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NEWSLETTER N°64 – Your acts count N°3

One more week passed by discovering every day Disciples Escoffier engaged more than ever in this now global surge of solidarity.

You are each one the strong link in an incredible chain of solidarity of which our Master Auguste Escoffier would have been proud!


To discover this week:

While our international president Nicolas Sale is still working on his beautiful and delicious recipes shared online, this week it is our international past-president Thierry Marx who joins the solidarity front. With his school Cuisine Mode d’Emploi(s) and the help of his bakery trainer from the Paris training center, they together make the breads that accompany the packed lunches that will be distributed by the volunteers of Resto du Coeur 75.

In Switzerland, our Young Talents Escoffier have shown their imagination under the impulse of their President Pierre Alain Favre, this is how Danaé Serena and Celine Maier proposed enticing recipes while Antonia Eugster and Shania Colombo created wonderful cocktails.

Many chefs continue to share their knowledge with as many people as Benoit Sinthon in Madeira in Portugal, Marcel Ravin in Monaco or Emmanuel Lehrer in Cagnes sur Mer.

In Geneva Switzerland, on an initiative of Julien Krauss, with the help of Michel Roth (who made his premises available) Serge Labrosse and Jean Marc Bessire the Goutatoo chefs mobilized for the making and distribution of Eggs for caregivers.

Benjamin Revel of La Musardière restaurant in Normandy, concocts a few sweet treats that brighten up the daily lives of caregivers at Gisors Hospital but also those of nursing homes and the Vernon home nursing service.

In Marseille, Michel Portos and volunteers cook for the people in need.

Emmanuel Hernandez from Hauts de France, Musigny, provided with his teams the preparation and delivery of the Easter Sunday meal at the Valenciennes hospital.

Hélène Robert near Périgueux in the South-West makes available her equipment and know-how to 3D print visors for nursing staff and supermarkets workers.

Stéphane Buron in the French Alps, who has already been enjoying his recipes live for a few weeks, went on site to prepare a delicious Easter menu for the caregivers of nursing homes at Bozel la centaurée.

We recently mentioned solidarity for truckers, it is in turn Chef Laurent Poulet on the French Riviera who offers a full menu to truckers passing through the Mougins motorway service area.

With a longer confinement period made everywhere on earth, professionals organize themselves to ensure the continuity of their activity, while keeping a united spirit.

At Balalajka Orosz bistro in Solnozk in Hungary Andras and Ekaterina have set up a delivery service to treat the people of their city with their Russian specialties.

On the Ile de Groix in French Brittany, it’s Chef Jean-Louis Farjot with the take-away sale for the local population at very reduced prices and the donation of desserts for the residents of the Ehpad this Easter weekend.

Sakal Phoeung, President Country Vietnam, also offers daily delicious menu available for delivery in Ho Chi Min City.

In Angoulême; Laurent Ody, butcher-caterer launches a solidarity quiche to help restaurateurs. One euro per piece sold will be donated to a professional syndicate of restaurateurs, cafetiers and hoteliers, the National Group of Independents (GNI).


The operation #DisciplesEscoffieSolidarity launched last week by Disciples Escoffier Pays France under the french hashtag #TousEscoffierTousSolidaires and with a huge relay from the Country of France chaired by Patrick Guat has been a great success in France and is starting to emulate other countries around the globe.

Pierre Alain Favre, President of Swiss Country and International Vice President for Europe, Robert Fontana, International Vice Presidnet for Asia Pacific, Lahcen Hafid President of Morocco Country, Yves Bouvier President of Indian Ocean Countries and International Vice President for Africa Indian Ocean and Stéphane Oprea President of Romania Country thus relayed the information in large numbers within their respective delegations. A beautiful planetary momentum is emerging.


We made a short video to share the widest range of your actions with as many people as possible.



Continue to take care of your neighbors, your loved ones, of yourself and stay strong!


Friendship of your President Nicolas Sale and the International Office


The Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art and the Disciples Escoffier:

Today, two associations anchor this culinary heritage in our society. The Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art preserves and transmits the gastronomic, historical and cultural heritage bequeathed by Auguste Escoffier. The Disciples Escoffier International have brought their knowledge to life around the world, through its 50 delegations and 30,000 ambassadors for 25 years.

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