March 2021

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Disciples Escoffier International, official distributors of happiness! 
😃😊 March 20, 2021 - International Day of Happiness 😃😊


Africa Indian Ocean Area

Disciples Escoffier Morocco, Maison Bonheur


The Maison Bonheur association has been working with convictions for several years
years in the city of Taroudant in Morroco to people in situation
of precariousness, particularly isolated women in vulnerable situations.

Through multiple actions, the association engages with its humble
means to accompany the people received towards the development of
self-esteem, education, health promotion and more
recently towards training in the catering sector.

Active participation into the world of work and a better integration of these women in society are now the main concerns of the association Maison Bonheur.

After many months of reflection around a project that is intended to be inclusive, a lasting partnership has been built, at the beginning of 2021, between Maison Bonheur and the illustrious Disciples Escoffier Morocco. 


Who knew this dream could come true one day?

And thanks to  Mr.Lahcen HAFID, President of the Moroccan delegation, who was very sympathetic to this project that gives potential future prospects to these isolated women.

The Disciples Escoffier are present in 27 countries of the world and on 5 continents. Their objectives are to value sharing, transmission, involvement with our community, and to defend a future of solidarity, equity, and responsibility.

Thanks to all these values and principles added to the Moroccan solidarity dynamic, more than 10 chefs have come to join us in this project.

In turn and as volunteers, the chefs come 2 to 3 times a week to share their value, their expertise with humility and rigor for the benefit of the trainees during a training that will last 5 months.

The kindness and goodwill of the chefs and the relationships of trust built up as the learning sessions unfold. They are a true source of motivation, well-being and self-expression for these women who once had no self-esteem at all, and felt invisible in our society.

Despite the difficulty of the task, their encouraging results had us forcing them to persevere!

Long live this beautiful project, which without the presence of the Disciples Escoffier Morocco, would never have been possible.

'Impose your luck, embrace your happiness and go toward your risks: by looking at you, they'll get used to it.'

This quote by René CHAR fits perfectly with the fight led by the Maison Bonheur association and their partnership with the Disciples Escoffier Morocco.



France Area 

Disciples Escoffier Centre Val de Loire, sowing happiness

It was almost a year ago, a few days before the March lockdown. The most recent delegation, the Disciples Escoffier of the Centre Val De Loiren whose president is Remy Giraud,  organized a meal at the training restaurant of the Institution Notre-Dame la Riche, La Gabarre. Formed of people from restaurants, oenology, producers and other epicureans, the association gathered there for its first event. 70 guests around a meal made in the kitchen and in the dining room by young people in training at the hotel school.


Conveying these strong values that we like to find around gastronomy, such as knowledge, transmission, generosity and unity…, it is to the House of Parents of Clocheville that the Disciples Escoffier wished to pay back in full the profits of this meal. A cheque for €1,500 was handed out in January to President Chantal Desaguilleu, with a well-thought-out assignment: the idea is to consider the renovation of several rooms in this establishment, which has 30 rooms.

A visit to the place, Place Jean-Meunier, preceded the ceremony, accompanied by a team of volunteers, real workers present on site every day and all year, while the guarding is provided by six part-time salaried students.

A word from the director of Notre-Dame la Riche Institution, Bruno Visse, at the end of the meeting to evoke the difficult situation of these students in training, hospitality and tourism, very impacted by the current restrictive measures.
However, a rigorous organization makes it possible to continue to cope with the famous kitchen rush every day at the Gabarre, all the members of the educational team and the students to appreciate their talents.



Africa Indian Ocean Area 

Disciples Escoffier Reunion Indian Ocean, happy to meet again

A studious morning for the Reunion Island Escoffiers who gathered (in respect of barrier gestures) on Saturday, January 30, 2021 to hold their extraordinary and ordinary Annual General Assembly. The Disciples settled under the airy Tent of the superb Golf de Bourbon.

After a delicious welcome breakfast, it was the moral report of President Yves BOUVIER and the presentation of the budget of the Association remarkably held by the Treasurer Gérard ANACOYA, adopted unanimously. Then came the time to introduce the new Secretary General, Stéphanie GOURICHON and her Deputy, Jérémy LAUP, followed by the announcement of the election of Jérôme FABRE, new General Administrator in Mauritius where he succeeds our friend Yves DUMONT.

During this meeting, many projects were mentioned for the coming year and of course the meal for the 175th anniversary of the birth of our Grand Master Auguste ESCOFFIER, on October 28, 2021. Then, (in respect of the protective measures) our happy troupe went to the delicious buffet prepared and served by the team of restaurant «LE GREEN TEE».


A month later, a pleasant evening for the Escoffiers and their friends was beautifully organized by Stéphanie GOURICHON, our new Secretary General, on February 22, 2021 at the «Côté Seine» restaurant in the capital of the island. This exceptional dinner will be one to remember.

This meeting (always in respect of the protective measures)  gathered our Reunionese gastronomes, in a superb setting, for a beautiful southern summer evening around a quality menu.

This first meeting of the year was a very successful one, thanks to a kitchen and catering staff of the best level, that our President Yves BOUVIER warmly congratulated.

After the well-deserved applause, the Disciples and their many friends parted in anticipation of meeting again to share a pleasant moment of conviviality.

Patrick MONSET



France Area

Disciples Escoffier Hauts de France, transmitting happiness



On March 2, 2021, the Disciples Escoffier Hauts de France participated in culinary workshops and videos on the theme «Les Chefs s'invitent chez vous» led by 9 BTS students from the Sainte-Marie d'Aire-sur-la-lys Highschool. The aim of these young people is to propose ideas for a small budget and fast student meals, as well as to value local producers by filming with them and making viewers discover their products. Competitions will also be set up to promote the producers of Flandres, in particular the vegetable producer of «La ferme de la belle hotesse» by highlighting their products and their values.



Disciple Portrait

This month, focus on chef Andy, Disciple Escoffier of the Grand Lyon Ain Loire delegation of Taiwanese origin inducted last September.

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