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Alone we go faster,

but together we go further 

 ‍Dear Disciples, Dear Friends, Dear Subscribers,

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the campaign for the world celebration of the Master’s 175th birthday on October 28, 2021.



PRESS RELEASE – July 5th, 2021


Epicure's Dinners  
October 28, 2021

Master Auguste Escoffier's 175th Anniversary Celebration.

Under the patronage of Guillaume Gomez,
French Ambassador of Gastronomy.

On the occasion of the 175th anniversary of the birth of the great master of French gastronomy, epicureans from all over the world will gather on the evening of October 28 around the same menu, with the same ambition: the promotion of the excellence of French cuisine in the world accompanied by an act of charity. These are the principles of the Epicure’s Dinners created in 1912 by «the Cook of the Kings and the King of the Cooks».

On that day, in more than 30 countries, "wherever men of taste can meet around a good table" thousands of people will pay tribute to Auguste Escoffier and to French gastronomy.

The Auguste Escoffier Foundation and the Disciples Escoffier International Association have come together to make this dinner a global event with a common goal: to perpetuate the legacy of Auguste Escoffier.

Designed as a work of art with a menu orchestrated by Nicolas Sale, President of the Disciples Escoffier International and illustrated by the French artist Virginie Brocquet, this dinner will be realized by several prestigious Chefs.

Close to 10,000 guests are expected to attend in 40 prestigious venues on the 5 continents. An important charity will accompany the festivities with the aim of supporting many charitable organizations.

The Disciples Escoffier  International is an Association Loi 1901, created in 1954, bringing together several thousands  of active members in more than forty delegations on the 5 continents.

The Auguste Escoffier Foundation has been managing the Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art for over 50 years,  located  in the Master’s birthplace, in Villeneuve Loubet. These two entities perpetuate the memory and work of Auguste Escoffier.


Starting from July 5th until October, let's join forces to make this event a real global success.

Follow us on our social media networks to learn about the history of the Epicure Dinners each week, as well as the prestigious places of each Dinner organized.

We're counting on you, dear Disciples from all over the world, to spread the word as much as possible about this prestigious event.

Together, we can showcase our association and celebrate French gastronomy around the world by honouring the humanist values of Auguste Escoffier.


Alone we go faster, but together we go further ! 


“Every newspaper in the world talked about our first Epicure Dinner. 

It was, far beyond our expectations, the most grandiose demonstration in honour of French cuisine that has taken place”. 

-Auguste Escoffier 1912-


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