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Escoffier was always very concerned and outraged by social injustice. He was a fundamentally good and generous man, always caring about others; he proved it throughout his life “No one came to him in vain. One of his greatest worries was to help young cooks to have a good start in life. As it was impossible for him to bear injustice or poverty, he always lent a helping hand to the needy ones” (Auguste Escoffier by Paul Thalamas, Eugène Herbodeau 1955 Editions Practical Press L.D.T.)

The Disciples follow the path of their master.

A great number of events are regularly organised each year in Regions of France and Countries of the world. The profits derived as well as those of the Chapters and of Epicurean Dinners are paid out to associations.

This month, we are highlighting the beautiful actions of the Disciples Escoffier



Normandie Grand Ouest Disciples have officially donated a cheque to the Société Nationale des Sauveteurs en Mer (SNSM) on Saturday, April 14th in Hennequeville, area of Trouville-sur-Mer: it corresponded to the actions led by Disciples Escoffier for the Saint-Jacques festival of Trouville-sur-Mer in December 2017. The ceremony ended with a friendly drink.

But the Normandy delegation is always standing at the ready, on September 23, took place in Saint Martin de Boscherville the 2nd “gourmet hike” for the benefit of the “Life and hope” association of the CHU Charles Nicolle de Rouen helping children with cancer and leukemia, as well as their families. Thanks to the almost 700 hikers, donors, volunteers, municipality of Saint Martin de Boscherville, partners, hotel school of Canteleu Rouen (headmaster, teachers, students) and Disciples Escoffier Normandy Grand Ouest, a check of 38 777€ was given by Christian Girault, president of Disciples Escoffier Normandie Grand Ouest, to help finance an interactive and fun robot connected to the medical service for hospitalized children, as well as other projects.

The members of the delegation are happy to participate in this great action in the continuity and spirit that animated Auguste Escoffier. They want to repeat this operation next year.



Following the organization of a gala dinner at the Aston Hotel in Nice the Disciples Escoffier delegation Riviera Côte d’Azur Monaco and Corsica have given a check of  2 600€ for the little sisters of the poor.

In the presence of Eric Sikora president and Emmanuel Visentin secretary general of the delegation.



The Quercy-Perigord squad of Disciples Grand Sud-Ouest, recently organised, under the initiative of Alexandre Bogaert, Thierry Cubaynes, Francis Jeansou et Philippe Jouclas, its charitable dinner of the chapter «Agir pour les adults autistes ».
The disciples gathered at the restaurant “Les 5 sens à la toque” in Albias in Tarn-et-Garonne, to share a magnificent meal cooked by our friend and disciple Xavier Charaux.



The Disciples Escoffier North Hauts de France were at the Jeanne de Flanders Hospital “Maison des Enfants” on September 28th for the ceremony of equipment delivery, worth 11 000 euros collected during the charity evening of 19 March 2018 in the form of 14 refrigerated cabinets, 14 dining tables, 1 medical chair, 1 sofa and 4 chairs for the reception of the parents of sick childrens to Mrs. Director Nelken and her team who give so much to these children. Respect to these professionals.


During the month of June 2018, Chef Nadir Kaced, secretary of the Grand Lyon delegation took part in an event that took place during the spring of the Chefs.

For two days, he joined the kitchen team of “Ecole Notre Dame de Lourdes” in Civrieux d’Azergues.

Together they made and served a menu for about 450 students to promote fresh and seasonal produce.

This event was doubly enriching, for the kitchen staff who work every day for the well-eaten but also for children of all ages (6 to 16 years).




A cheque of € 1000 has been donated to the parents of little Angelo to pay for his trip in Spain intended for his rehabilitation. A nice act which can be added to the list of Eric Migliaccio, pastry trader and disciple in Six-Fours-les-Plages and which was made possible thanks to a piggy bank place at the Praline pastry shop and to the € 1 per King cake sold.


On March 12th in the evening, 140 guests were happy to participate, at the restaurant of the Golf du Lubéron de Pierrevert, to this charitable evening of the association Les Amis of the Region de Rivné which places in foster families each year in July, August and for Christmas, sick children, those suffering from cancer, dialysis children, orphans from Tchernobyl. This year, a splendid gala dinner was prepared by 7 Disciples Escoffier chefs helped by the chef of the golf. The students of the Sisteron Hotel School, under the supervision of two teachers, ensured a flawless service. 4 new chefs were inducted as well as 2 new friends of the Disciples in blue scarves. To end the inductions, Raymong Macario, the president of Var Alpes du Sud received the Casserole d’Or to thank him for his immense involvement to help sick and poor children and for his assistance to various chefs since 1992.



On July 6, the Pavillon Gabriel hosted the now famous white evening of the Parisian Disciples Escoffier. More than 1 000 chefs from Paris and the provinces have come together this year for a party on the theme of the 20s, all dressed in white of course. The traditional raffle raised more than € 15,000 for the POIC association.The Parisian delegation is customary because, on the first Saturday of January, each year, it sells some Galettes des Rois, all coming from prestigious houses and destinated especially for the fabophiles (Lucky Charms collectors). In January 2018, the operation allowed to collect more than 14 000 € always for POIC association.



Organized from 13 to 23 September, the 1 € operation allowed the delegation to raise € 5,000 for the benefit of Semeurs d’étoiles.Sylvain Scherrer (Resto du Coin – Strasbourg), Jean-Georges Klein (Villa Lalique-Wingen on Moder), Eytan Chettrit and Karine Hampele (Little Stamm-Hatten), Sébastien Kubler (15th – Ostwald), Philippe Roth (l Schiltigheim Wine Plate), Damien Dellaleau (Le Lohkas-Strasbourg), Leila Martin (Back and Wine-Strasbourg), Eric Vandevelde (Chef-trainer-Montreux le Vieux), Hervé de Buyer (De Buyer), Yolande HAAG ( Villa Météor), Boucherie Christine Spiesser were the architects of this success. Thanks again to them for their participation and involvement in benefiting this charity action.The check will be given to Father Denis LEDOGAR of the association Semeurs d’étoiles at the 2nd dinner of Epicure which will take place on Monday, October 29th at the Terminus space in Truchtersheim.




For the past 6 years, Disciples of Escoffier Vietnam chose to support the Foundation of Pr. Alain Carpentier. High-profile cardiologist, Pr. Carpentier founded the Heart Institute in Vietnam in 1992 to offer life-saving cardiac surgeries to Vietnamese children.
We believe that sharing our culinary passion begins with giving a child a real chance in life. That’s why Disciples of Escoffier Vietnam have been supporting this charity to help them raise more funds year by year. For the second year in a row, we have organized an exceptional dinner to raise fund thanks for the help of a famous chef.
This year, we had the privilege to welcome Chef Frédéric Anton*** (Le Pré Catelan; Paris) and his pastry chef Germain Decreton in Vietnam for this unique fundraising dinner. With the support of the Consul General of France, Mr. Vincent Floreani, 40 guests were invited at the Residence of France to enjoy an amazing 6-courses menu dinner. All contributed to the cause a much as they could and left happy to have helped save children’s lives.



Each year, Escoffier Disciples of the delegation,  accompanied by some friends, provide a buffet for children hospitalized at the Nouméa Médipôle on Christmas Day.
For 4 years, they have been organizing an Epicure dinner. This year it was organized on October 08 and raised funds for several associations. The dinner raised funds for 2 associations. ASEAD working towards the integration and autonomy of children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities. And e-Nable, which aims to provide children born without fingers a new hand made through 3D printing. These two associations received a check of 2950 € each, the remaining benefits were donated to two young cooks to help them finance their trip to an international cooking competition to be held in Brisbane Australia.



The disciples of this beautiful delegation are always ready to give their time and share their knowledge. They go regularly to the Island hospitals to make discover, for a day, the pleasures of good food to the sick childrens. Pastry workshops, tastings of good food, food education … there is no age to love good food!

Save the date !!!

The Disciples Escoffier will attend the Chefs Word Summit in Monaco

This third edition will take place at the Grimaldi Forum from the 25 to 27 Novembre.
The Disciples Escoffier Riviera Monaco and Corsica long with the members of the International HQ will welcome you at their stand in the Assocations’ dedicated space.


Chef Mauro Colagreco Mirazur Menton 2 Michelin Star is the godfather of this 3rd edition, who will be as each year under the High Patronnage of SAS the Prince Albert II of Monaco.

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12th International Congress Disciples Escoffier

On March 15th, 16th & 17th 2019 will be held in Bordeaux the 12th International congress. Organised by the Grand Sud-Ouest Delegation under the presidence of Patrick Guat.

A keen, generous team will guide you and is impatient to welcome you.

The word of the organisation team:

We have organised for you the International Meeting living up to the “Escoffier” values of which your prestigious delegations are the guarantors across the world.

Be part of the 7 million tourists who visit Bordeaux and its vineyards each year. You will taste the emblematic products of the South West and its exceptional wines and spirits for 3 days.

The schedule has been especially designed to make the International Meetings unforgettable, around Friendship, Sharing, Conviviality and Transmission.

You will be able to say
“I was at Bordeaux International Congress 2019”

For more information click HERE

Bernard Louis Jaunet
General Secretary