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NEWSLETTER N°57 – Young Talents Escoffier french selections



Focus on the french regional selections

The XVI Edition of the Young Talents Escoffier contest saw regional selections this year across France.



Divided into 8 selection centers, Hauts de France, Alsace Grand Est, Normandie Grand Ouest, Centre Val de Loire, Grand Sud Ouest Occitanie, Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur, Paris Ile de France and Lyon-Bourgogne-Alpes.

Each center has seen many teams applying to try to win their place in the National Final.


The Young Talents Escoffier contest is a team competition or “binomial“, since it promotes a candidate in the kitchen but also in the service field.

In the kitchen, 

The candidate has three hours to develop the recipes of the previously defined subject, with a set of techniques to master, a creative edge to bring and the realization of a recipe imposed out of the Auguste Escoffier Culinary Guide.

The candidate is judged certainly on his technicality but also on the taste, with the tasting of his dish by a jury of professionals.


On the service side,

The candidate will go to different workshops ranging from product recognition, sensory analysis and tableware.

He must indeed draw up a restaurant table in accordance with the theme imposed in the subject, table that will host guests for a test restaurant service. From the reception of the customers to the service of the dish prepared by his pair, the candidate will also have to take advantage of his office workshop with the preparation “au guéridon” of a starter, a dessert, the presentation of wines …. under the benevolent eye of a jury of professionals.

The different selection centers also have the mission of highlighting, through the products imposed on candidates, their regional identity.

Identity that can be found in the plate but also by the training tables and galley workshops.

For this XVIth edition, a common subject has been proposed by the two godfathers of the edition, Vincent Arnoult, Michelin-starred chef and Meilleur Ouvrier de France of the “Vieux Logis” in Trémolat and his duo in the dining room, the Maître d’Hôtel Yves Clément.

Each center has had the opportunity to transform it in its own image, with cooking in the honor of the farm chicken and the use of crayfish and foie gras. The recipe imposed by the Auguste Escoffier Culinary Guide was this year the sauce Albufera.

In the restaurant room, the starter should be spring and in the colors of its region, as for the dessert it was the strawberry which has been revisited.

We offer you through this newsletter, a trip to the heart of the French regions, in the heart of the French regional selections of the contest Young Talents Escoffier.


January 12, 2019 – Delegation of the Hauts de France

It is in Compiègne that the 16th edition of the competition begins on January 12, 2019 at the Lycée Charles de Gaulle. Four teams from different institutions, the Lycée Hôtelier du Touquet, the Lycée Hôtelier International de Lille and the Lycée Compiègne, compete for a place in the National Final.



1st Prize – Solène Elliot in cuisine and Nicolas Poizot in service

2nd Prize – Enrick Dovernois in cuisine and Roméo Edorn in service

3rd Prize – Seydou Dembelé in cuisine and Alexane Rouget in service

4th Prize – Thess Gehan in cuisine and Sobryne Voynet in service


2 April 2019 – Delegation Greater Lyon – Bourgogne-Alpes

The Tour de France continues with the Lyon Bourgogne Alpes selection center, where the contest took place at the Lycée Hôtelier François Rabelais in Dardilly, also welcoming students from the Paul Bocuse Institute.

A large team of professionals came to be part of the jury of this selection under the presidency of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France Jean-Claude Pecquet and the Maître d’Hôtel Philippe Darcq.

In honor, the Chicken Bresse for cooking with the use of crayfish and foie gras and for the room, a salad Bressanne.



1st Prize – Marie Lou Le Du in cuisine and Théodore Martignoni in service

2nd Prize  – Simon Lefevre in cuisine and Marie Gouley in service

3rd Prize  – Ta-Hsuan Chien in cuisine and Romane Pletan in service

4th Prize Ex Aequo – Nicolas Adam in cuisine and Lancelot Huret in service et Alexis Brocard in cuisine and Julien Billard in service


5 April 2019 – Delegation South West Occitania

For the Grand Sud-Ouest Occitanie, it is the Ecole Hôtelière du Périgord that hosted the competition and candidates also from Souillac.

In honor, the farmhouse chicken from Périgord in the kitchen as well as foie gras and crayfish.

In the dining room, the Périgourdine salad had to be done by the candidates in front of the client, after setting up their tables with regional colors.

A jury of local professionals made the trip under the chairmanship of Vincent Arnould, Michelin-starred chef and Meilleur Ouvrier de France and Yves Clément, Maître d’Hôtel at the “Vieux Logis” in Trémolat.



1st Prize – Elisa Gaudinet in cuisine and Morgane Sachet in service

2nd Prize – Ronan Laval in cuisine and Lisa Fargue in service

3rd Prize – Bastien Perchey in cuisine and Tom Junié in service


April 24, 2019 – Delegation Normandie Grand Ouest

In Canteleu, for the Normandy Grand Ouest selection, at the Lycée Hôtelier Georges Baptiste, the Young Talents Escoffier contest is associated with the Cuisine Normande and Service contest, to select its two winners.

A subject of this fact a little different on the theme of Easter, taking nevertheless a recipe from the Culinary Guide Auguste Escoffier, the “Pomme Voisin”.

The Normandy Grand Ouest representatives are Loic Frebourg in cuisine and Elodie Gosse in service.


25 April 2019 – Delegation Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur

Under the Mediterranean sun, the Young Talents contest for the Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur region organized its selections at the Lycée Hôtelier Auguste Escoffier in Cagnes sur mer.

Under the chairmanship of Chef Joel Garault, former Chef of the 5 * Hermitage Hotel in Monaco, and Michel Lang, Director of the Alain Ducasse Monaco Restaurants, the cuisine candidates had to sublimate the chicken sauce Isabelle de France always accompanied by foie gras and crayfish



1st Prize – Camille Adam in cuisine and Clémence Lopez in service

2nd Prize – Ugo Moulard in cuisine and Selim Rebah in service

3rd Prize – Antoine Frerot in cuisine and Clément Benchetrit in service


May 7, 2019 – Delegation Centre Val de Loire

In the Center Val de Loire region and for the very first time in the history of the Disciples, the city of Tours at the Lycée Hotelier Notre Dame de la Riche, two teams met to represent their region in the National Final.

With a fine panel of professionals and under the chairmanship of Rémy Giraud, Chef ** at the Domaine des Hauts de Loire for the Cuisine section and David Fontaine, restaurant manager and sommelier at the Bistrot des Belles Caves for the service section, the candidates had to rise the challenges of the farm chicken with foie gras and “Galipettes”, a local mushroom. Service side, the guests of the restaurant were able to enjoy a tourandine salad mounted “au guéridon” for the occasion.


1st Prize – Clémence Deiss in cuisine and Benjamin Audet in service

2nd Prize – Rodolphe Godin in cuisine and Marc Antoine Ferrer in service


And after ?

To date, the 16th edition of the regional selections of the Young Talents Escoffier contest has been widely represented in 6 selection centers. The remaining two (Alsace Grand Est and Paris Ile de France) will propose a team following a selection on application form.

The aim of the Young Talents Escoffier contest is to register nationally and internationally as the reference competition in cooking and service for young people under 25 years old.

It is in Tours that we will find all our pairs on November 22 at the Ecole Hotelière Notre Dame de la Riche for a National Finale already eagerly awaited.

A large gathering, attended by many Disciples Escoffier, prestigious jurors, for a great moment of exchange around common values and the Escoffier spirit.

Following this meeting, the winning team will be awarded the most valuable prize by flying to the International Final of the competition in Shanghai in April 2020.


This prestigious International Finale will put them in competition with candidates from all over the world.

Some countries are already in full preparation and will be honored in a future newsletter.

  • Country Switzerland – Final on November 09, 2019 at the Gastro Training Center St Gallen,
  • Benelux countries – Final on 19 November 2019 at the Horeca Expo fair in Gand,
  • Country Italy – Final in November 2019 at the Ruffini Aicardi Institute of Arma di Taggia,
  • The Grand Finale Asia in September 2019 with concurrent countries: China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and New Caledonia.
  • And also having expressed their willingness to participate in the competition in 2020, Japan, South Africa, Reunion Island, Mexico, the United Kingdom and maybe others….




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Bernard Louis Jaunet, international general secretary