August 2021

Alone we go faster,

Together we go further

This month, let’s discover the news of the Disciples Escoffier International who met with joy and happiness as always in the 4 corners of the globe.
Despite the challenges faced by the Covid-19 outbreak, many Disciples Escoffier around the world still continue their associative activities. 

 Starting with the International Association which held its Annual General Meeting on July 26. Although videoconferencing has not necessarily made schedules easy for all the meridians, a large part of the chairmen of the  delegations were present.
3 notable moments are to be mentioned:

Nicolas Sale will once again be our International President for a period of 3 years.
The Magistral Council having approved the reappointment of Nicolas Sale beforehand, he presented himself that day to all the delegation presidents for a second mandate.

We are pleased to announce his unanimous re-election!!! 

 Photo: ©Hédonisterie Gourmets de France 

"Inventing  tomorrow to prepare a better future, this is my mission, but also our mission to all, so that the coming generations may perpetuate the spirit of Auguste Escoffier. I am proud and honoured to carry the flag of the Disciples Escoffier and to make it shine throughout the world".

It is with great emotion that we would also like to announce the end of our respected International Secretary General Bernard-Louis Jaunet’s mandate, who took office in 2001, that is to say 20 years of passionate service to Disciples Escoffier from all over the world.
On July 12, 2021, on the occasion of the annual Magistral Council of our association, the members validated his departure, as well as that of his assistants, Christian Heuline, 1st Assistant Secretary and Daniel Dorchies, Assistant Secretary.

Bernard Louis Jaunet dedicated his life to the Disciples Escoffier International. For him, transmission was not a mission but a priesthood. Now Secretary General Emeritus of the Association of Disciples Escoffier International, this jack of all gastronomy and management is the architect of the connection between the men and women of the cooking profession, where he promoted the art of French cooking in all its forms in the whole world under the aegis of Master Auguste Escoffier.

This young gourmet Parisian man, who had never been predestined to such a rich career, is now a man recognized and respected by his peers on all five continents.
Following this end of mandate, Christian Heuline was officially appointed Secretary General by the Magistral Council of July 12.
Christian joined the Bureau two years ago to learn from his predecessor, Bernard Louis Jaunet, how our Association works.
Nothing better than these few words spoken during his profession of faith that represents him:

"Today, I suggest we continue the work undertaken by Bernard Louis and open a new page in our history. We are all passers in the service of our association and we must learn from the work of our elders and enrich it with our own vision before passing it on to our successors."
The position of Treasurer remains unchanged with Mario d'Orio, who has ensured the Association’s daily financial health since 2017. He holds the purse strings, but not only, he is also the Public Relations Officer of the Bureau!
The Executive Board (newly appointed), thus formed, will shortly propose to the Magistral Council a candidate for the post of Secretary and Deputy Treasurer.
Without forgetting Coralie Jouannet, the Assistant at the Executive Bureau which, without being a member, is the backbone of it.
This trio forms a tight-knit team of complementary personalities by their character and professional life.

Photo credit: Patrick Gauthey  

Europe Zone 

On July 19 and 20, Pierre Alain Favre, International Vice President for the Europe Zone, visited the French Riviera to meet the Executive Board.
A full work programme with, on the 19th, a meeting on the situation of the European delegations, their functioning and potential creations. Pierre Alain Favre having also been appointed in charge of partnership development by the Magistral Council, the members present also made a progress point on this topic. 


Country Italy

Then on July 20, accompanied by the members of the executive board he had the pleasure of meeting Francesco Ammirati, President of the Country Italy and his general secretary Antonio Torcasso for a meeting and friendly visit of the Italian delegation.
After a very constructive meeting on the future of the delegation, they were then invited to an excellent meal

National Final Country Switzerland

Despite the particular context of the beginning of 2021, the Association of Disciples Escoffier Switzerland decided to maintain its National Final of the Young Talent Escoffier Competition.
The Swiss national final of the Young Talent Escoffier cooking and service competition will take place on Saturday October 2nd,  2021 in Lenzburg at Hotel & Gastro formations
This final sounds the big return of the face-to-face cooking contests that they have been missing so much. The champions will go to the International Final in 2022


Creation of the Croatia delegation 

On 12 July 2021, during the meeting of the Magistral Council, the creation of the Croatian delegation, chaired by Chief Mickael Alix, was approved unanimously by the members.
We wish them great  success.

Zone France

Quercy Pays de Causses


On July 3rd and 4th 2021, the International Association of the Disciples Escoffier Country France had the pleasure of seeing the birth of a new delegation.

The Quercy Brigade of the Disciples Escoffier Grand Sud-Ouest organized their 1st chapter in Quercy to become a delegation. At the Clos Triguedina, in Cahors, welcomed by the Baldès family who has managed the estate since 1830, the Disciples met in the General Constitutive Assembly for the creation of the 16th delegation of the Country France, called the delegation of the Disciples Escoffier Quercy and the Pays des Causses, which includes the departments of Lot and Tarn-et-Garonne.

President: Thierry Cubaynes; Vice-president: Philippe Jouclas; Assistant: Véronique Massias; 1st Assistant Secretary: Monique Valette; Treasurer: Antoine Poiret; Assistant Treasurer: Stéphanie Bogaert.

Long live this young but already very active delegation !

Hauts de France

Memory of two magnificent days at the sea festivals in Boulogne sur mer where the Disciples of the Hauts de France delegation shared and transmitted the values of the cuisine of our great Master.
They showcased their regional wealth (fishing, cannery, herbs of the Bay of Somme) and the expertise of their artisans.


YTE France Contest

Despite the particular context of the beginning of 2021, the Disciples Escoffier Pays France Association decided to maintain its French Young Talent Escoffier Championship, by proposing regional selections in an innovative format.

The Disciples Escoffier Pays France are pleased to announce that the National Final of the France Young Talent Escoffier Championship will be held on November 26, 2021 at the Ecole Hôtelière d'Avignon.

The 8 teams will compete around the theme of the rabbit for the kitchen and citrus for the service. This final sounds the big return of the face-to-face cooking contests that have been missed so much. The French Champions will go to Nice in 2022 for the International Final.

Zone Africa Indian Ocean


 During this health crisis, the Disciples Escoffier of Reunion Island endeavoured to maintain their activity in order to bring together Disciples and Gastronomic Friends in good conditions.

In May, it was a getaway in the Hauts de l'île for a studious weekend (conference under the starry sky of the Tévelave), dynamic sports activities and Creole meals.

Then in June, a terrace welcomed us to the restaurant «Le Coup de Bol» in La Possession, for a cheerful and beautifully prepared buffet. And also, without forgetting, recently, the active support of our Disciples cooks and pastry cooks to the young people in training within the Military Service Adapted from Reunion, for the anniversary days of their Regiment. During this public demonstration in the presence of the civil authorities, our sashes have contributed to the visibility of our International Association.

Finally, before the holidays, on Sunday July 11, we met in St Pierre, capital of the South, the very creative Chef, Fabien RICHEVILLE, who had already delighted us with carefully chosen local products. It was an exceptional menu, with wine pairings. All this has amazed the palates of our finest gourmets. At the end of the meal, our Vice-President, Patrick FRAILLON warmly thanked the Chef and his team and announced the future meetings of the Association: 37th Chapter on 25 September and the Grand Diner of October 28th for the 175th anniversary of the birth of Auguste Escoffier.

Patrick Monset

Asia Pacific Zone

Country China

The Chinese delegation of the Disciples Escoffier had its monthly Epicure Dinner on June 26, 2021 in the French restaurant Guyun, in a centenary hotel: Hangzhou the New Hotel.
The feast of this evening was a fusion of classic French cuisine and Chinese history.

Chef Sam He who prepared the dinner worked in several international five-star hotels, and also worked in six of the best three-star Michelin restaurants at Relais & Châteaux Alliance in France. All the guests enjoyed themselves, comparing the chef’s menu to the summer breeze from the shore of the West Lake. They hope this evening will represent the glorious pursuit of the French restaurant Guyun.



On April 16, 2021 during the meeting of the Magistral Council, the creation of the Tahiti French Polynesia delegation, chaired by Chief Christian Fréchède, was unanimously validated by the members.
We wish them great success.


On July 12, 2021 during the meeting of the Magistral Council, the creation of the Indonesia delegation, chaired by Chief Gilles Marx, was unanimously approved by the members.
We wish them great success.



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