News des escoffier


Dear Disciples, Dear Friends,
The Covid-19 epidemy is now spreading all over the globe.
We already took, a couple of months ago, the hard decision of cancelling our international congress in Shanghai and wished our Asian friends to handle the best way this sanitary and economic situation.
Today, all our countries are affected and after Italy totally locked down, it is now time for France and many other countries to face this epidemy and to close all shops and restaurants. This will touch our companies, our employees but also our producers, landworkers, craftmans of all the Horeca industry.
In the name of the Magisterial Council members of our association, I want to give you our full support to handle this hard time that no one can predict the end. We are all concerned in our personal and professional life.
We should protect our families and beloved ones from this pandemic and handle the biggest economic crisis we have ever faced.
We wish that all of us can find the resources and solutions to go across this critical period.
Our association will, as all of you, reduce its activities and follow the evolution of the crisis , wishing a rapid ending.
We will then go back to normal life by continuing our actions and sharing what units us, the Escoffier Spirit.
Good luck to all of you and receive my best friendship.
Nicolas Sale
International President
Bernard Louis Jaunet
International General Secretary