Randy Siles
A truly committed Chef

Randy Siles Chef de cuisine

This month, discover the portrait of Randy Siles, a committed Costa Rican chef and globetrotter who fell in love with Provence a few years ago.

Randy Siles Chef de cuisine

Auguste Escoffier : Hello fellow Chef, I am pleased to meet you. Would you like to introduce yourself?

Randy Siles : Bonjour, Maitre! I am Randy Siles, a Costa Rican chef passionate about cooking, using raw materials, sustainability, and health. Since childhood, I have been in love with French cuisine and its history. I envision myself chasing my dreams in France, and just like you I have lived the most rewarding experiences of my professional career in beautiful Provence, where I have also been inducted by Mr Raymond Macario On June 13, 2019.

I am the Co-founder of Autóktono, with the mission to empower the new generation of cooks to transform the local community food systems through a sustainable and healthy gastronomy and advance food sovereignty.

Auguste Escoffier : What an inspiring and admirable objective. I myself am a true believer of sustainability and healthy gastronomy, and these values have always been at the heart of my findings. In fact, I was the first in my time to awaken consciousness about the seasonal nature of fruits and vegetables. Please, tell me more about yourself. What does the cuisine mean to you?

Randy Siles : Thank you Chef, I am honored. You are truly an extraordinary chef and mentor, guiding our path to culinary excellence and that is why being inducted in the Disciples Escoffier is one of the most important achievements in my life and professional career. For me it means immense pride, and a commitment to continue preserving and promoting your work and culinary education and apprenticeship to the younger generation of cooks.

Auguste Escoffier : Please, tell me more about yourself. What does the cuisine mean to you?

Randy Siles : To me, cuisine is a space for creation, where I can express all my purest feelings. It is the best thing that could have happened to me and has allowed me to reach dreamed destinations and meet wonderful people through the journey.

In short, modification and refinement of everything related to culinary art is a value of the Escoffier Spirit that truly represents me.

Auguste Escoffier : I couldn’t agree more, dear Randy. The preface to my Guide Culinaire says it all : “We will bring simplicity to its last limits, but at the same time we will increase the savory value of the dishes, we will make them lighter…”

Speaking about cuisine, would you like to share with us something that you like? Perhaps a preferred recipe or cooking technique?

Randy Siles : Well, my favorite recipe is without question the stuffed zucchini from your Guide Culinaire!

I find lots of pleasure in cooking it, and it’s always included as a signature dish in my specialty menu. I love fish, and I am equally fond of your mayonnaise and “salsas madres” recipes.

Blanching and a long, slow cooking process are techniques that I prefer when preparing a dish.

Auguste Escoffier : I love a simple and healthy dish like stuffed cucumber or zucchini.

I can tell that you are truly fond and impassioned by cuisine, and I would like to thank you for this lively and fruitful exchange.

Chef, how can I learn more about your engaging company?

Randy Siles : You can learn much more simply by visiting our website: https://autoktono.com/



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