February 2022

Lunar New Year
New delegation,
New presidents,

Concretization of many projects…

 This February 1st marks the Lunar New Year, celebrated in many countries in Asia.
It is recalled that each New Year of the Chinese calendar is represented by an animal and it’s element.
In 2022, the Metal Buffalo gave way to the Water Tiger, a symbol of change and strength.
While the pandemic continues to affect our lives and economic conditions remain uncertain, we can expect the Tiger, known for its power and shifting, to bring us great change in 2022.
For the Disciples, the New Year is particularly promising for hope and renewal.

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International News:

Galettes de Rois, Galettes du Cœur for the Disciples Escoffier

Epiphany among the Disciples means brotherhood, solidarity, sharing, but above all, generosity !!
Throughout the whole month of January, they were dozens of delegations mobilized in France and the world for the now famous Galettes du Coeur.
Check out these pictures for a brief overview of what happened in Paris, Lyon, Corenc, Grenoble, Poisy, Dives sur Mer, Deauville, Pont l’Eveque, Lisieux, Luc sur Mer, Bois l’Eveque, Villeneuve-les-Avignons, Remoulins, Avignon, Uzes, Nimes,-Marguerite, Saint Denis de la Réunion and many more!!!
All benefits will go to Associations helping people in need.       


Asia Pacific Zone

The solidarity of the New Caledonia delegation

For the Christmas Holidays, the members of the delegation spent a beautiful morning, Saturday December 25th with the elderly of the CHS of Nouville.

Despite the health crisis, they were able to make a wonderful Christmas buffet for the elderly, far too often forgotten, so that they could enjoy this holiday just like everyone else.

A big thanks and congratulations to the staff of the CHS, the Mamans Roses, and to the Disciples Escoffier New Caledonia!
On the 10th of January, a fun morning with the children at the Serge Laigle school (Tina sur mer) organized by the association PASPORT.

The theme of the week of this recreation center was "The discovery of the universe of Caledonian cuisine on the theme "Top Chef d'ici".
The children were delighted and were able to taste verrines of caramelized pineapple, pomme liane and coconut clouds at the end of the demonstration.

Future vocations in perspective…


Opening of the new Tahiti French Polynesia delegation

From January 22nd to 26th, a superb "Escoffier Week" took place to launch the newly created Tahiti French Polynesia delegation.
On the morning of January 22nd , the festivities began with the officialization of the new Bureau, which is chaired by Christian Fréchède in the presence of Christian Heuline, International Secretary General, Robert Fontana, the Vice President of the Asia Pacific Zone, attends by video on account of Covid constraints, followed by the press conference in the presence of local journalists to introduce the association.
In the evening, the first chapter took place in the superb setting of the restaurant «Tahiti La plage» in Punaauia with the induction of the new members.
The 25th of January was reserved for the first Young Talents Escoffier  selection at the Hotel High School of Tahiti.
The candidates were of a very good level and the winning team from the Marquesas will go to Hong Kong at the end of the year to participate in the selection of the Asia Pacific zone.
To note, the benevolent presence of Christelle Lehartel, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports of French Polynesia, during the results ceremony.
On January 26th, it was a highly anticipated Epicure’s Dinner, celebrating 175 years of the birth of Auguste Escoffier that took place in a pure Polynesian style restaurant, Te Tiare of the Intercontinental Tahiti Resort. The room was filled, a true victim of its success, many gourmets did not have the chance to participate because of the popularity of the event!
Solidarity action was also wanted by this celebration, it is therefore to the Federation Te Nui o Te Huma, which brings together associations working in the field of disability throughout the territory of French Polynesia, and accompanies people with disabilities and their families on a daily basis that a cheque for 100,000 XPS has been donated.
Word of Christian Fréchède, the Epicure’s dinner will be celebrated every year!!

Congratulations to the new team, "Maeva" to this young delegation from across the world!

Zone France

New President for the Provence Languedoc delegation

Franck Jacquier arriving at the end of his term and not wishing to run for office for personal reasons, it was therefore at their annual general meeting that the members of the Delegation Provence Languedoc elected their new President.

Bruno Gourdet, a long-time disciple and well known for his involvement in the Young Talents Escoffier French selections, is now leading this delegation.

We wish him a good mandate!


France regional selections of the Young Talents Escoffier Competition

As soon as the France Zone's final of the competition was over, the start of the new season of the regional selections began! 
They are organized all over the country to allow every young person under 25 to register and compete in a kitchen and service team.
This year a theme around the "Zero waste" both in service and in the kitchen.

You may also watch the video of the Zone final on the Zone’s Youtube page:

 The French Culinary Treasure of the month

This year, the Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art decided to highlight the culinary memories that Auguste Escoffier shared with the readers of the Carnet d'Épicure through numerous articles that he wrote from 1911 to 1914 under the title of «Culinary Treasures of France».

During many trips to our beautiful country, the «Cook of the Kings and King of the Cooks» wished to value this local cuisine and its products, and to transcribe the recipes that were generously offered to him by his guests during his visits.

Each month, a souvenir and a recipe will be unveiled that have marked this essential chef of French gastronomy.

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