The disciples chart


The Escoffier spirit is about the equality of the disciples, without any hierarchy, the passing of knowledge, respect of the culture and the constant evolution of cooking, and of course the research and actions we do for charity.

It’s what the President remembers us of at the opening of each chapter, which is the induction ceremony of the new Escoffier disciples.

This Escoffier spirit is in total agreement with what Auguste Escoffier showed during his whole life.

Even though he was a real star, he has always been humble, defanding his chefs, never stopping to share his knowledge by the Culinairy guide, as much as by his many articles in the cooking art.
He has always been perfectly aware of the evolution of cooking. In 1904, if the preface of the first edition of the guide, he wrote:
“While everyting alters and transforms itselfs, it would be absurd to pretend fixing the destiny of an art consisted as much of fashion, making it as instable.”

Escoffier has also, during his life, been very concerned about other peoples life and the spreading misery. The writing of his manual for the extintion of pauperism speaks for itself.

 When a new Disciple is inducted, he then commits himself to respect the Escoffier spirit by taking his oath :

“I promise to transmit, serve, and honor cooking, it’s culture and it’s constant evolution.”