May 2021

Alone we go faster, 
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        🤝 May 16, 2021 - International Day of Living Together in Peace 🤝 


Asia Pacific Zone-Cambodia

Disciples Escoffier Cambodia bearing hope

As the entire world is affected by COVID-19, some cities in particular, such as Phnom Penh in Cambodia, are on the front lines of this unprecedented crisis.
Despite this difficult context, the Disciples of the Cambodia delegation are fully dedicated to responding to this crisis in order to ensure the health and safety of citizens and to meet the needs of the most vulnerable populations.
On 19 April 2021, Cambodian authorities issued an order designating "red zones", zones of increased confinement in which there is a significant number of cases of COVID.
Residents of these areas are subject to the most restrictive confinement measures in the country, including the prohibition of leaving their home except for specific medical reasons. 
Many have been unable to obtain food, medicine and other necessities for weeks.
Low-income communities where many people lost their jobs during the Covid-19 economic crisis were particularly affected by these restrictions. In addition to movement restrictions that make it difficult to buy food and other basic necessities, residents in the red areas face shortages and price increases for food and other essential products.

Following this catastrophic situation, the Disciples Escoffier Cambodia could not remain insensitive and have taken action. Volunteers would rotate daily to ensure that an average of 500 meals per day are prepared, packaged and distributedDeli Bistro Gourmet Phnom Penh, under the leadership of its chef Pierre Favitski, has been transformed into a warehouse, used for both the production and packaging of meals.

This health crisis has finally shown us other ways of living together: incredible solidarity has developed and this confinement has shown us all the more how important social relations and living together are to our societies.
On the occasion of the International Day of Living Together in Peace, Richard Gillet, President of the Cambodia delegation, his office and the Disciples call for the cooperation and solidarity of all and count on your generosity to support their action.
For those who have the opportunity and wish to do so, you may make a donation by following this link:

Fundraising Cambodia

The Disciples Escoffier of the Cambodia delegation will keep you informed of what your donation has enabled them to achieve, and thank you for your support.



Zone France - Delegation Grand Lyon Ain Loire

Distribution of meals on the Place du Marché Augagneur

A man with a big heart hides behind this incredible action carried out since March in Lyon, on the Augagneur market.
Christophe Geoffroy, Disciple Escoffier but also President of the Association “Les chefs du monde” is a tireless enthusiast and especially has solidarity flowing through his veins.
Every Sunday, in his Food Truck, he invites a chef over and together they prepare delicious take-out meals.
The concept: for every meal sold, a meal is offered to a person in need.

The Disciples of the delegation such as Alexandre Porceillon head at the Domaine du Gouverneur, Sebastien Lericolais head At the edge of the Saône and finalist of the World Championship of Pâté en Croûte, as well as the MOF Fromager Christian Janier participated in this action.

Between 30 and 200 dishes every Sunday since the month of March, we’ll let you do the math for the number of meals served to people in great precariousness!



 Zone France delegation Provence Méditerranée

Distribution of meals for students and seniors 

Always in the spirit of solidarity and altruism, on May 18, in association with the Rotary Club of Aix-en-Provence, the Disciples of the Provence Méditerranée delegation will prepare 300 meals for the Secours Populaire.
These meals will then be distributed to students and seniors in dire need.

Don’t miss the news of this very active delegation that will reveal a wonderful surprise next June!

To find out more, follow them on their Facebook account:



Our Presidents honored by the Order of Agricultural Merit

We are proud to announce that by decree of January 31, 2021, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food confers our International President Nicolas Sale the rank of Knight in the Order of Agricultural Merit and promotes our Vice-PresidentInternational President of the Asia-Pacific Zone Robert Fontana as Agricultural Merit Officer.


The Order of Agricultural Merit rewards people who have rendered outstanding services to agriculture, either in the exercise of agricultural practice or related industries, or in public functions or by scientific work or agricultural publications.
The values conveyed by this distinction are in perfect harmony with those of the Disciples Escoffier: the transmission of knowledge, the promotion of French products and its gastronomy.

Congratulations to our two presidents!



Asia Pacific Meeting

On Saturday, May 8, the Asia-Pacific Zone meeting was held led by the Vice-President of Zone Robert Fontana.
In the same spirit of friendship and sharing of the association, the presidents of the 11 delegations of this large Zone spoke about their plans for the year, their ambitions for the future but also their pride of belonging to this beautiful international family.






Disciple Portrait

This month, discover the portrait of Takashi Kinoshita, Disciple of the Burgundy Franche-Comté delegation of Japanese origin.
A true lover of French gastronomy, devoted to his profession and trained in both cultures, he retains the best of each of them to create his own dishes.

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