Conti inspiration

Inspiration of a Conti purée 
By Chef Mario d'Orio

In partnership with CHEF®

Sur un air de Conti
Sur un air de Conti

ingredients : 

Conti Purée:

Organic coral lentils, Cumin, Turmeric, Shallots, Green pepper, Tomato, Butter, Coconut milk, Salt, Pepper.

Sea bream:

Whole sea bream, Pumpkin seed oil, Shallot, White wine, CHEF® poultry liquid concentrate, Mint, Espelette pepper.


Asparagus, Cherry tomatoes, Trumpet zucchini, Baby carrots.

History of the recipe

Chef at 314 hotel in Cannes for 15 years, Mario d'Orio's mission was to create flavors from the 5 continents to follow the identity of the hotel and restaurants.

The Chef has been inspired throughout his career by the Culinary Guide, which has been his bible for over 40 years.

The Conti purée, (see page 141 of the Culinary Guide), inspired the chef who decided to work the recipe with coral lentils and thus give an Indian touch to the classic of Auguste Escoffier.

Green Asparagus is a nod to the sourcing work of Auguste Escoffier in his time. The Green Asparagus from Lauris, that from Argenteuil ... (cf p215-222 / Auguste Escoffier, The Tasty Life of the King of Cooks / Elodie Polo Ackermann / Ed. Flammarion - only in French)

Auguste Escoffier was indeed very concerned about the quality of the ingredients of his compositions.

The Chef



Mario d'Orio has worked in the most beautiful restaurants on the Croisette in Cannes throughout his career. He thus delighted the most famous cinema stars.

After a career start in Aix en Provence at the Casino d'Aix Vendôme, he joined the kitchens of the prestigious palace "Martinez" for 11 years.

He then joined the "Majestic" where he worked for 7 years.

For 15 years he directed the kitchens of the restaurants of the hotel "Le 314" close to the famous Croisette.

He was inducted Disciple Escoffier in 1990 by the then international president Henri Ricottier during a chapter at the Palais des Festivals.

Since 2016, Mario d'Orio is the international treasurer of the Disciples Escoffier.

The Product


CHEF® Chicken Liquid Concentrate 1 L


Roasted chicken notes and aroma with a delicate body. Ideal for dark sauces or ragouts. CHEF Liquid Concentrates are versatile and dissolve instantly. In a rich liquid form, you can add them drop by drop to a dish until you get the precise flavour you want.

Good To Know

  • Roasted chicken notes and aroma with a delicate body
  • Contains 66% chicken concentrate
  • Easy to dissolve, it can be used at any stage of the cooking process to deliver full bodied flavour
  • Can be used as a bouillon, seasoning or to enhance sauces, hot or cold
  • Brush CHEF Chicken Liquid Concentrate over chicken cuts and roast for an extra savoury taste.
  • No artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
  • Meets Responsibility Deal 2017 salt targets
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