Ta-Hsuan "Andy" Chien
Chef de cuisine


This month, we have chosen to share with you the stirring speech of young Chef Andy during his induction in Lyon on September 21th.


“I am very happy to be invited by Chefs Bernard Corbignot and Sébastien Charretier to join the Escoffier family.

It is you who have given me a lot of encouragement, help and confidence on this path, so that I can be here today.

It is an honor for me to be able to exchange ideas and know so many exceptional people.

I think that each and every one of you here thinks like me, and always keeps the spirit of Mr. Escoffier in your heart.

Although we have never met him, he seems to be there all the time by our side.
Throughout our career in catering and cooking, his know-how and wisdom guide us. He is not only a model of life that we follow in his wake, but also a peak that we should strive to reach and even surpass.

Its spirit and principles must spread from the kitchens of passionate chefs around the world.

Today is a big day for me. I still remember when I arrived in France in 2017. My daily challenge was like a race against myself and I did my best to achieve my goals. I just wanted to show others that being from Taiwan, this small country that I respect and of which I am proud, taught me perseverance, tolerance towards others. I would like you to see what my culture is, my values ​​and also my personal characteristics.

Because you, the French and France, you gave me the techniques, the art and the science of this field. All I can and want to do is take what I hold dear and share it with you. To continue to work hard as I always have.

And I repeat this adage to myself, "When a person tells you that something is impossible to do, remember that they are talking about their limits and not yours. "

I promise to continue to grow, share my know-how, educate those who thirst for learning and show generosity, and that these principles become the missions in the rest of my life.

Speech by Tu-Hsuan "Andy" Chien on September 21, 2020 at the Restaurant "chez Léa" in Lyon - France

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