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NEWSLETTER N°58 – The delegations’ activities


Summer season begins for some, for others the time of holidays rang.

You have been many this first half of 2019 to radiate the spirit Escoffier on five continents!

It is more than important to thank and put in value every day, all those volunteers who are committed throughout the year at all levels. About the young talent Escoffier competition, gala dinners, on charitable operations and awareness of the general public and children.

Bravo to the Chairmen of delegations and their teams, but also to the small hands who work tirelessly for the good cause.

Here is a retrospective of the events organized around the world by the delegations these last months.



New Caledonia

Sunday, March 24, 2019 was held the annual big chapter of the Pebbles with a General Assembly and inductions.

Welcome to the new inductees: Eva Rimmermann, Manager Café Malongo, Alois Barakamfitiye Sushi Thai Chef Davide Dumortier, Managing Butcher Salt River, Martin Mondesert, Chief Little Rest’O Benoit Leblanc, Chief Méridien Ile des Pins

The new bureau consists of: President: Olivier Haar, Vice President: Serge Tondino, Secretary: Ludovic Pannier, Deputy Secretary: Martin Mondesert, Treasurer: Suzanne Kenyon, Deputy Treasurer: Christian Rossdeutsch

The new office was elected for three years.



Memorable gala dinner at the French Embassy near the Holy See and papal meeting.

Thursday, March 28, was an evening that will remain etched in the minds. Under the leadership of Jean Marie Le Rest, steward of the embassy, ​​delegate Lazio region Rome and coordinator of the central zone of Italy, and with the support of officials of the embassy, ​​the greatest were given an appointment to Rome. A 12 hands and 6 courses dinner was offered to 110 guests by chefs Michel Roth (Bocuse d’Or and Best Worker of France), Frederic Jaunault (Best Worker of France Primeur), Jean Thomas Schneider (Double World Champion Pastry and Glacerie), Jean Marie Le Rest, Franck Bessi (chef of the Embassy) and Giuseppe d’Alessio (Executive Chef of Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese).

7 new inductees received the famous spoon shot and Disciples’ scarf.

The benefits of this dinner will be donated to the Officine Buone association and the chefs will also pass on their knowledge through cooking classes.

The representatives of the international office Bernard Louis Jaunet and Mario d’Orio were present accompanied by the Riviera disciple and photographer Patrick Gauthey who came especially to immortalize this evening. The next day all the remains of the dinner were distributed to another association that helps people in need “salesiani per il social – federazione scs”.

Another beautiful operation of the present leaders. The day before, they were in the Vatican where they were received in audience by Pope Francis and so did bless the blue scarf of the Disciples gastronomes.




South Africa

The Disciples Escoffier Country South Africa delegation organized its 3rd chapter at “The Park, House of Events” in Johannesburg on Monday 1 April.

It was not only the biggest event organized by this young delegation that managed to gather 180 participants, but also their most impressive achievement with as guest of honor, the international artist Branden & James, who provided an animation of the most sophisticated.

As with all Escoffier Disciples events, the culinary experience had to be unforgettable, with world class food served by French Corner Catering.

By all accounts, this evening was memorable.



United Kingdom

The 11th Chapter of the Escoffier Disciples’ Delegation Country United Kingdom was held on April 16th at Herbert Berger at Innholders Hall in London under the chairmanship of Daniel Ayton.

16 new disciples were given the scarf. A fabulous dinner in an exceptional setting has delighted the taste buds of 60 privileged guests.

Congratulations to the organizing team and welcome to the new Disciples!!!



France – Provence Mediterranean

Monday, April 29 was held in Saint Cyr sur Mer the 8th Chapter of the Provence Mediterranean delegation. It is in the splendid setting of the Dolce Frégate, where officiates the Disciple Chef Guillaume Maurice, the host of the evening, that took place, with the setting sun, the enthronements of some 20 new Disciples under the spoon of President Alain Laporte.

This followed a fabulous 6-course dinner prepared by an impressive brigade of Escoffier chefs from the region.

A proud success for this beautiful Provence Méditerranean team that has, as always, delighted and amazed the 160 guests present.


France – North Hauts de France

The Disciples of Escoffier Hauts de France met Monday, April 29 for their 33rd Chapter in Ecquedecques, under the sign of the Women with a six hands dinner composed of Helen Demey Lise Vermeersch and Maëllie Sara Poynard Annnabelle Luyckx indoors and the feminine small hands of Lycée Vauban d’Aire sur la Lys.

A dozen new Disciples have also been enthroned.




France – Var Southern Alps

The annual Escoffier Disciples Induction Gala dinner of the Var Alpes du Sud delegation took place on May 17th. A beautiful evening that will allow them to help sick children again …

An evening led masterfully by President Raymond Macario and hosted by Christian Vidal.

Congratulations to all the volunteer chefs who have concocted an excellent meal! And especially to Patrick Philibert who like every year puts his restaurant Hacienda at the disposal of the delegation.



France – Great South West

The Escoffier Disciples’ delegation from the Greater South West expanded by 9 new members on 24 May during a tasty and friendly chapter dinner organized by the Quercy Perigord Brigade at the Ecole des Métiers du Lot in the presence of Serge Crabié President of the Lot Chamber of Crafts and Crafts and the godfather of the evening Pascal Bardet.

School from which Gregory Dattiches is the winner in the Cuisine section of the International Contest Young Talents Escoffier de Bordeaux 2019.

This event, for the benefit of the Hôpital Sourire association, honored new disciples inducted for the occasion by Patrick Guat, president of the Greater South West delegation. At the end of the ceremony, a meal prepared by several Disciples Escoffier chefs of the Lot, Tarn-et-Garonne and Dordogne, associated with the apprentice brigade of the school of trades, was served to about sixty guests. The benefits of these meals were donated to representatives of the Cahors branch of Hôpital Sourire.




France – Greater Lyon Ain Loire

Welcome in Beaujonomie, a great day in this first june …

It was at Michelle and Xavier Marcellin’s in Cogny, in a magnificent house in the heart of the Pierres Dorées, that this beautiful event of the Disciples Escoffier Grand Lyon Ain Loire took place.

An original concept, sponsored by Chef Grégory Cuilleron (now Disciple that day!) And organized by the beautiful Lyonnaise team composed of Chantal and Bernard Corbignot (the freshly elected president of the delegation) and Fabrice Beugnot, assisted by Cédric Vincent, the instigator of this great initiative.

A meal concocted by 9 chefs, sheltered by a century-old cedar, delighted the guests, all accompanied by musical entertainment and tastings of local products.

But also and above all, a charitable objective, with an auction for the benefit of the association ASSEDEA. A very good sum was collected and donated directly to the association, thanks to a jacket signed by the hand of the Chef Guillaume Gomez, a portrait of Paul Bocuse by Marie Rix and many lots offered by the generous partners of the delegation.



Asia Pacific

A major meeting for the Asia Pacific area of ​​Disciples Escoffier International.

On June 6th, the Singapore Country delegation led by President Edmund Toh received the 11 Presidents of the Asia Pacific Zone.

In collaboration with the French Embassy, ​​Robert Fontana wanted to welcome all the presidents of his area to the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore for a day of work and exchange with the main objective of creating a strong cohesion in this large and beautiful area. This busy working meeting was followed by a 7-course dinner prepared by the 11 presidents of delegations.

As a reminder, this large area newly created at the last magistral council includes: China, Singapore, Macao, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Cambodia, Korea, New Caledonia and Australia.

It was also an opportunity to formalize the appointment of the new President of the Country Australia, Christophe Grégoire.

Congratulations to him for his appointment, wishing him a lot of good things to come.

The International Bureau congratulates all the participants on this beautiful day and Robert Fontana for the dynamic that he created as well.




On June 4th, in the prestigious MGM Cotai de Macau, an 8 hands dinner was held on the theme of the year “No Woman No Kitchen”.

Indeed, 4 female chefs had made an appointment to the greatest number for a 100% female dinner.

Sarah Ni, secretary of the Shanghai delegation, Betty Fung, ambassador of Disciples Escoffier Macau, Antonieta Manhao renowned chef of Macau and Kathine Kuok pastry chef of the host establishment have concocted a refined 4-course dinner.

Congratulations to these committed women who have put forward the Escoffier Spirit and the commitment of Disciples Escoffier International.




Monday, June 10 took place the 2019 General Assembly and the gala dinner of the Japan Country delegation. At the Cerulian Tower Tokyu Hotel in Tokyo, the 442 participating members met. A distinguished guest was there to welcome them, indeed Michel Escoffier was invited for this evening under the sign of the exception.

51 new Disciples were given the chefs’ red scarf under the benevolent eye of Michel Escoffier and President Nobuhiko Fukuda and his office.

It was Mr Fukuda himself who orchestrated the tasty gala dinner that followed with on the menu:

  • A gourmet appetizer to welcome you
  • Gourmet pie
  • Aigo boulido soup dumplings muslin with flounder
  • Challandais duck roasted with cherries

The evening was a huge success, everyone said.


France – Normandy Great West

Sunday, June 16, great day of sharing and meetings around a great buffet organized by Disciples Escoffier Normandie Grand Ouest and the Epicure Club of Rouen. Top of the Top, the superb show “The descent of the most beautiful sailing ships of the World” which resumed the sea after 10 days of festivities in Rouen during the Grand Armada which celebrated its 30th anniversary. Hermione sail yacht was the godmother.

A very nice memory in the family spirit and friendly that the Disciples Escoffier Normandy carry high as well as all the friends and families.



Catalan and Occitania

Monday, June 17 took place the 28th chapter of the delegation Country Catalan and Occitan. It was the chef MOF Franck Putela who welcomed the 80 guests present for the occasion in the fabulous setting of his hotel restaurant Le Parc Franck Putela.

8 new Disciples were given their scarf.

A beautiful evening organized by the president of the delegation Brice Ducos and all his team.


France – French Riviera Monaco and Corsica

Tuesday, June 25, Auguste Escoffier was in the spotlight in his hometown.

A day dedicated to the Master of French and World Cuisine under the leadership of the Mayor of Villeneuve Loubet, Lionel Luca.

At 10:30am the Disciples Escoffier and the citizens of the city were invited to the inauguration of an extraordinary sculpture on the roundabout of the city. A work of goldsmith realized by an artist of the region, the portrait of Auguste Escoffier carved in the metal, for the most pleasant visual effect.

Then head to the new Garden Auguste Escoffier, where the statue of the Master returns to its original place after many years. This statue had been offered to the city by his family, his disciples and his friends. From now on, Auguste finds himself in a beautiful green setting that will welcome the newlyweds for their photographs.

To end this beautiful and warm morning, the procession ended at the Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art to unveil a new distinction, the plaque of the Houses of Writers. Let’s not forget that Auguste Escoffier, Grand Master of Cooking, has written several books, the best known being of course the Culinary Guide, but he has also tried other styles such as his book “Mutual Assistance Project for the extinction of pauperism “and many others.

They can be found on our site via this link: or available at the Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art, by appointment only, by contacting




France – Alsace Grand Est

The 17th Chapter of the Alsace Grand Est Delegation of the Disciples Escoffier was held on July 1st.

Faced with the growing number of disciples in the Haut-Rhin, it was in Munster at La Vallée Verte that, at the invitation of President Jean-Michel Mougard and General Secretary Patrick Daguet, 90 people honored Auguste Escoffier, “king of cooks, cook of kings”.

During this evening, 17 new disciples took the oath to “transmit, serve and honor the cuisine, its culture and its ongoing evolution”.

The motto of Auguste Escoffier being “the kitchen is in perpetual evolution”, the feasts, prepared by the chef Thony Billon of the restaurant Grands Arbres within the hotel La Vallée Verte, could begin.

The next chapter (3rd Epicure dinner) will take place on November 6th in Strasbourg.



France – Paris Ile de France

On Saturday, July 5th, the now famous Escoffier Disciples’ White Party of the Paris Ile de France delegation took place. It is in the fabulous setting of the Pavilion Cambon Capucine, close to the Place Vendôme that the 850 guests had made an appointment at 18.00pm for the partners’ showroom.

Not to change, the caterer Potel and Chabot, led by the president of the delegation Marie Soria, has amazed the taste buds and pupils of all. The great Parisian show!

An evening honoring women by following the theme of the year of the association “No Woman No Kitchen”. It is obviously a woman who “godmothered” the event, Hélène Darroze.

11 exceptional women were thus given their scarf during the chapter, opened at 19:30.

The dinner, as always spectacular, took place in the most beautiful atmosphere and ended with the delivery of lots of the raffle organized for the benefit of the association POIC, raffle that allows each year to harvest several tens of thousands euros for the good cause. Of course the guests danced until the end of the night on furious rhythms.




Friday, July 12 was the first chapter 2019 followed by the annual gala dinner of Disciples Escoffier Country Mexico. Warmly received by the talented Chef and Disciple Escoffier Isabella Dorantes at the prestigious Club de Industriales, we welcomed members, future disciples and sponsors around a cocktail, before moving on to the induction ceremony. It is with joy and good humor that we handed the scarf, the diploma and the traditional “Spatula Blow” to five disciples, and four friends of the disciples:

Disciples receiving the red scarf: Ricardo Muñoz Zurita (Disciple since last year, he had unfortunately not been able to attend the ceremony), Bruno Airagnes, Jose Antonio Balderas, Miguel Quezada and Gerardo Sandoval.

Disciples’ friends receiving the blue scarf: Julian Beltran, Frédéric Neau, Patricia Benavides and Narcedalia Ramirez (absent but represented by his sister)

After this ceremony, we enjoyed a superb dinner made with the products of our sponsors: Oysters Sol Azul, Gambas Agua Blanca, Rougié Foie Gras, Bridor Bread, Us Meat Beef Fillet, Fruits and Vegetables Diprest, Bar Fillet Manjares del Océano, Pastry and Chocolate Products By de France, Mezcal Corazón del Cielo, Moet & Chandon Champagne and all accompanied by exceptional wines.

On the Menu: Spicy Goose Liver Terrine with Spices, Oyster Cassolette with Chili Chipotle, Bar and Roll of Gambas, Carrot Puree and Cauliflower, Beef Fillet with Confit Portobellos and Creamy Rice, Chocolate Sphere Vanilla Ice Cream with Mango Sauce or Pavlova with Red Fruits and Lemon Sorbet and Assortment of Bridor Bread.

Content and sated, our members are now turning to the next event of Disciples Escoffier: the national selection phase of the Young Talents Escoffier contest, scheduled for October 2019.

It is with pride that we see our Mexican delegation grow and develop projects around Escoffier’s values. This year, we participated in two competitions, Emmanuel Chabre was president of the Jury of the Copa Vatel Amateur contest during the fair “Expogastronómica” and Frédéric Lejeune jury during the Competition Gastrouniversitario de Querétaro.

See you soon for more news from the Mexico delegation!


Rest in peace Chef Michel…

On July 7t it is with the greatest pain that we’ve learned the death of Michel Bouit, committed Chef and Chairman of the Disciples Escoffier USA delegation for over two decades…

Carried away by a long illness that he was fighting hard, we were supposed to meet him as every year in Villeneuve Loubet where he loved to bring groups of Chefs on a pilgrimage in the footsteps of the master Auguste Escoffier.



A great man, strong supporter of French gastronomy is gone. The world will never be the same without him.

All our thoughts are today with his wife Liz, who has watched over him until the last breath.




The dates of our next International Congress are now fixed! To note on your diaries!!!

The 14th International Congress of the Disciples Escoffier will take place from April 20th to 24th, 2020.

All the information to make your bookings will be revealed to you in the next Newsletter that you will receive during August.

Robert Fontana and all the team of President Peter Zhou are concocting you a program of the most enticing !!!


In the meantime, the entire Escoffier Disciples International Office wishes you a beautiful Summer !!


Bernard Louis Jaunet, International General Secretary