» Contest:

Since 2014, the Réunion Region has embarked on an ambitious policy aimed at enhancing local production.

In this context, the Collectivity has initiated the «Recettes Lontan» Contest action which in addition to the increase in the share of local products in the school catering also tends to allow high school students to (re)discover the products normally consumed by their parents and/or grandparents and thus reconnect with the culinary traditions of Reunion.


The Escoffier Disciples of the Reunion Indian Ocean delegation, represented by Chaheda Rivière and Clotilde Equerre are proud to have participated in this beautiful initiative as a jury and to represent the Disciples of Auguste Escoffier, at the Lycée Agricole in St Paul.

Several high schools are in competition and we will have the opportunity to discover the result in a few weeks.

Partner News


On the occasion of the Planetary Epicure’s Dinner celebrating the 175th anniversary of the birth of Auguste Escoffier, having gathered 7,000 guests on 5 continents, the Domaine Thomas CHEURLIN owner of the vineyard and champagnes Comte de Cheurlin was our champagne partner.

For this special occasion were created 2 cuvées specifically dedicated to the Master of modern gastronomy.

The PRESTIGE Bio and Végan cuvée and the RESERVE Végan Auguste Escoffier cuvée.

The birth of this partnership comes from strong common ties between the two entities.

Together, they share the same values of transmission, generosity, as well as environmental values.

Auguste Escoffier, a visionary and precursor of his time, was one of the first to export his knowledge and French products abroad in order to promote French gastronomy in the world.

Often sought after by famous starred Chefs, the Comte de Cheurlin cuvées by their expertise and subtlety enchant many French Embassies abroad as well as French Institutions for many years, including the Palais de l'Elysée.

With lands with high environmental values having all the labels of respect in the world of Champagne, the Domaine Thomas Cheurlin - Cuvées Comte de Cheurlin was also a precursor in vegan winemaking in an ecological approach and especially in the respect of family traditions that last from generation to generation.

The generous temper of these values will make champagne from Domaine Thomas Cheurlin - cuvées Comte de Cheurlin the bond of sharing between all the Disciples Escoffier of the World on the occasion of their events.

We invite you to contact them directly to discover the rates.

Christine Giraudeau
EXPORT : +33 (0) 6 60 95 39 10

5 rue des Jardins - 10 110 Celles-sur-Ource - FRANCE
Tél: +33 (0)3 25 38 50 26


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