Nicole Leichnig 
Talented Producer


Nicole Leichnig

For our first portrait, we approached an exceptional woman, a producer with internationally recognized talent.

Nicole Leichnig

A..E : Dear Madam, Bonjour. Could you briefly introduce yourself?

NL : Hello Chef, I am Nicole Leichnig, co-founder of the Escale Bleue vanilla workshop on the beautiful Reunion Island. My company was recognized as a Living Heritage Company in 2014. I have been internationally rewarded several times for my creation, the blue vanilla, a patented product. It is a vanilla ripened over two years, with an aroma that is constantly increasing, while retaining its unalterable appearance.

I’ve received : trophée Crystal Award 2018, Médaille du Tourisme, Label EPV, Médaille du Mérite Agricole, Lauréat des Talents Gourmands 2019, elected through « 5 meilleurs Entrepreneurs réunionnais de l’année 2016 », Médaille de la Ville de Saint-Philippe and Trophée des Agricultrices de la Réunion 2015

AE : What an incredible journey my dear Nicole, you know that I have always had an extreme admiration for talented women? They have greatly inspired me throughout my career.

N.L : You are also an inspiration to me, Mr. Escoffier, you have, throughout your long career, worked to improve French cuisine and promote its products. I in turn try to help with a product such as my Blue Vanilla. These kinds of products of excellence allow chefs to stand out by creating and innovating.

It is surely for his reasons that I was approached in 2015 by the chairman of the Indian Ocean Reunion delegation of the time, Michel Giacomino, who wanted me to join the association. The Disciples Escoffier represent for me friendship, moral support but above all they all work to honor the Cuisine. In our delegation we can together share our talents, our skills and of course friendship, and then we are a very large family established on five continents!

The Escoffier Spirit who guides us by being Escoffier's Disciple fits me perfectly and I find myself more particularly in this value:
"Culture and Modernity: The Disciples Escoffier respect culinary history and advocate a perpetual evolution".

A.E : What a beautiful spirit! And coming back to the Cuisine, which of my creations delights you the most?

NL : I would definitely say Peche Melba! What a better recipe for a vanilla producer!

AE : Indeed my dear, I would have been in my time a fervent defender of a product like yours and would have liked so much to work it in my desserts, ice creams or other delicacies.

Thank you dear Nicole for this fascinating discussion, to lear more about you company and this incredible Vanille Bleue, how do we do?

N.L : Simply by visiting the website : (in french only)


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