Takashi Kinoshita
Starred Chef
at the Château de Courban

Takashi Kinoshita Chef de cuisine

This month, discover the portrait of Takashi Kinoshita, Disciple of the Burgundy Franche-Comté delegation of Japanese origin.
A true lover of French gastronomy, devoted to his profession and trained in both cultures, he retains the best of each of them to create his own dishes.

Takashi Kinoshita Chef de cuisine

AE: Hello, Dear Sir. Would you like to introduce yourself?

TK: Hello, Master! With great pleasure.
My name is Takashi Kinoshita, a true lover of French culture and gastronomy! I came to France in 2002 to learn from a great French star chef, Robert Bardot who is a Disciple Escoffier and MOF.
I am very passionate about my job, it’s an immense pleasure for me to be able to transform raw products to be served at the table, and thus share beautiful moments with customers and my teams.
Since 2015, it is at the bottom of a beautiful countryside in Burgundy, near the vineyards of Chablis and Champagne that I am Chef at the Château de Courban, where in 2018 I obtained 1 star in the Michelin Guide.

AE: I can tell that you have great pride in working in a beautiful establishment!
I can relate, because I had that same experience when I worked at the Ritz, a prestigious establishment that was also one of the first palaces!
I find it wonderful that you have travelled all the way from your country to immerse yourself in French culture and gastronomy! Did you know that I have myself travelled a lot for the organization of the new hotels opened by César Ritz? In fact, I felt the need to check every little detail of the brigade’s facilities and work to make sure everything was perfect!

TK: I know all about your journey, Master! You are to me a true exemplary model of transmission of knowledge, the creator of the greatest kitchen bases that since, has taken us towards excellence through your Guide Culinaire, an essential when learning French cuisine!
It is precisely this admiration that led my desire to be part of the Disciples Escoffier.
I was inducted on April 15th, 2019 in Tournus, the Burgundy Franche Comté delegation, thanks to my meeting with Mario Vino. It is truly an honour to be a part of this association that allows us to exchange our different passions and our knowledge as well as to share common values, by advocating a perpetual evolution of the cuisine.

AE: I can sense your true passion for cuisine!
It seems to me that you are great admirer of my Guide Culinaire… So, would you like to talk about its recipes? 

TK: There are so many recipes from the Guide Culinaire that I love to make, so it’s very hard to choose!
But if I had to, it would definitely be the Sole Dugléré!
And since truffle is one of my favourite ingredients, I would say the Poularde Godard with its garnish, it’s a dish that I particularly appreciate as well.

AE:  My dear Takashi, what a pleasure it is to have met you.
How can I learn more about your cuisine and the beautiful establishment you work in?

TK: You can visit the Chateau Courban website simply by clicking on the link below!



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