The Association


The Disciples d’Auguste Escoffier were create in 1954 by Jean Ducroux, kitchen chef in Nice and former cook of Auguste Escoffier. Since there were no other professional association at that time in the south of France, he had the idea to gather the kitchen chefs of the regional luxury hotels. They decided during the first Magisterial Council to hold an induction, scarf and a cassolette ceremony.

A first Chaper was held at the beginning of the 1960’s under the presidency of Eugène Herbodeau who had worked with Escoffier and published a book on him together with Paul Thalamas, one of his close friends and both being “pupils and literary executors of Maitre Escoffier”.

With the death of Jean Ducroux, different Presidents took over. During the 1980’s, Henri Ricottier, largely contributed to expanding its influence: the Regional Delegations grew in number. Then came a new President, Jean-Claude Guillon, chef of the Grand Hôtel du Cap Ferrat. Together with the new Executive Secretary Bernard-Louis Jaunet and the Bureau of the association, he reviewed the statuses which were no longer compliant and rebuilt a dynamic, well-structured association gathering all the French and foreign Delegations under the same banner:

Disciples Escoffier International

Bernard-Louis Jaunet, Secrétaire Général des Disciples Escoffier

In 2007, Jean-Pierre Biffi, executive chef of Potel & Chabot and President of the Paris Ile de France Region for 15 years, was elected as International President; he was aiming at modernising the association and gathering the Disciples Escoffier from across the world under the same great principle of the “Escoffier Spirit” expressed as such:


  • Equality and appearance
  • Knowledge and transmission
  • Culture and modernity
  • Generosity and unity


The name of International Disciples Escoffier was adopted during the Executive Board meeting and the General Assembly on February 3rd 2008 and the association was therefore well defined as an “Association for transmission, culture and modernity of Cuisine”.

Jean-Pierre Biffi Président International et Jean-Claude Guillon Past-Président

Since then were elected:

Régis Marcon 2012 – 2014
The wine coloured scarves intended to service professions were created, thus and logically extending the scope of Disciples.

Thierry Marx 2014 – 2016

Jean Pierre Biffi 2016 – 2017 interim

Nicolas Sale 2018 –