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Newsletter N°56 – International Congress in Bordeaux

The 12th International Meeting of Disciples Escoffier took place in Bordeaux from March 15 to 17, 2019.


The Great South West delegation team led by their President Patrick Guat was in charge of organizing these 12th International Meetings, the 2019 edition was decidedly very successful according to all the participants.

Organized every other year abroad, it is France, represented by the Great South West and its rich gastronomic heritage, which had the honor this year to receive the Disciples Escoffier from around the world for the occasion. A big event also on this occasion, the 15th anniversary of the contest Young Talents Escoffier!

Gérard Guy having provided the information to the Disciples through his superb booklet full of history, numbered lithographs, various menus and the plan of activities.

Thanks to this team, the Disciples bathed during these three days in the gastronomy of the Great South West, the refinement, the friendship and the good humor.




Jeunes Talents Escoffier


The South West has welcomed the world in Terroir Gourmand

The 15 th International Finale Jeunes Talents Escoffier took place on March 15 at the Bordeaux Ecole Supérieure de la Table School “BEST” .

After national selections around the world, rich in creations and encounters, five teams represented their country in the dining room as well as in the country for the Jeunes Talents Escoffier contest.

The young talents from Asia, Switzerland, Italy or the Benelux have all aspired to the same goal: to win this final stage!

These young talents, apprentices, students or all young professionals, all winners of their national selection were less than 25 years old. The youngest of this edition was 17 years old!

A unique experience of meetings and exchanges around the same passion.

When in the kitchen it was necessary to shine on the theme “Land & Sea” and to sublimate the farm chicken, the room has when she excelled by combining aesthetics and know-how in the French.

Creativity, responsiveness, precision and excellence were the key words during these four hours of hardship.

These young talents of tomorrow have been judged under the expert eye of recognized professionals in their field as Best Chef Ouvrier de France, starred chefs, directors of more prestigious establishments than the others.

This 15th edition of the competition was delighted to welcome no less than 25 stars in the Michelin Guide and some fifteen Best Workers of France.

At their head were Jean Denis Le Bras, Michelin-starred chef of the “Grande Maison” Bernard Magrez in Bordeaux, and Madame Véronique Vigne, first female MOF maître d’hôtel and tableware in 2004.

A pool of international talent who met on March 15, 2019, at the BEST School in Bordeaux, a unique experience for these young candidates, brought tomorrow, to work for our biggest tables.

Kitchen side: 4 hours on high heat!

Each year, its theme is imposed on candidates to sublimate the products of the country, the region or the city hosting the International Final. This year the chosen topic “Alliance Terre & Mer”, has highlighted the farm chicken.

Their mission was to sublimate this product through specific instructions, the reinterpretation of the “Poularde Demi-Mourning” according to the Culinary Guide Escoffier.

To this end, they had the opportunity to magnify products such as truffles, artichokes, langoustines and accompanying the free interpretation of cromesquis.

With the quality expected during this International Final, the candidates had to perform a second test, a plate “Contemporary Cuisine”. For this last one-hour event, their mission was to create a dish around the caviar of Aquitaine and showcase it with regional products: the oyster “Marennes Oléron”, duck breast du Sud-Ouest or even the heart of Blonde d’Aquitaine beef rump.

The valorization of the products and the respect of the techniques of execution were an integral part of the grading criteria for the jury, as well as an aspect dear to the Disciples Escoffier: to avoid and fight against the food waste by the “Mastery of the Gesture”, ” Control of waste “,” Control of water “and” Control of energy consumption “.

You can watch the video of the Cuisine contest HERE


Service side: We played with the elements!

The Service category was divided into several workshops over two hours of testing and two hours of restaurant service.

As their pair in the kitchen, the candidates for the title played between Terre & Mer to respect the imposed theme.

For 30 minutes, they had to face their first workshop by setting a table of prestige on the imposed theme.

Then on a workshop called “of office”, where they had to realize and put in place a warm salad with citrus fruits, scallops and langoustines sauteed.

A sensory analysis followed around two Bordeaux wines that they had to taste and analyze. They then proposed to the members of the jury the bottle which according to them accompanied at best the dish of their pair.

A perilous but not least test, a tasting workshop around a luxury product on the best tables in the world: caviar.

In addition to knowledge of products and very specific skills, candidates were also noted on their general gastronomic culture in connection with the news.

The restaurant service event lasted two hours, during which a specific program awaited our candidates, including: the reception of the customers, the explanation of the menus, the presentation and the service of the wines, the presentation and the explanation of the dish made by the chef.

You can watch the video of the Service contest HERE


Find all the photos of this contest HERE

Note this year, a novelty that has conquered all the participants, candidates, juries, general public and partners: “Espace des Chefs“. A large waiting area for all, with the live broadcast of events on large screens, the presentation of our partners’ products, the sale of Disciples Escoffier products, but above all a privileged place where everyone took the time to meet, meet and discuss with the greatest professionals who have come for the occasion.

Find the photos of jurys et sponsors HERE



It was from 18:30 at the Café Maritime that everyone had an appointment for the results of the competition but also to celebrate the opening of these 12th International Meeting.

It was Christian Frechede who, after presenting all the participants with the microphone in his hand, gave the floor to the jury president who delivered their verdict.


Cuisine Podium:

First Prize for Mr. Grégory Dattiches, 21 years old, coached by Dominique Campergue, representing the Pays France, Grand Sud Ouest region and its President Patrick Guat.

2nd Prize and Special Prize Michel Receveur for the finest reinterpretation of the Half Duck Chicken for Mr. Neo Junhao, 24, coached by Yew Eng Tong, representing the Singapore Country and its President Edmund Tho.

3rd Prize and Special Prize Sturia for the most beautiful contemporary dish for Miss Camilla Scalzone, 22, coached by Yves Oberson, representing the Swiss Country and its President Pierre Alain Favre.

4th Ex Aequo Award for Mr. Thibo Bomberna, 19 years old, coached by Peter KEIRSBLILCK representing the Benelux Country and its President Daniel Lassaut and Mr. Lorenzo Micolucci, 18, coached by Valter Gaiaudi, representing the Country Italy and its President Francesco Ammirati



Service Podium:

1st Prize for Mr. Mathéo Nicolas, 20 years old, coached by Jean Marc Boucher, representing the Pays France, Normandy Region and its President Patrick Guat

2nd prize for Miss Shania Colombo, 17, coached by Edger Burgler, representing the Swiss Country and its President Pierre Alain Favre

3rd Prize for Miss Rose Bailleul, 17, coached by Christian Louvigné, representing the Pays France, Mayenne Region and its President Patrick Guat

4 th Ex Aequo Award for Mr. Stefano Balbo, 18, coached by Roberto Rastella, representing the Country Italy and its President Francesco Ammirati and Miss Antonia Eugster, 19, coached by Martina Wick, representing the Swiss Country and its President Pierre Alain Favre.

So France has won everything this year!


Congratulations to the candidates and especially to their coach who have prepared future professionals of great quality with a very high-end expertise with a flawless investment!

You can find the full story on Facebook “Young Talents Escoffier“!


In an atmosphere both electric and festive, the young candidates were then able to enjoy their participation in an event that has made them enter the history of gastronomy.


Note that this year, a new trophy has been set up to congratulate the winner of the Service category. A Silver Escoffier dish with dimensions of Escoffier Bust handed to Grégory Dattiches 2019 for the kitchen, left in the establishment of Mathéo Nicolas, winner 2019 in category Service

An upscale evening with nearly 20 participating chefs who spoiled the guests.

Find all the photos of this incredible night HERE




It was at dawn that a horde of happy companions headed for St Emilion for a beautiful and beautiful day (even the sun was on the way).

In the morning, when some visited the underground and alleys of this historic city, others were visiting the surrounding castles. A beautiful part of history, architecture and of course tasting for all.

The opportunity was too good not to miss a family photo in this emblematic place of good flesh.


Then, appointment was given in the marvelous room of the Jacobans, after an aperitif the assembly attended an unforgettable moment. After an entry of the Jurade in red ceremonial clothes noticed, a surprise awaited our two leaders, Nicolas Sale and Bernard Louis Jaunet. They had the honor of being inducted into this prestigious and historic brotherhood, which must be remembered was established in 1199 by Jean Sans Terre, King of England.


An exquisite lunch followed, prepared by Montblanc catering.

The afternoon was spent on the same train as the morning, city for some, castles for others, strolling and shopping for the most intrepid.

Find all the photos of this delicious day HERE

After a safe return, a little time of preparation for all to put on their clothes of the big nights, direction the dinner of gala, which took place in the lounges of the prestigious Intercontinental Bordeaux Le Grand Hotel, vis-a-vis the opera.



Nearly 300 people had made an appointment for this evening not to miss. 8 stars, and 3 Best Workers of France were at the controls of the kitchens for a wonderful meal in 6 dishes, accompanied by exceptional wines.

Even if the next day was studious, it did not prevent anyone from feasting until late at night.


Find all the photos of this prestigious night HERE




At work even on the last day!

Even if some had small eyes, it is from 9am that the Annual General Assembly began in the salons of the Intercontinental Bordeaux Grand Hotel.


The report will soon be sent to everyone.

A highlight, the massive participation this year of international presidents and regions of France. It should also be noted that 6 major international zones have been set up to facilitate management and international communication.

1.00pm arriving, it was time before everyone left, to do the traditional family photo, jacket, scarf and all smiles, more than 120 Disciples shared this beautiful moment, which remains engraved over the years.



But there was no question of leaving without saying “Adishatz” around a beautiful Brunch. From 1:30pm, tables filled with food welcomed the Disciples present at the Grand Hotel.

It was also and especially the moment to thank this great team of the Great South West who worked so much that these meetings remain engraved in our memories!

Congratulations to Patrick Guat who managed to set up and mobilize a dedicated, responsive and professional team!

Find all the photos of this last day HERE


The Disciples Escoffier International are giving you in April 2020 in SHANGHAI China, thanks to the fabulous team led by Robert Fontana, vice president Asia Zone and Peter Zhou, President Delegation China!!!!!

More informations to come in August 2019….


By Coralie Jouannet for
Bernard-Louis JAUNET
Secrétaire Général International

Photo Credits Jérome Pinteur & Jean Pierre Bost