NEWSLETTER N°65 – Your acts count N°4

Here we are back for this 4th consecutive week to promote Disciples Escoffier from all over the World who work every day.


Valérie Cristina, the chef owner of the Restaurant de la Gare in St Romain en Popey near Lyon, in addition to sharing her “Small Containment Recipes” on the web, sings every Saturday night from her garden in order to brighten up the evening of her neighbors and thus make everyday life more joyful.

Tomas Parisini and Luca Sangiuliano from Lyon have served since April 1 more than 1,200 meals to hospital staff by teaming up with numerous chefs and producers in the region.

The Vice President of this active delegation, Fabrice Beugnot illustrated himself with charitable actions such as the preparation of meals for Escales Solidaires with Christian Janier the tireless MOF Fromager, where meals are distributed to the most disadvantaged, as well as ‘with Sebastien Lericolai and Edwige Patouillard in the premises of Chef Lericolai, where they prepared meals for caregivers but also for sale to individuals.


The Hong Kong Disciples Escoffier Culinary Institute opened a pastry corner on April 20 in the huge Times Square Hong Kong store. An opportunity to introduce as many people as possible to the art of French pastry.


When the restaurant becomes a grocery store. The Zen Traiteur restaurant chain, led by Disciple Jacky Courtois on Reunion Island, changes its model following the forced closure of its restaurants by setting up a take-out shop.


In Sicily, Giovanni Montemaggiore regional delegate and many Disciples of the region join the #iomangiobevosiciliano movement to promote local products in short circuits.


In a process of transmission to young people, the Pays France, chaired by Patrick Guat, has teamed up with the Académie du Goût to give them free 3-month premium access through a national operation for high school students in Hospitality Catering. More information on their Facebook page.


Many Disciples share their gourmet recipes on social networks every day.

This week we discovered Mary de Saint-Leu in Reunion who shares delicious exotic recipes, Hiroshi Nose in Japan with preparations inspired by her passage in France a few years ago. Also in Japan, Masahiko Miyamoto makes and delivers French menus… He shows us how these dishes are made with delicious videos.

Rémy Giraud, president of the Center Val de Loire delegation and doubly starred chef, working with magnificent products and David Desseaux in Russia who concocts typically French dishes by commenting in his adopted language, Russian.

Daniel Ayton, chairman of the United Kingdom delegation also shares his knowledge with as many people as possible on Youtube, while delivering the now international message of the Disciples Escoffier Solidarity.

As for its general secretary, Jennifer Williams, she promotes and prepares meals every day for the most needy through the Empty_Bowls initiative set up by New Forest Basics Bank.


Olivier Haar, the president of the barely deconfigured New Caledonia delegation, shared a moving message of support for all those affected by this crisis. Moving indeed, but full of hope.

Also in New Caledonia, past president Fabrice Louyot and his wife have just been the happy parents of a beautiful little girl, a good dose of happiness and hope in these difficult times!


Animated and directed by Vincent Le Coadic in Saint Pierre and Miquelon, the students of the Cuisine section of the LP of Saint-Pierre were offered to participate in a totally online culinary competition entitled “I am young and I cook“. The objective being to choose and cook the dish of their choice and send a photo, it is on the basis of this photo that the juries made their choice. An event sponsored by the Disciples Escoffier International, where many Disciples were part of the jury. The three winners are therefore: 1st: Mathéo Rodriguez, 2nd: Anyssa Audouze, 3rd: Endika Alvarez.


Continue to take care of yourself, your loved ones and above all Stay strong and stay at home !!!


Friendships from your International President Nicolas Sale and the members of the International HQ.


The Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art and the Disciples Escoffier:

Today, two associations anchor this culinary heritage in our society. The Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art preserves and transmits the gastronomic, historical and cultural heritage bequeathed by Auguste Escoffier. The Disciples Escoffier International have brought their knowledge to life around the world, through its 50 delegations and 30,000 ambassadors for 25 years.

So, if you want to follow the actions carried out by the Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art, in Villeneuve Loubet, do not hesitate to subscribe to their monthly newsletter on their website: The link is present at the bottom of each page.

NEWSLETTER N°64 – Your acts count N°3

One more week passed by discovering every day Disciples Escoffier engaged more than ever in this now global surge of solidarity.

You are each one the strong link in an incredible chain of solidarity of which our Master Auguste Escoffier would have been proud!


To discover this week:

While our international president Nicolas Sale is still working on his beautiful and delicious recipes shared online, this week it is our international past-president Thierry Marx who joins the solidarity front. With his school Cuisine Mode d’Emploi(s) and the help of his bakery trainer from the Paris training center, they together make the breads that accompany the packed lunches that will be distributed by the volunteers of Resto du Coeur 75.

In Switzerland, our Young Talents Escoffier have shown their imagination under the impulse of their President Pierre Alain Favre, this is how Danaé Serena and Celine Maier proposed enticing recipes while Antonia Eugster and Shania Colombo created wonderful cocktails.

Many chefs continue to share their knowledge with as many people as Benoit Sinthon in Madeira in Portugal, Marcel Ravin in Monaco or Emmanuel Lehrer in Cagnes sur Mer.

In Geneva Switzerland, on an initiative of Julien Krauss, with the help of Michel Roth (who made his premises available) Serge Labrosse and Jean Marc Bessire the Goutatoo chefs mobilized for the making and distribution of Eggs for caregivers.

Benjamin Revel of La Musardière restaurant in Normandy, concocts a few sweet treats that brighten up the daily lives of caregivers at Gisors Hospital but also those of nursing homes and the Vernon home nursing service.

In Marseille, Michel Portos and volunteers cook for the people in need.

Emmanuel Hernandez from Hauts de France, Musigny, provided with his teams the preparation and delivery of the Easter Sunday meal at the Valenciennes hospital.

Hélène Robert near Périgueux in the South-West makes available her equipment and know-how to 3D print visors for nursing staff and supermarkets workers.

Stéphane Buron in the French Alps, who has already been enjoying his recipes live for a few weeks, went on site to prepare a delicious Easter menu for the caregivers of nursing homes at Bozel la centaurée.

We recently mentioned solidarity for truckers, it is in turn Chef Laurent Poulet on the French Riviera who offers a full menu to truckers passing through the Mougins motorway service area.

With a longer confinement period made everywhere on earth, professionals organize themselves to ensure the continuity of their activity, while keeping a united spirit.

At Balalajka Orosz bistro in Solnozk in Hungary Andras and Ekaterina have set up a delivery service to treat the people of their city with their Russian specialties.

On the Ile de Groix in French Brittany, it’s Chef Jean-Louis Farjot with the take-away sale for the local population at very reduced prices and the donation of desserts for the residents of the Ehpad this Easter weekend.

Sakal Phoeung, President Country Vietnam, also offers daily delicious menu available for delivery in Ho Chi Min City.

In Angoulême; Laurent Ody, butcher-caterer launches a solidarity quiche to help restaurateurs. One euro per piece sold will be donated to a professional syndicate of restaurateurs, cafetiers and hoteliers, the National Group of Independents (GNI).


The operation #DisciplesEscoffieSolidarity launched last week by Disciples Escoffier Pays France under the french hashtag #TousEscoffierTousSolidaires and with a huge relay from the Country of France chaired by Patrick Guat has been a great success in France and is starting to emulate other countries around the globe.

Pierre Alain Favre, President of Swiss Country and International Vice President for Europe, Robert Fontana, International Vice Presidnet for Asia Pacific, Lahcen Hafid President of Morocco Country, Yves Bouvier President of Indian Ocean Countries and International Vice President for Africa Indian Ocean and Stéphane Oprea President of Romania Country thus relayed the information in large numbers within their respective delegations. A beautiful planetary momentum is emerging.


We made a short video to share the widest range of your actions with as many people as possible.



Continue to take care of your neighbors, your loved ones, of yourself and stay strong!


Friendship of your President Nicolas Sale and the International Office


The Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art and the Disciples Escoffier:

Today, two associations anchor this culinary heritage in our society. The Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art preserves and transmits the gastronomic, historical and cultural heritage bequeathed by Auguste Escoffier. The Disciples Escoffier International have brought their knowledge to life around the world, through its 50 delegations and 30,000 ambassadors for 25 years.

So, if you want to follow the actions carried out by the Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art, in Villeneuve Loubet, do not hesitate to subscribe to their monthly newsletter on their website: The link is present at the bottom of each page.

NEWSLETTER N°63 – Your acts count – N°2

We, Escoffier Disciples, have all vowed to transmit, serve and honor the Cuisine, its culture and its continuous evolution.

But what must above all be understood behind this emblematic sentence read aloud by each Disciple on the day of his enthronement is the immense heart that is put to this task, the heart of altruism, but especially the heart of Solidarity!

More and more of you are mobilized, in each Country, each Region, each Village, without expecting anything in return. But you have to know it, dear Disciples, Dear Friends, each of your colleagues or neighbors is proud of you as we are all proud today of our caregivers, our police force but also of all those who are mobilized every day to face this unprecedented crisis.

We were talking last week about our chefs who shared their cooking secrets. They are more and more numerous to reveal their gourmet recipes.

Even our president Nicolas Sale is ready to exercise by sharing for example on Facebook the recipe for raspberry clafouti from his childhood!! Just like Pierre Hermé, Juan Arbelaez or Stéphanie Le Quellec for the most media of Disciples.

But also Akhara Chay from la Vague de St Paul in the Alpes Maritimes, Martin Kobald in South Africa or Paul Siserman in Romania.

Our elders, who are so badly affected in addition to the terrible isolation, are far from being forgotten thanks to Michel and Frédérique Decayeux, from the famous Charcuterie Blavette, who since the beginning of the containment has delivered a solidarity meal every day to around forty isolated, elderly and modest people of Villers-sur-Mer in Normandy.

This situation also seriously endangers the most deprived, many initiatives have emerged to help them.

Redouane Mansouri and a collective of chefs from Casablanca in Morocco prepare and distribute meals in 3 temporary containment centers in addition to distribution to those still on the street.

On the Reunion Island, Laurent Settama from Le Bocage restaurant in Ste-Suzanne offers meals to CCAS volunteers, these volunteers are about forty mobilized to bring meal trays and food parcels to the poorest in the town. And Freddy Dalleau, who officiates at Pâtisserie Ambroise, offers breakfast and meals to the homeless in Saint-Denis.

The Alsatian Disciples Jean-Marc Keller, Sylvain Scherer and Thierry Pflüger cook meals for the homeless in their sector.

And of course, they work every hour of every day to save us. Healthcare workers, law enforcement or rescue workers.

In Paris, chef Rachid Souid concocts good food for the resuscitation service at Tenon Paris 20ème Hospital.

Takashi Kinoshita and 5 other Japanese chefs working in Burgundy have joined forces and cook together for the nursing staff of the Dijon CHU.

La Maison Lafaye in Charente has set up a meal staffing relay for nursing staff in the region and also provide home delivery for individuals (butcher / pork butcher or catering menus).

In Bessines (79), chef David Seguin and pastry chef Nicolas Sivault from Restaurant l’Adress cook to prepare meals for the hospital in Niort.

Georges Viklovszki offers him crates of oranges from his farm every week to the police and firefighters of Grasse, French Riviera’s emblematic city, as well to an agricultural cooperative which donates the profits from sales to charities.

The gesture does not always come only from the donation of tangible goods, but also from the gift of oneself, like Chef Julien Matteo of Nice, French Riviera, who has made his free time available to the firefighters of his city to come to the rescue of the population. . He has been on standby since the start of confinement.

The Rungis Market led by Stéphane Layani in association with Guillaume Gomez, chef of the French President, and many chefs are mobilizing for the caregivers. Every Sunday, meal trays made with the best fresh Rungis products are distributed in the intensive care and intensive care departments of Paris Hospitals.

Our police forces are not forgotten thanks to Meta Hiltebrand in Zurich, Switzerland who, in addition to his donations to hospitals, distributes sweet treats daily to law enforcement.

The Hoffmann butcher shop prepares and delivers meal trays for Hagguenau hospital in the Bas-Rhin, Alsace.

In terms of education, we do not let go of our young people and our teachers in France. The Disciples Escoffier Pays France team up and relay the initiative of Editions BPI, historic partner of teaching in Hospitality and Catering, in order to make available to students and teachers a platform of resources that will allow them to further their learning. More info on their Facebook page.


We also want to promote the great initiative of this weekend, that of the Country France board leads by its President Patrick Guat. The Disciples of all the other delegations of the Country France join this momentum by sharing in mass the Hashtag #TousEscoffierTousSolidaires.

We encourage you to do the same under the hashtag #DisciplesEscoffierSolidarity

As a sign of solidarity for our caregivers, our police, our chefs involved every day to help the population.


Do not hesitate to relay the information, to send your photos. And continue to send us your expressions of solidarity!

A single address:

We do not forget in addition those who save lives thanks to their responsibility, those who simply stay at home and respect the barrier gestures!

Thank you to all of you who work every day, staying at home or helping our weakest or our living forces on the front line!

We also think very strongly of our friends who have relatives among the caregivers or suffering from this terrible condition.


All our friendship


Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Strong.

Nicolas Sale, International President and Bernard Louis Jaunet International General Secretary.

The Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art and the Disciples Escoffier:

Today, two associations anchor this culinary heritage in our society. The Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art preserves and transmits the gastronomic, historical and cultural heritage bequeathed by Auguste Escoffier. The Disciples Escoffier International have brought their knowledge to life around the world, through its 50 delegations and 30,000 ambassadors for 25 years.


So, if you want to follow the actions carried out by the Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art, in Villeneuve Loubet, do not hesitate to subscribe to their monthly newsletter on their website: The link is present at the bottom of each page.

NEWSLETTER N°62 – Your acts count

Dear Friends Disciples,


The International Office hopes you all are in good shape as well as your loved ones.


During this difficult time for many of you, we are seeing great solidarity initiatives flourish on the internet.

Whatever the project, alone, collectively, through your delegation…. It seemed important to us to highlight and communicate these beautiful gestures of a daily life that is now our for some time.

Many of you support the hospital staff with the delivery of meals.

To name a few, Franck Giovannini in Switzerland, Romain Chassignet (cuisine aptitude) in Alsace, Christian Janier, MOF with a group of Lyonnais professionals, Jean Marie Le Rest and Franck Bessi in Rome Italy who distribute food to hospitals and to the workers still stationed such as military men and garbage collectors and Tony Potillon, in Normandy, who also provides for free the rooms of his hotel for hospital staff.

But also by the creation of solidarity networks to help your producer/suppliers like Loïc and Lucie from Maison la Saloupière in Normandy or the distribution of meals for truck drivers (without whom we would have a hard time feeding ourselves too) thanks to Angelique Alasta and her association in the French Riviera.

By sharing daily or weekly some recipes on networks such as Camille Maury our young Norman Top Chef, Philip John Golding in the Philippines, Yves Terrillon and Steve Ghirardo on the French Riviera or Michelin-starred chefs Pascal Bardet in the Great South West and Stéphane Buron in the French Alps.

By their reconversion into a delivery caterer for our elders, like Jean Michel Mougard and his wife Christine Spiesser in Alsace. They also lent equipment to the Faculty of Pharmacy in Strasbourg, requisitioned to produce hydroalcoholic solutions and their friend Disciple Alain Trautmann who proceeded to bottling before distribution in hospitals in this hard-hit region.

The International Office also made its small contribution with a donation of 200 masks, graciously received from the President of China, Peter Zhou, to the Gendarmerie squadron of Villeneuve Loubet, which is on the front line like many and unfortunately not protected.


Every gesture counts to keep the flame of the Escoffier Spirit burning.

THANK YOU, what you do is crucial! You are the Escoffier Spirit !!

Don’t hesitate to continue sending us your beautiful actions at :

Stay at home, take care of yourself, stay strong!

Your International President, Nicolas Sale and your general secretary, Bernard Louis Jaunet.


Partner news

The Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art and the Disciples Escoffier:

Today, two associations anchor this culinary heritage in our society. The Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art preserves and transmits the gastronomic, historical and cultural heritage bequeathed by Auguste Escoffier. The Disciples Escoffier International have brought their knowledge to life around the world, through its 50 delegations and 30,000 ambassadors for 25 years.


So, if you want to follow the actions carried out by the Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art, in Villeneuve Loubet, do not hesitate to subscribe to their monthly newsletter on their website: The link is present at the bottom of each page.


Dear Disciples, Dear Friends,
The Covid-19 epidemy is now spreading all over the globe.
We already took, a couple of months ago, the hard decision of cancelling our international congress in Shanghai and wished our Asian friends to handle the best way this sanitary and economic situation.
Today, all our countries are affected and after Italy totally locked down, it is now time for France and many other countries to face this epidemy and to close all shops and restaurants. This will touch our companies, our employees but also our producers, landworkers, craftmans of all the Horeca industry.
In the name of the Magisterial Council members of our association, I want to give you our full support to handle this hard time that no one can predict the end. We are all concerned in our personal and professional life.
We should protect our families and beloved ones from this pandemic and handle the biggest economic crisis we have ever faced.
We wish that all of us can find the resources and solutions to go across this critical period.
Our association will, as all of you, reduce its activities and follow the evolution of the crisis , wishing a rapid ending.
We will then go back to normal life by continuing our actions and sharing what units us, the Escoffier Spirit.
Good luck to all of you and receive my best friendship.
Nicolas Sale
International President
Bernard Louis Jaunet
International General Secretary

Newsletter N°60 – Auguste Escoffier’s Birthday

Celebrations in honor of Auguste Escoffier all over the planet!

For the Disciples Escoffier, October 28 to a great significance, it is the birthday of the birthday of Auguste Escoffier.

Every year it is the occasion of many Epicurean dinners to celebrate the “King of Cooks and Cook of Kings”.

Epicure’s dinners were born in 1912 according to Auguste Escoffier’s idea to support charities.

This year again, many Disciples met around this date to celebrate together Auguste and the French gastronomy while supporting a charitable cause.


October 26,

In Szolnock, Hungary, a hundred guests were received by President Istvan Bali, Pierre Alain Favre International Vice President for Europe, Bernard Louis Jaunet, Mario d’Orio and Michel Escoffier. With some inductions.


In Shanghai, China, some thirty guests gathered at the restaurant Parco Della Majella.


In Hong Kong, twenty lucky guests enjoyed the restaurant Nectar, received by President Daniel Birkner. With some inductions.


In Sainte Suzanne on Reunion Island, dinner gathered about sixty guests with some inductions led by Yves Bouvier.


October 28,

In Johannesburg, South Africa, received by Marie Christine Giblot-Ducray the president with a dozen guests feasted.


In Macao, at the Sofitel Macao Al Ponte 16 with about fifteen guests in the presence of Robert Fontana, International Vice President for the Asia Pacific Zone.


In Zurich, Switzerland, at the Hummerbar, restaurant of the historic St. Gotthard hotel with twenty guests received by President Pierre Alain Favre. With some inductions.



All over Japan, Epicurean dinners were organized. In Tokyo Capitol Hotel and Meiji Memorial Museum, Yokohama Yokohama Bay Hotel “Queen Alice” in Kanazawa Tokyu Tokyu Hotel, Nagoya at Ana Crown Plaza Nagoya Grand Court Hotel, Kyoto Restaurant La Tours, Osaka Royal Osaka Hotel, in Tokushima The Pacific Harbor. Bringing together several hundred guests throughout the country.


November 4th,

In Marseille, the first Epicure Dinner of the Provence Mediterranean Delegation took place at CFA Corot. 150 guests enjoyed delicacies prepared by President Alain Laporte’s brigade. With some inductions.




XIIIth International Congress in Shanghai



You have all received the program and the link to the central reservation. Many of you have already registered to join us for this wonderful adventure that will be the XIIIth International Meeting in Shanghai.

Some small changes have been made to the program (the organizers have added some nice visits !!)


Consult the updated program HERE


If you are not yet registered or if you didn’t paid, do not wait, only a few days lasting to book!


Here is the link to book:


We remind you that the rates given are valid until 30 November and as long as you have not paid by bank transfer the amounts due, your reservation is not effective.

Alternative option for payment:
!! Beware : Pay in HK Dollars and don’t forget to add the chage fees to the total sul to pay !!

!!! Remember to include in your payment the change and transfer fees !!!


In order to prepare you in the best way for this great experience, the organizing team and the International HQ have prepared a little travel document with imponderables.


Find all the informations you’ll need for your stay HERE 



SAVE THE DATE – Chefs World Summit 2019



Looking forward to meeting us all for this beautiful moment of exchange and friendship, the Disciples Escoffier International give you an appointment during the next edition of the Chefs World Summit in Monaco from 24 to 26 November.

The Chefs World Summit is an innovative and targeted concept, with a unique format: three-day of experts’ conferences and workshops • 5500sqm exhibition with quality products.

This is the 4th edition of this international congress where renowned chefs discuss together the evolution of their professions and the subjects on which it is urgent to intervene.


The congress will take place at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, from 24 to 26 November 2019 under the High Patronage of HSH Prince Albert II.


Under the direction of Philippe Joannes and the two godfathers, the editorial team will present the following topics:


” Chefs are changing their business model “


With tree main subjects:

New catering concepts “From conception to financing and communication”

Eco-responsibility “at the heart of our concerns”

Training and recruitment “New training methods adapted to the new generation”



Following in the footsteps of Mauro Colagreco in 2018, Christophe Bacquié will serve as this year’s honorary chair. At his side we have the honour to welcome Michel Roth as an international sponsor as well as other leaders and experts from different countries who will come to testify on these subjects that are close to their hearts in order to enrich the debates with their thoughts.

The members of the International Office are waiting for you on their stall to exchange and meet.

For this, nothing more simple, go HERE  to download your free pass for 3 days,

or directly on the dedicated website thanks to the code DESCOFFIER19.

You will find there the complete program of the conferences but also of all the events which will take place there.


Bernard Louis Jaunet, your devoted International General Secretary.


Newsletter N°59 – XIIIth International Congress in Shanghai

Dear Disciples, Dear Friends,

The program of our upcoming Shanghai 2020 International Congress, which you all looked forward to, is finally available!!!

Let yourself be transported to the thread of these few pages, then you will not be able to resist the urge to join us for a trip together to discover the Pearl of the Orient…

From Monday 20th April to Friday 24th April 2020, as soon as you arrive at the hotel, let yourself be guided in Shanghai by a passionate and exciting team.

Peter Zhou and his entire team have put together a very interesting program for this 13th edition of the International Congress of the Disciples Escoffier.

Rates and conditions can be find through this link « Booking »  where you can already book and pay your trip to Shanghai.

Two option are available : 

  • Hotel, diners and visits – Choose your company and your travelling conditions


  • All included trip – let yourself be guided !

A sponsorship with Etihad Airways offers you the possibility to come to Shanghai at a fix price from 4 major cities in Europe (Paris – London – Roma – Zurich)*

*Booking to be done before 30 Novembrer 2019




Monday 20 April

From 06.30pm

Welcome of the guests at the hotel

Informations / Orientation

Grand Hyatt Shanghai – 88 Century Ave – Lu Jia Zui – Pudong Xinqu –

Shanghai Shi – China


07.30pm – 10.30pm

Welcome Dinner

Stand buffet with live cooking of local Chinese cuisine

Grand Hyatt Shanghai


Tuesday 21 April

09.30am – 12.30pm

Visit at Yu Garden


12.30pm – 02.00pm

Lunch at Yu Garden


06.00pm – 09.00pm

Dinner at Xin Rong Ji


Wednesday 22 April

09.30am – 12.30pm

Visit of Shanghai Museum


12.30pm – 02.00pm

Lunch in Tianzifang


02.00pm – 05.00pm

Visit in Tianzifang


06.00pm – 09.00pm

Dinner at Dadong Restaurant



Thursday 23 April


Jeunes Talents Escoffier


08.00am – 12.00pm

International Final Young Talents Escoffier

Grand Hyatt Shanghai


Or for those who want:

09.00am – 01.30pm

Visit and Lunch in Qibao


06.30pm – 07.30pm

Welcome Cocktail

Grand Hyatt Shanghai


07.30pm – 10.30pm

Gala Dinner and YTE Award Ceremony

Grand Hyatt Shanghai


Friday 24 April

09.00am – 02.00pm

General Assembly

Morning coffee break and buffet lunch at Grand Café

Grand Hyatt Shanghai



End of the Congress


You can find the information bulletin here:  « Information SHANGHAI 2020 »

You can find the full program here: « Full Program SHANGHAI 2020 »

For all questions related to the congress, please contact us by this mail

Attention please!!

The organizers decline any responsibility for the ambassy paperworks (Visa, Passport…)

For more information about the paperworks to do, please contact the closest embassy of People’s Republic of China in your country.


SAVE THE DATE – Chefs World Summit 2019



Looking forward to meeting us all for this beautiful moment of exchange and friendship, the Disciples Escoffier International give you an appointment during the next edition of the Chefs World Summit in Monaco from 24 to 26 November.

The Chefs World Summit is an innovative and targeted concept, with a unique format: three-day of experts’ conferences and workshops • 5500sqm exhibition with quality products.

This is the 4th edition of this international congress where renowned chefs discuss together the evolution of their professions and the subjects on which it is urgent to intervene.


The congress will take place at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, from 24 to 26 November 2019 under the High Patronage of HSH Prince Albert II.


Under the direction of Philippe Joannes and the two godfathers, the editorial team will present the following topics:


” Chefs are changing their business model “


With tree main subjects:

New catering concepts “From conception to financing and communication”

Eco-responsibility “at the heart of our concerns”

Training and recruitment “New training methods adapted to the new generation”



Following in the footsteps of Mauro Colagreco in 2018, Christophe Bacquié will serve as this year’s honorary chair. At his side we have the honour to welcome Michel Roth as an international sponsor as well as other leaders and experts from different countries who will come to testify on these subjects that are close to their hearts in order to enrich the debates with their thoughts.

The members of the International Office are waiting for you on their stall to exchange and meet.

For this, nothing more simple, go HERE  to download your free pass for 3 days,

or directly on the dedicated website thanks to the code DESCOFFIER19.

You will find there the complete program of the conferences but also of all the events which will take place there.


Bernard Louis Jaunet, your General Secretary.

NEWSLETTER N°58 – The delegations’ activities


Summer season begins for some, for others the time of holidays rang.

You have been many this first half of 2019 to radiate the spirit Escoffier on five continents!

It is more than important to thank and put in value every day, all those volunteers who are committed throughout the year at all levels. About the young talent Escoffier competition, gala dinners, on charitable operations and awareness of the general public and children.

Bravo to the Chairmen of delegations and their teams, but also to the small hands who work tirelessly for the good cause.

Here is a retrospective of the events organized around the world by the delegations these last months.



New Caledonia

Sunday, March 24, 2019 was held the annual big chapter of the Pebbles with a General Assembly and inductions.

Welcome to the new inductees: Eva Rimmermann, Manager Café Malongo, Alois Barakamfitiye Sushi Thai Chef Davide Dumortier, Managing Butcher Salt River, Martin Mondesert, Chief Little Rest’O Benoit Leblanc, Chief Méridien Ile des Pins

The new bureau consists of: President: Olivier Haar, Vice President: Serge Tondino, Secretary: Ludovic Pannier, Deputy Secretary: Martin Mondesert, Treasurer: Suzanne Kenyon, Deputy Treasurer: Christian Rossdeutsch

The new office was elected for three years.



Memorable gala dinner at the French Embassy near the Holy See and papal meeting.

Thursday, March 28, was an evening that will remain etched in the minds. Under the leadership of Jean Marie Le Rest, steward of the embassy, ​​delegate Lazio region Rome and coordinator of the central zone of Italy, and with the support of officials of the embassy, ​​the greatest were given an appointment to Rome. A 12 hands and 6 courses dinner was offered to 110 guests by chefs Michel Roth (Bocuse d’Or and Best Worker of France), Frederic Jaunault (Best Worker of France Primeur), Jean Thomas Schneider (Double World Champion Pastry and Glacerie), Jean Marie Le Rest, Franck Bessi (chef of the Embassy) and Giuseppe d’Alessio (Executive Chef of Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese).

7 new inductees received the famous spoon shot and Disciples’ scarf.

The benefits of this dinner will be donated to the Officine Buone association and the chefs will also pass on their knowledge through cooking classes.

The representatives of the international office Bernard Louis Jaunet and Mario d’Orio were present accompanied by the Riviera disciple and photographer Patrick Gauthey who came especially to immortalize this evening. The next day all the remains of the dinner were distributed to another association that helps people in need “salesiani per il social – federazione scs”.

Another beautiful operation of the present leaders. The day before, they were in the Vatican where they were received in audience by Pope Francis and so did bless the blue scarf of the Disciples gastronomes.




South Africa

The Disciples Escoffier Country South Africa delegation organized its 3rd chapter at “The Park, House of Events” in Johannesburg on Monday 1 April.

It was not only the biggest event organized by this young delegation that managed to gather 180 participants, but also their most impressive achievement with as guest of honor, the international artist Branden & James, who provided an animation of the most sophisticated.

As with all Escoffier Disciples events, the culinary experience had to be unforgettable, with world class food served by French Corner Catering.

By all accounts, this evening was memorable.



United Kingdom

The 11th Chapter of the Escoffier Disciples’ Delegation Country United Kingdom was held on April 16th at Herbert Berger at Innholders Hall in London under the chairmanship of Daniel Ayton.

16 new disciples were given the scarf. A fabulous dinner in an exceptional setting has delighted the taste buds of 60 privileged guests.

Congratulations to the organizing team and welcome to the new Disciples!!!



France – Provence Mediterranean

Monday, April 29 was held in Saint Cyr sur Mer the 8th Chapter of the Provence Mediterranean delegation. It is in the splendid setting of the Dolce Frégate, where officiates the Disciple Chef Guillaume Maurice, the host of the evening, that took place, with the setting sun, the enthronements of some 20 new Disciples under the spoon of President Alain Laporte.

This followed a fabulous 6-course dinner prepared by an impressive brigade of Escoffier chefs from the region.

A proud success for this beautiful Provence Méditerranean team that has, as always, delighted and amazed the 160 guests present.


France – North Hauts de France

The Disciples of Escoffier Hauts de France met Monday, April 29 for their 33rd Chapter in Ecquedecques, under the sign of the Women with a six hands dinner composed of Helen Demey Lise Vermeersch and Maëllie Sara Poynard Annnabelle Luyckx indoors and the feminine small hands of Lycée Vauban d’Aire sur la Lys.

A dozen new Disciples have also been enthroned.




France – Var Southern Alps

The annual Escoffier Disciples Induction Gala dinner of the Var Alpes du Sud delegation took place on May 17th. A beautiful evening that will allow them to help sick children again …

An evening led masterfully by President Raymond Macario and hosted by Christian Vidal.

Congratulations to all the volunteer chefs who have concocted an excellent meal! And especially to Patrick Philibert who like every year puts his restaurant Hacienda at the disposal of the delegation.



France – Great South West

The Escoffier Disciples’ delegation from the Greater South West expanded by 9 new members on 24 May during a tasty and friendly chapter dinner organized by the Quercy Perigord Brigade at the Ecole des Métiers du Lot in the presence of Serge Crabié President of the Lot Chamber of Crafts and Crafts and the godfather of the evening Pascal Bardet.

School from which Gregory Dattiches is the winner in the Cuisine section of the International Contest Young Talents Escoffier de Bordeaux 2019.

This event, for the benefit of the Hôpital Sourire association, honored new disciples inducted for the occasion by Patrick Guat, president of the Greater South West delegation. At the end of the ceremony, a meal prepared by several Disciples Escoffier chefs of the Lot, Tarn-et-Garonne and Dordogne, associated with the apprentice brigade of the school of trades, was served to about sixty guests. The benefits of these meals were donated to representatives of the Cahors branch of Hôpital Sourire.




France – Greater Lyon Ain Loire

Welcome in Beaujonomie, a great day in this first june …

It was at Michelle and Xavier Marcellin’s in Cogny, in a magnificent house in the heart of the Pierres Dorées, that this beautiful event of the Disciples Escoffier Grand Lyon Ain Loire took place.

An original concept, sponsored by Chef Grégory Cuilleron (now Disciple that day!) And organized by the beautiful Lyonnaise team composed of Chantal and Bernard Corbignot (the freshly elected president of the delegation) and Fabrice Beugnot, assisted by Cédric Vincent, the instigator of this great initiative.

A meal concocted by 9 chefs, sheltered by a century-old cedar, delighted the guests, all accompanied by musical entertainment and tastings of local products.

But also and above all, a charitable objective, with an auction for the benefit of the association ASSEDEA. A very good sum was collected and donated directly to the association, thanks to a jacket signed by the hand of the Chef Guillaume Gomez, a portrait of Paul Bocuse by Marie Rix and many lots offered by the generous partners of the delegation.



Asia Pacific

A major meeting for the Asia Pacific area of ​​Disciples Escoffier International.

On June 6th, the Singapore Country delegation led by President Edmund Toh received the 11 Presidents of the Asia Pacific Zone.

In collaboration with the French Embassy, ​​Robert Fontana wanted to welcome all the presidents of his area to the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore for a day of work and exchange with the main objective of creating a strong cohesion in this large and beautiful area. This busy working meeting was followed by a 7-course dinner prepared by the 11 presidents of delegations.

As a reminder, this large area newly created at the last magistral council includes: China, Singapore, Macao, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Cambodia, Korea, New Caledonia and Australia.

It was also an opportunity to formalize the appointment of the new President of the Country Australia, Christophe Grégoire.

Congratulations to him for his appointment, wishing him a lot of good things to come.

The International Bureau congratulates all the participants on this beautiful day and Robert Fontana for the dynamic that he created as well.




On June 4th, in the prestigious MGM Cotai de Macau, an 8 hands dinner was held on the theme of the year “No Woman No Kitchen”.

Indeed, 4 female chefs had made an appointment to the greatest number for a 100% female dinner.

Sarah Ni, secretary of the Shanghai delegation, Betty Fung, ambassador of Disciples Escoffier Macau, Antonieta Manhao renowned chef of Macau and Kathine Kuok pastry chef of the host establishment have concocted a refined 4-course dinner.

Congratulations to these committed women who have put forward the Escoffier Spirit and the commitment of Disciples Escoffier International.




Monday, June 10 took place the 2019 General Assembly and the gala dinner of the Japan Country delegation. At the Cerulian Tower Tokyu Hotel in Tokyo, the 442 participating members met. A distinguished guest was there to welcome them, indeed Michel Escoffier was invited for this evening under the sign of the exception.

51 new Disciples were given the chefs’ red scarf under the benevolent eye of Michel Escoffier and President Nobuhiko Fukuda and his office.

It was Mr Fukuda himself who orchestrated the tasty gala dinner that followed with on the menu:

  • A gourmet appetizer to welcome you
  • Gourmet pie
  • Aigo boulido soup dumplings muslin with flounder
  • Challandais duck roasted with cherries

The evening was a huge success, everyone said.


France – Normandy Great West

Sunday, June 16, great day of sharing and meetings around a great buffet organized by Disciples Escoffier Normandie Grand Ouest and the Epicure Club of Rouen. Top of the Top, the superb show “The descent of the most beautiful sailing ships of the World” which resumed the sea after 10 days of festivities in Rouen during the Grand Armada which celebrated its 30th anniversary. Hermione sail yacht was the godmother.

A very nice memory in the family spirit and friendly that the Disciples Escoffier Normandy carry high as well as all the friends and families.



Catalan and Occitania

Monday, June 17 took place the 28th chapter of the delegation Country Catalan and Occitan. It was the chef MOF Franck Putela who welcomed the 80 guests present for the occasion in the fabulous setting of his hotel restaurant Le Parc Franck Putela.

8 new Disciples were given their scarf.

A beautiful evening organized by the president of the delegation Brice Ducos and all his team.


France – French Riviera Monaco and Corsica

Tuesday, June 25, Auguste Escoffier was in the spotlight in his hometown.

A day dedicated to the Master of French and World Cuisine under the leadership of the Mayor of Villeneuve Loubet, Lionel Luca.

At 10:30am the Disciples Escoffier and the citizens of the city were invited to the inauguration of an extraordinary sculpture on the roundabout of the city. A work of goldsmith realized by an artist of the region, the portrait of Auguste Escoffier carved in the metal, for the most pleasant visual effect.

Then head to the new Garden Auguste Escoffier, where the statue of the Master returns to its original place after many years. This statue had been offered to the city by his family, his disciples and his friends. From now on, Auguste finds himself in a beautiful green setting that will welcome the newlyweds for their photographs.

To end this beautiful and warm morning, the procession ended at the Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art to unveil a new distinction, the plaque of the Houses of Writers. Let’s not forget that Auguste Escoffier, Grand Master of Cooking, has written several books, the best known being of course the Culinary Guide, but he has also tried other styles such as his book “Mutual Assistance Project for the extinction of pauperism “and many others.

They can be found on our site via this link: or available at the Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art, by appointment only, by contacting




France – Alsace Grand Est

The 17th Chapter of the Alsace Grand Est Delegation of the Disciples Escoffier was held on July 1st.

Faced with the growing number of disciples in the Haut-Rhin, it was in Munster at La Vallée Verte that, at the invitation of President Jean-Michel Mougard and General Secretary Patrick Daguet, 90 people honored Auguste Escoffier, “king of cooks, cook of kings”.

During this evening, 17 new disciples took the oath to “transmit, serve and honor the cuisine, its culture and its ongoing evolution”.

The motto of Auguste Escoffier being “the kitchen is in perpetual evolution”, the feasts, prepared by the chef Thony Billon of the restaurant Grands Arbres within the hotel La Vallée Verte, could begin.

The next chapter (3rd Epicure dinner) will take place on November 6th in Strasbourg.



France – Paris Ile de France

On Saturday, July 5th, the now famous Escoffier Disciples’ White Party of the Paris Ile de France delegation took place. It is in the fabulous setting of the Pavilion Cambon Capucine, close to the Place Vendôme that the 850 guests had made an appointment at 18.00pm for the partners’ showroom.

Not to change, the caterer Potel and Chabot, led by the president of the delegation Marie Soria, has amazed the taste buds and pupils of all. The great Parisian show!

An evening honoring women by following the theme of the year of the association “No Woman No Kitchen”. It is obviously a woman who “godmothered” the event, Hélène Darroze.

11 exceptional women were thus given their scarf during the chapter, opened at 19:30.

The dinner, as always spectacular, took place in the most beautiful atmosphere and ended with the delivery of lots of the raffle organized for the benefit of the association POIC, raffle that allows each year to harvest several tens of thousands euros for the good cause. Of course the guests danced until the end of the night on furious rhythms.




Friday, July 12 was the first chapter 2019 followed by the annual gala dinner of Disciples Escoffier Country Mexico. Warmly received by the talented Chef and Disciple Escoffier Isabella Dorantes at the prestigious Club de Industriales, we welcomed members, future disciples and sponsors around a cocktail, before moving on to the induction ceremony. It is with joy and good humor that we handed the scarf, the diploma and the traditional “Spatula Blow” to five disciples, and four friends of the disciples:

Disciples receiving the red scarf: Ricardo Muñoz Zurita (Disciple since last year, he had unfortunately not been able to attend the ceremony), Bruno Airagnes, Jose Antonio Balderas, Miguel Quezada and Gerardo Sandoval.

Disciples’ friends receiving the blue scarf: Julian Beltran, Frédéric Neau, Patricia Benavides and Narcedalia Ramirez (absent but represented by his sister)

After this ceremony, we enjoyed a superb dinner made with the products of our sponsors: Oysters Sol Azul, Gambas Agua Blanca, Rougié Foie Gras, Bridor Bread, Us Meat Beef Fillet, Fruits and Vegetables Diprest, Bar Fillet Manjares del Océano, Pastry and Chocolate Products By de France, Mezcal Corazón del Cielo, Moet & Chandon Champagne and all accompanied by exceptional wines.

On the Menu: Spicy Goose Liver Terrine with Spices, Oyster Cassolette with Chili Chipotle, Bar and Roll of Gambas, Carrot Puree and Cauliflower, Beef Fillet with Confit Portobellos and Creamy Rice, Chocolate Sphere Vanilla Ice Cream with Mango Sauce or Pavlova with Red Fruits and Lemon Sorbet and Assortment of Bridor Bread.

Content and sated, our members are now turning to the next event of Disciples Escoffier: the national selection phase of the Young Talents Escoffier contest, scheduled for October 2019.

It is with pride that we see our Mexican delegation grow and develop projects around Escoffier’s values. This year, we participated in two competitions, Emmanuel Chabre was president of the Jury of the Copa Vatel Amateur contest during the fair “Expogastronómica” and Frédéric Lejeune jury during the Competition Gastrouniversitario de Querétaro.

See you soon for more news from the Mexico delegation!


Rest in peace Chef Michel…

On July 7t it is with the greatest pain that we’ve learned the death of Michel Bouit, committed Chef and Chairman of the Disciples Escoffier USA delegation for over two decades…

Carried away by a long illness that he was fighting hard, we were supposed to meet him as every year in Villeneuve Loubet where he loved to bring groups of Chefs on a pilgrimage in the footsteps of the master Auguste Escoffier.



A great man, strong supporter of French gastronomy is gone. The world will never be the same without him.

All our thoughts are today with his wife Liz, who has watched over him until the last breath.




The dates of our next International Congress are now fixed! To note on your diaries!!!

The 14th International Congress of the Disciples Escoffier will take place from April 20th to 24th, 2020.

All the information to make your bookings will be revealed to you in the next Newsletter that you will receive during August.

Robert Fontana and all the team of President Peter Zhou are concocting you a program of the most enticing !!!


In the meantime, the entire Escoffier Disciples International Office wishes you a beautiful Summer !!


Bernard Louis Jaunet, International General Secretary

NEWSLETTER N°57 – Young Talents Escoffier french selections



Focus on the french regional selections

The XVI Edition of the Young Talents Escoffier contest saw regional selections this year across France.



Divided into 8 selection centers, Hauts de France, Alsace Grand Est, Normandie Grand Ouest, Centre Val de Loire, Grand Sud Ouest Occitanie, Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur, Paris Ile de France and Lyon-Bourgogne-Alpes.

Each center has seen many teams applying to try to win their place in the National Final.


The Young Talents Escoffier contest is a team competition or “binomial“, since it promotes a candidate in the kitchen but also in the service field.

In the kitchen, 

The candidate has three hours to develop the recipes of the previously defined subject, with a set of techniques to master, a creative edge to bring and the realization of a recipe imposed out of the Auguste Escoffier Culinary Guide.

The candidate is judged certainly on his technicality but also on the taste, with the tasting of his dish by a jury of professionals.


On the service side,

The candidate will go to different workshops ranging from product recognition, sensory analysis and tableware.

He must indeed draw up a restaurant table in accordance with the theme imposed in the subject, table that will host guests for a test restaurant service. From the reception of the customers to the service of the dish prepared by his pair, the candidate will also have to take advantage of his office workshop with the preparation “au guéridon” of a starter, a dessert, the presentation of wines …. under the benevolent eye of a jury of professionals.

The different selection centers also have the mission of highlighting, through the products imposed on candidates, their regional identity.

Identity that can be found in the plate but also by the training tables and galley workshops.

For this XVIth edition, a common subject has been proposed by the two godfathers of the edition, Vincent Arnoult, Michelin-starred chef and Meilleur Ouvrier de France of the “Vieux Logis” in Trémolat and his duo in the dining room, the Maître d’Hôtel Yves Clément.

Each center has had the opportunity to transform it in its own image, with cooking in the honor of the farm chicken and the use of crayfish and foie gras. The recipe imposed by the Auguste Escoffier Culinary Guide was this year the sauce Albufera.

In the restaurant room, the starter should be spring and in the colors of its region, as for the dessert it was the strawberry which has been revisited.

We offer you through this newsletter, a trip to the heart of the French regions, in the heart of the French regional selections of the contest Young Talents Escoffier.


January 12, 2019 – Delegation of the Hauts de France

It is in Compiègne that the 16th edition of the competition begins on January 12, 2019 at the Lycée Charles de Gaulle. Four teams from different institutions, the Lycée Hôtelier du Touquet, the Lycée Hôtelier International de Lille and the Lycée Compiègne, compete for a place in the National Final.



1st Prize – Solène Elliot in cuisine and Nicolas Poizot in service

2nd Prize – Enrick Dovernois in cuisine and Roméo Edorn in service

3rd Prize – Seydou Dembelé in cuisine and Alexane Rouget in service

4th Prize – Thess Gehan in cuisine and Sobryne Voynet in service


2 April 2019 – Delegation Greater Lyon – Bourgogne-Alpes

The Tour de France continues with the Lyon Bourgogne Alpes selection center, where the contest took place at the Lycée Hôtelier François Rabelais in Dardilly, also welcoming students from the Paul Bocuse Institute.

A large team of professionals came to be part of the jury of this selection under the presidency of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France Jean-Claude Pecquet and the Maître d’Hôtel Philippe Darcq.

In honor, the Chicken Bresse for cooking with the use of crayfish and foie gras and for the room, a salad Bressanne.



1st Prize – Marie Lou Le Du in cuisine and Théodore Martignoni in service

2nd Prize  – Simon Lefevre in cuisine and Marie Gouley in service

3rd Prize  – Ta-Hsuan Chien in cuisine and Romane Pletan in service

4th Prize Ex Aequo – Nicolas Adam in cuisine and Lancelot Huret in service et Alexis Brocard in cuisine and Julien Billard in service


5 April 2019 – Delegation South West Occitania

For the Grand Sud-Ouest Occitanie, it is the Ecole Hôtelière du Périgord that hosted the competition and candidates also from Souillac.

In honor, the farmhouse chicken from Périgord in the kitchen as well as foie gras and crayfish.

In the dining room, the Périgourdine salad had to be done by the candidates in front of the client, after setting up their tables with regional colors.

A jury of local professionals made the trip under the chairmanship of Vincent Arnould, Michelin-starred chef and Meilleur Ouvrier de France and Yves Clément, Maître d’Hôtel at the “Vieux Logis” in Trémolat.



1st Prize – Elisa Gaudinet in cuisine and Morgane Sachet in service

2nd Prize – Ronan Laval in cuisine and Lisa Fargue in service

3rd Prize – Bastien Perchey in cuisine and Tom Junié in service


April 24, 2019 – Delegation Normandie Grand Ouest

In Canteleu, for the Normandy Grand Ouest selection, at the Lycée Hôtelier Georges Baptiste, the Young Talents Escoffier contest is associated with the Cuisine Normande and Service contest, to select its two winners.

A subject of this fact a little different on the theme of Easter, taking nevertheless a recipe from the Culinary Guide Auguste Escoffier, the “Pomme Voisin”.

The Normandy Grand Ouest representatives are Loic Frebourg in cuisine and Elodie Gosse in service.


25 April 2019 – Delegation Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur

Under the Mediterranean sun, the Young Talents contest for the Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur region organized its selections at the Lycée Hôtelier Auguste Escoffier in Cagnes sur mer.

Under the chairmanship of Chef Joel Garault, former Chef of the 5 * Hermitage Hotel in Monaco, and Michel Lang, Director of the Alain Ducasse Monaco Restaurants, the cuisine candidates had to sublimate the chicken sauce Isabelle de France always accompanied by foie gras and crayfish



1st Prize – Camille Adam in cuisine and Clémence Lopez in service

2nd Prize – Ugo Moulard in cuisine and Selim Rebah in service

3rd Prize – Antoine Frerot in cuisine and Clément Benchetrit in service


May 7, 2019 – Delegation Centre Val de Loire

In the Center Val de Loire region and for the very first time in the history of the Disciples, the city of Tours at the Lycée Hotelier Notre Dame de la Riche, two teams met to represent their region in the National Final.

With a fine panel of professionals and under the chairmanship of Rémy Giraud, Chef ** at the Domaine des Hauts de Loire for the Cuisine section and David Fontaine, restaurant manager and sommelier at the Bistrot des Belles Caves for the service section, the candidates had to rise the challenges of the farm chicken with foie gras and “Galipettes”, a local mushroom. Service side, the guests of the restaurant were able to enjoy a tourandine salad mounted “au guéridon” for the occasion.


1st Prize – Clémence Deiss in cuisine and Benjamin Audet in service

2nd Prize – Rodolphe Godin in cuisine and Marc Antoine Ferrer in service


And after ?

To date, the 16th edition of the regional selections of the Young Talents Escoffier contest has been widely represented in 6 selection centers. The remaining two (Alsace Grand Est and Paris Ile de France) will propose a team following a selection on application form.

The aim of the Young Talents Escoffier contest is to register nationally and internationally as the reference competition in cooking and service for young people under 25 years old.

It is in Tours that we will find all our pairs on November 22 at the Ecole Hotelière Notre Dame de la Riche for a National Finale already eagerly awaited.

A large gathering, attended by many Disciples Escoffier, prestigious jurors, for a great moment of exchange around common values and the Escoffier spirit.

Following this meeting, the winning team will be awarded the most valuable prize by flying to the International Final of the competition in Shanghai in April 2020.


This prestigious International Finale will put them in competition with candidates from all over the world.

Some countries are already in full preparation and will be honored in a future newsletter.

  • Country Switzerland – Final on November 09, 2019 at the Gastro Training Center St Gallen,
  • Benelux countries – Final on 19 November 2019 at the Horeca Expo fair in Gand,
  • Country Italy – Final in November 2019 at the Ruffini Aicardi Institute of Arma di Taggia,
  • The Grand Finale Asia in September 2019 with concurrent countries: China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and New Caledonia.
  • And also having expressed their willingness to participate in the competition in 2020, Japan, South Africa, Reunion Island, Mexico, the United Kingdom and maybe others….




You can follow Young Talents Escoffier on its dedicated Facebook and Instagram pages



The partner of the month

All these selections would obviously not be as successful without the unwavering support of our partners!

This month, an inseparable partner of the Young Talents Escoffier Contest , PassionFroid / Pomona Export.

Pomona Export is a key provider in international food distribution and shipment for culinary professionals, caterers and food suppliers. Seeing to all your specific requirements, we understand your common necessity: to receive fresh products of quality and efficient customized support.

Our office is located in RUNGIS, the widest food market in the world.

Every day we select our products direct from the farming plots and fish auctions, in France and abroad, according to a specific set of criteria. We deliver all over the world and guarantee the quality and freshness of our products.

Our proficiency is based on the satisfaction and feedback received from the daily assistance we provide our clients. Every day we adapt our business and products to each area of the world we supply to: Asia, Middle East, Africa, the overseas territories of France, and Europe. Each have specific needs and we strive to meet them to our best endeavors. Our priority is your satisfaction.

To find out more about our products and French and foreign specialties, click here.




Bernard Louis Jaunet, international general secretary

Newsletter N°56 – International Congress in Bordeaux

The 12th International Meeting of Disciples Escoffier took place in Bordeaux from March 15 to 17, 2019.


The Great South West delegation team led by their President Patrick Guat was in charge of organizing these 12th International Meetings, the 2019 edition was decidedly very successful according to all the participants.

Organized every other year abroad, it is France, represented by the Great South West and its rich gastronomic heritage, which had the honor this year to receive the Disciples Escoffier from around the world for the occasion. A big event also on this occasion, the 15th anniversary of the contest Young Talents Escoffier!

Gérard Guy having provided the information to the Disciples through his superb booklet full of history, numbered lithographs, various menus and the plan of activities.

Thanks to this team, the Disciples bathed during these three days in the gastronomy of the Great South West, the refinement, the friendship and the good humor.




Jeunes Talents Escoffier


The South West has welcomed the world in Terroir Gourmand

The 15 th International Finale Jeunes Talents Escoffier took place on March 15 at the Bordeaux Ecole Supérieure de la Table School “BEST” .

After national selections around the world, rich in creations and encounters, five teams represented their country in the dining room as well as in the country for the Jeunes Talents Escoffier contest.

The young talents from Asia, Switzerland, Italy or the Benelux have all aspired to the same goal: to win this final stage!

These young talents, apprentices, students or all young professionals, all winners of their national selection were less than 25 years old. The youngest of this edition was 17 years old!

A unique experience of meetings and exchanges around the same passion.

When in the kitchen it was necessary to shine on the theme “Land & Sea” and to sublimate the farm chicken, the room has when she excelled by combining aesthetics and know-how in the French.

Creativity, responsiveness, precision and excellence were the key words during these four hours of hardship.

These young talents of tomorrow have been judged under the expert eye of recognized professionals in their field as Best Chef Ouvrier de France, starred chefs, directors of more prestigious establishments than the others.

This 15th edition of the competition was delighted to welcome no less than 25 stars in the Michelin Guide and some fifteen Best Workers of France.

At their head were Jean Denis Le Bras, Michelin-starred chef of the “Grande Maison” Bernard Magrez in Bordeaux, and Madame Véronique Vigne, first female MOF maître d’hôtel and tableware in 2004.

A pool of international talent who met on March 15, 2019, at the BEST School in Bordeaux, a unique experience for these young candidates, brought tomorrow, to work for our biggest tables.

Kitchen side: 4 hours on high heat!

Each year, its theme is imposed on candidates to sublimate the products of the country, the region or the city hosting the International Final. This year the chosen topic “Alliance Terre & Mer”, has highlighted the farm chicken.

Their mission was to sublimate this product through specific instructions, the reinterpretation of the “Poularde Demi-Mourning” according to the Culinary Guide Escoffier.

To this end, they had the opportunity to magnify products such as truffles, artichokes, langoustines and accompanying the free interpretation of cromesquis.

With the quality expected during this International Final, the candidates had to perform a second test, a plate “Contemporary Cuisine”. For this last one-hour event, their mission was to create a dish around the caviar of Aquitaine and showcase it with regional products: the oyster “Marennes Oléron”, duck breast du Sud-Ouest or even the heart of Blonde d’Aquitaine beef rump.

The valorization of the products and the respect of the techniques of execution were an integral part of the grading criteria for the jury, as well as an aspect dear to the Disciples Escoffier: to avoid and fight against the food waste by the “Mastery of the Gesture”, ” Control of waste “,” Control of water “and” Control of energy consumption “.

You can watch the video of the Cuisine contest HERE


Service side: We played with the elements!

The Service category was divided into several workshops over two hours of testing and two hours of restaurant service.

As their pair in the kitchen, the candidates for the title played between Terre & Mer to respect the imposed theme.

For 30 minutes, they had to face their first workshop by setting a table of prestige on the imposed theme.

Then on a workshop called “of office”, where they had to realize and put in place a warm salad with citrus fruits, scallops and langoustines sauteed.

A sensory analysis followed around two Bordeaux wines that they had to taste and analyze. They then proposed to the members of the jury the bottle which according to them accompanied at best the dish of their pair.

A perilous but not least test, a tasting workshop around a luxury product on the best tables in the world: caviar.

In addition to knowledge of products and very specific skills, candidates were also noted on their general gastronomic culture in connection with the news.

The restaurant service event lasted two hours, during which a specific program awaited our candidates, including: the reception of the customers, the explanation of the menus, the presentation and the service of the wines, the presentation and the explanation of the dish made by the chef.

You can watch the video of the Service contest HERE


Find all the photos of this contest HERE

Note this year, a novelty that has conquered all the participants, candidates, juries, general public and partners: “Espace des Chefs“. A large waiting area for all, with the live broadcast of events on large screens, the presentation of our partners’ products, the sale of Disciples Escoffier products, but above all a privileged place where everyone took the time to meet, meet and discuss with the greatest professionals who have come for the occasion.

Find the photos of jurys et sponsors HERE



It was from 18:30 at the Café Maritime that everyone had an appointment for the results of the competition but also to celebrate the opening of these 12th International Meeting.

It was Christian Frechede who, after presenting all the participants with the microphone in his hand, gave the floor to the jury president who delivered their verdict.


Cuisine Podium:

First Prize for Mr. Grégory Dattiches, 21 years old, coached by Dominique Campergue, representing the Pays France, Grand Sud Ouest region and its President Patrick Guat.

2nd Prize and Special Prize Michel Receveur for the finest reinterpretation of the Half Duck Chicken for Mr. Neo Junhao, 24, coached by Yew Eng Tong, representing the Singapore Country and its President Edmund Tho.

3rd Prize and Special Prize Sturia for the most beautiful contemporary dish for Miss Camilla Scalzone, 22, coached by Yves Oberson, representing the Swiss Country and its President Pierre Alain Favre.

4th Ex Aequo Award for Mr. Thibo Bomberna, 19 years old, coached by Peter KEIRSBLILCK representing the Benelux Country and its President Daniel Lassaut and Mr. Lorenzo Micolucci, 18, coached by Valter Gaiaudi, representing the Country Italy and its President Francesco Ammirati



Service Podium:

1st Prize for Mr. Mathéo Nicolas, 20 years old, coached by Jean Marc Boucher, representing the Pays France, Normandy Region and its President Patrick Guat

2nd prize for Miss Shania Colombo, 17, coached by Edger Burgler, representing the Swiss Country and its President Pierre Alain Favre

3rd Prize for Miss Rose Bailleul, 17, coached by Christian Louvigné, representing the Pays France, Mayenne Region and its President Patrick Guat

4 th Ex Aequo Award for Mr. Stefano Balbo, 18, coached by Roberto Rastella, representing the Country Italy and its President Francesco Ammirati and Miss Antonia Eugster, 19, coached by Martina Wick, representing the Swiss Country and its President Pierre Alain Favre.

So France has won everything this year!


Congratulations to the candidates and especially to their coach who have prepared future professionals of great quality with a very high-end expertise with a flawless investment!

You can find the full story on Facebook “Young Talents Escoffier“!


In an atmosphere both electric and festive, the young candidates were then able to enjoy their participation in an event that has made them enter the history of gastronomy.


Note that this year, a new trophy has been set up to congratulate the winner of the Service category. A Silver Escoffier dish with dimensions of Escoffier Bust handed to Grégory Dattiches 2019 for the kitchen, left in the establishment of Mathéo Nicolas, winner 2019 in category Service

An upscale evening with nearly 20 participating chefs who spoiled the guests.

Find all the photos of this incredible night HERE




It was at dawn that a horde of happy companions headed for St Emilion for a beautiful and beautiful day (even the sun was on the way).

In the morning, when some visited the underground and alleys of this historic city, others were visiting the surrounding castles. A beautiful part of history, architecture and of course tasting for all.

The opportunity was too good not to miss a family photo in this emblematic place of good flesh.


Then, appointment was given in the marvelous room of the Jacobans, after an aperitif the assembly attended an unforgettable moment. After an entry of the Jurade in red ceremonial clothes noticed, a surprise awaited our two leaders, Nicolas Sale and Bernard Louis Jaunet. They had the honor of being inducted into this prestigious and historic brotherhood, which must be remembered was established in 1199 by Jean Sans Terre, King of England.


An exquisite lunch followed, prepared by Montblanc catering.

The afternoon was spent on the same train as the morning, city for some, castles for others, strolling and shopping for the most intrepid.

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After a safe return, a little time of preparation for all to put on their clothes of the big nights, direction the dinner of gala, which took place in the lounges of the prestigious Intercontinental Bordeaux Le Grand Hotel, vis-a-vis the opera.



Nearly 300 people had made an appointment for this evening not to miss. 8 stars, and 3 Best Workers of France were at the controls of the kitchens for a wonderful meal in 6 dishes, accompanied by exceptional wines.

Even if the next day was studious, it did not prevent anyone from feasting until late at night.


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At work even on the last day!

Even if some had small eyes, it is from 9am that the Annual General Assembly began in the salons of the Intercontinental Bordeaux Grand Hotel.


The report will soon be sent to everyone.

A highlight, the massive participation this year of international presidents and regions of France. It should also be noted that 6 major international zones have been set up to facilitate management and international communication.

1.00pm arriving, it was time before everyone left, to do the traditional family photo, jacket, scarf and all smiles, more than 120 Disciples shared this beautiful moment, which remains engraved over the years.



But there was no question of leaving without saying “Adishatz” around a beautiful Brunch. From 1:30pm, tables filled with food welcomed the Disciples present at the Grand Hotel.

It was also and especially the moment to thank this great team of the Great South West who worked so much that these meetings remain engraved in our memories!

Congratulations to Patrick Guat who managed to set up and mobilize a dedicated, responsive and professional team!

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The Disciples Escoffier International are giving you in April 2020 in SHANGHAI China, thanks to the fabulous team led by Robert Fontana, vice president Asia Zone and Peter Zhou, President Delegation China!!!!!

More informations to come in August 2019….


By Coralie Jouannet for
Bernard-Louis JAUNET
Secrétaire Général International

Photo Credits Jérome Pinteur & Jean Pierre Bost

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